The holiday shopping season may be over, but you better get started on your toy wish list for this year. Funko Toy Fair London reveals went live on Twitter over the course of entire day yesterday.

Gamers upset over the delay of the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 video game, can hopefully console themselves with the Keanu Reeves and other character figures. Move over Dark Knight, the villains are getting the spotlight from Funko. Particularly the movie villains such as Riddler and Two-Face from Batman Forever and Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin. I’m still waiting for Batman figures that feature the infamous “bat-nipples.”

Just ahead of the Fantasy Island reboot film from Blumhouse with a decidedly darker take, enjoy the original Mr. Roarke and Tattoo as portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize respectively. Disney Afternoon is certainly making a comeback thanks in large part to inclusion of properties in the acclaimed DuckTales series. However, I don’t think anyone foresaw Gummi Bears getting the Funko treatment.

Thanks to Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian, there’s been a lot of nostalgia in remembering the original adorkable puppet baby from the ABC family sitcom Dinosaurs. The Sinclair clan is back in Funk form including Baby Sinclair, best known for his humorous antics and catchphrase, “I’m the baby, gotta love me!”

Many of these are already available online for pre-order, so you’d best get going if you want to snag any of these tchotchkes. Check out some of the Funko London Toy Fair highlights below:

Cyberpunk 2077

Funko London Toy FairHarry Potter

Funko London Toy FairStar Wars

Funko London Toy FairX-Men

Funko London Toy Fair

DC Comics

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Funko London Toy Fair

American Psycho

The Craft

Hobbs & Shaw



Funko London Toy Fair

The Great Mouse Detective

Funko London Toy Fair

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Funko London Toy Fair

Masters of the Universe

Funko London Toy Fair Funko London Toy Fair

The Legend of Korra

Funko London Toy Fair

Wallace and Gromit

Funko London Toy Fair


Star Trek Discovery

Murder She Wrote


Fantasy Island

Funkoverse – Jurassic Park

Funko London Toy Fair Funko London Toy Fair

Funkoverse – Golden Girls

Funko London Toy Fair

Funkoverse – Aggretsuko

Funko London Toy Fair