Well, I’ll be (Batman) damned! Funko announced a comic book store exclusive Pop Vinyl figure based on Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Batman Damned. This Batman Pop wears the costume designed by Bermejo for the series and is listed as Batman Damned on the box. However, the figure doesn’t come outfitted with the Bat-part that made issue #1 of the series so sensational.  Sorry, Bat-penis fans; we expect no announcement regarding a pantless variant Batman. I wonder if custom Batman Damned variants pop up on Etsy and eBay? Now, if Mezco announced a fabric outfit figure based on Batman Damned, that’s another story. The Batman Damned Pop Vinyl comes to exclusively through Previews PX and hits store shelves this September at your local comic shop.

Batman Damned Funko Pop Figure with Box
I wonder when this figure was greenlit. I guess it had to be before the Bat-Penis controversy took ahold of all Damned conversations. Do you plan on buying the Batman Damned Funko Pop?