Sera and the Royal Stars #1 is getting a Vault Vintage cover by Nathan Gooden and designed by Tim Daniel. The surprise cover pays homage to Curt Swan & Neal Adams‘ 1969 cover to Adventure Comics #381 from DC Comics.

Vault Vintage Sera
Adventure Comics #381 DC Comics

Sera and The Royal Stars is an epic fantasy series co-created by writer Jon Tsuei (Run Love Kill) and artist Audrey Mok (Archie), with colors by Raul Angulo (Buffy the Vampire Slater), letters by Jim Campbell (Wasted Space), and design by Tim Daniel.
The story weaves together fantasy, sci-fi, and mythology to create the Empire of Parsa, which is in the midst of a civil war and famine. As the seasons refuse to turn, Princess Sera receives a vision from the deity Mitra pleading with her to find the Royal Stars and set them back in their rightful place in the heavens. The Princess leaves her nation to find these fallen stars to restore order and save her people.
The Vault Vintage line of covers is a tribute to modern and legendary comic artists that began in 2018. On the back, each Vault Vintage cover offers details and information about the original cover and creative team, giving new readers a brief education in top moments in comics’ history.
Along with the Vault Vintage cover, another variant for the first issue was revealed by artist Jen Bartel. The bright addition features the heroic Sera with her horse against a night sky. Shooting stars can be seen streaking behind her as she looks ahead.
Sera and the Royal Stars #1 hits comic shops on July 17th. Take a look at all available covers below. For more information, head to Vault Comics’ website.
Vault Vintage SeraVault Vintage Sera Vault Vintage Sera Vault Vintage Sera