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As we make our way through the current era of disruption, there’s an ever greater need for clarity, verifiable information and real news. In that spirit, I’m presenting to you the 2016 Comic Creator Rate Survey. Developed by Graphic Policy’s Brett Schenker in conjunction with current comics freelancers (with a little copy editing by myself)  we hope this will be the start of assembling reliable data on payment rates across the industry.

Please note, the survey is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. My own involvement with this project is only in copy editing  and promoting both the survey and the results; I will have no access to the survey answers. Brett, whose background is in political science and who crunches numbers for a living, will be analyzing the data and announcing the survey results.


The recent conversation about freelancer rates has turned the spotlight back to this topic, and we felt it was time to attempt a comprehensive survey of page rates, royalty income and other career matters for comics freelancers. In putting this together we were aware of and respect other work by the anonymous Fair Page Rates page, but wanted to put a survey forth with more transparency about the methodology and origin. The inspiration for this is completely from working comics freelancers; Brett and I are just here to facilitate the process.
It is our goal to remain completely transparent about the process. The survey covers page rates, royalty income, health insurance and geographic, gender and racial information for cross indexing. But once again we value your privacy. There is no identifying data on any of the answers to the survey and absolutely no individual information will be shared EVER. 
Secrecy about money helps those who are paying it out most. Given the wide range of industry rates, it is our hope that the information gleaned from this survey will help make a more equitable industry for both freelancers and publishers.

The survey is embedded below, or you can go to it directly here.  One note – on the last page it asks if you want to take the survey again – this is a formatting glitch. You only need to take it once!

You can email me or Brett with any questions.


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