Okay, the ninth wave of five guests was just announced for this year’s Coic-Con, which will be held in San Diego, as previously revealed. And they are:
Sergio Aragonés, cartoonist, MAD, Groo
Mark Evanier, writer, producer, comics historian, The Garfield Show, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio
Dave Roman, writer/artist, Astronaut Academy, Teen Boat!
Raina Telgemeier, writer/artist, Smile, Drama, Sisters
Craig Yoe, author/editor/designer/comics historian

And here are the previously announced guests:

David Aja
Franco Aureliani
Peter Bagge
Art Baltazar
Jerry Beck
Allie Brosh
Michael Cho
Katie Cook
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Michael DeForge
Carlos Ezquerra
Matt Fraction
Lev Grossman
Tom Grummett
Hugh Howey
Reginald Hudlin
Matthew Inman
Lora Innes
Chip Kidd
Denis Kitchen
Bob Layton
Jim Lee
Paul Levitz
Steve Lieber
A. Lee Martinez
Scott McCloud
Matt Phelan
Ed Piskor
Jimmie Robinson
Luis Royo
Sara Ryan
Jen Sorensen
Richard Starkings
William Stout
Jillian Tamaki
Mariko Tamaki
Jill Thompson
Jhonen Vasquez
Bernie Wrightson
Chip Zdarsky!

That’s 45 so far and they usually top out at about 50ish, so, we should be drawing to a close. This is a pretty great list, as usual, with a wide breadth of past present and future movers and shakers. I hote that the CCI folks are also sneakily doing the “couple guest” thing with superteams like the DeFractions and the LeiberRyans and the TelgeRomans. Not that’s I’m complaining, mind you, and I doubt they are either, since it’s more fun with a buddy.


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