The current arc of Archie, “Archie and Sabrina,” isn’t over yet, but already we know who the redhead from Riverdale’s next co-headliner will be. Archie Comics announced yesterday that, following the conclusion of “Archie and Sabrina” in Archie #709, Katy Keene will arrive in Riverdale for a new five-issue storyline. Archie and Katy Keene will feature writer Kevin Panetta joining current series co-writer Mariko Tamaki in telling the tale, which will be illustrated by Laura Braga and Matt Herms.

Based on the announcement, it sounds like this news means a few things for Archie. First, the news of Panetta’s arrival indicates that writer Nick Spencer, who took over writing the publisher’s flagship title with issue #700, is off the series. That’s something I thought might be coming; Tamaki was originally only announced to be co-writing issues #706 and 707 of Archie, and an extension of that was never formally announced.

Additionally, while it’s not explicitly stated, it sounds like Archie is switching from an ongoing series to a series of miniseries. Issues of the “Archie and Sabrina” storyline were solicited as, for example, “Archie #708: Archie and Sabrina #4 (of 5)”; the solicitation for Archie and Katy Keene #1 makes no mention of the issue being #710 of an ongoing series (though the included covers still retain less prominent legacy numbering).

The arrival of Katy Keene in Riverdale coincides with the debut of her own CW TV series, a loose spinoff of Riverdale that follows Katy (Lucy Hale), Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), and friends on their adventures in New York City.

Check out covers for Archie and Katy Keene #1, a few pieces of character design art by Braga, and the full solicitation text and announcement for the storyline below. The first issue of the series is set to go on sale in January.

Katy Keene slays the runway in January when the iconic fashionista travels to Riverdale for the new ARCHIE AND KATY KEENE #1! This new comic book mini-series will set up a modernized Katy Keene alongside Archie and the gang as she makes her first appearance in comics in over a decade.

Written by Mariko Tamaki (ARCHIE AND SABRINA, This One Summer) and Kevin Panetta (Steven Universe, Regular Show) with art by Laura Braga (BLOSSOMS 666), Matt Herms and Jack Morelli, the new series continues from where the current ARCHIE AND SABRINA leaves off, with the “Insta-famous” Katy whirlwinding her way through town and rattling the ultra-competitive Archie Andrews.

“Katy Keene is an incredibly talented, smart, fashionable, and cool character,” Mariko said. “We’re adding a few modern twists, of course. There is very little more fun than writing Archie comics!”

The new comic will launch ahead of The CW’s hotly anticipated new Katy Keene TV show, a spin-off of the smash-hit Riverdale series. Katy was first introduced in 1945 in comics by Archie legend Bill Woggon, where she soon captured the hearts of legions of fans who would write in with their own fashion designs for her to wear in future stories.

“I can’t even express how totally excited I am to be writing an Archie comic and working with Mariko Tamaki,” Kevin said. “I’m a lifelong Archie fan and getting a chance to incorporate a classic character like Katy Keene into the modern Archie universe has been a great experience. I think readers will really enjoy reading our arc about the multi-talented Katy and her big introduction to life in Riverdale. Katy really holds her own with the big Archie characters and she already feels like one of the gang. I can’t wait for the world to meet Katy Keene!”

To find out more about ARCHIE AND KATY KEENE, stay tuned for news coming out of the ARCHIE COMICS FOREVER: CELEBRATING 80 YEARS panel this Friday, October 4 at New York Comic Con.

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There’s a new girl in Riverdale and she’s turning everyone’s heads—and NOT everyone is happy about that! Who is Katy Keene and why is she so Insta-famous and beloved in Riverdale? And, moreover, why is she quickly becoming Archie’s biggest competition? Find out in this brand new story arc from the creative team of writers Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta and artist Laura Braga—just in time for the brand new CW series Katy Keene!

Script: Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta
Art: Laura Braga, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
ARCHIE AND KATY KEENE #1 CVR B Var: Francesco Francavilla
ARCHIE AND KATY KEENE #1 CVR C Var: Emanuela Lupacchino
ARCHIE AND KATY KEENE #1 CVR E Var: Billy Tucci, Wes Hartman

On Sale Date: 1/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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