The first official release from DC’s Black Label imprint, Batman: Damned, hit stores yesterday, and it’s safe to say the issue included something readers had never seen before in a DC comic: Batman’s penis. After much buzz online about Bruce Wayne’s full frontal nudity in the issue, DC has decided to alter future printings of Batman: Damned #1 to cover up the Dark Knight’s Bat-manhood.

The digital version of the issue by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo was released with the character’s penis already censored, covered in shadow as a naked Bruce Wayne strides through the Batcave. Clearly the publisher knew someone would have a problem with seeing one of their flagship characters in all his glory, no matter how ‘adult’ the comic in question may be. Perhaps they didn’t realize just how much of a kerfuffle seeing Batman’s penis in the print edition would cause; or perhaps they knew exactly how much buzz it would create around the first book in their new imprint.

Either way, if for some reason you want to see Batman’s penis as drawn by Lee Bermejo, get to your local comic shop soon before the first printing of Batman: Damned #1 sells out.


  1. Look I am as far from prudish as can be, but this? Really?? Oooh, showing a dude’s junk makes a book more “edgy”! Seriously, just tell good stories, dark or otherwise, just leave the Bat-junk out of it! Good for DC deciding to shadow it for all future printing of this issue.

  2. Maybe DC can reprint the Tijuana bible from the early ’60s that showed Superman banging his cousin Supergirl …

  3. If DC wants to be ‘edgy’, better to see Batman’s bellend than see Sue Dibny raped in order to ‘fix’ a decades-old continuity ‘error’ that few fans noticed and even fewer cared about. But I’d rather see neither.

  4. I know people who are still upset over the time Marvel got “edgy” and showed Howard the Duck in bed with a topless Beverly Switzler.

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