With series ranging from superhero satire/homage to feline space adventure to eschatological farce, this past fall’s first wave of comics from publisher AHOY Comics came out swinging. Now, as the publisher’s initial four miniseries begin to wrap up, AHOY has announced via io9 their second wave of titles.

As with the first batch, four titles will make up AHOY’s next wave of comics, with each comic including the title feature, plus backup stories, essays, and prose pieces. Interestingly, two of them, Bronze Age Boogie and Planet of the Nerds, appear to involve some sort of time travel. Planet of the Nerds, by Paul Constant, Alan Robinson, and Randy Elliott, sounds particularly entertaining as a group of meathead jocks from the ’80s travel to the present day to find that being a geek has become cool. Meanwhile, Bronze Age Boogie, in which a warrior from the Bronze Age is transported across millennia to the 1970s, is written by AHOY Operations chief Stuart Moore, with art by Alberto Ponticelli and Giulia Brusco.

The third of the new series is Hashtag: Danger, by Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso. The titular team of heroes in this book has actually already been featured in a series of back-up stories in wave 1 books Captain Ginger and High Heaven. The final wave 2 offering is a one-shot called Steel Cage. The issue features three stories that serve as ‘pilots’ for new series. Readers will have the option to choose which one continues on. Squaring off against each other are “Bright Boy” by Stuart Moore, Peter Gross, and Giulia Brusco; “Noah Zark” by Mark Waid and Lanna Souvanny; and “True Identity” by Tom Peyer, Alan Robinson, and Lee Loughridge. No details yet on how the reader voting will be conducted.

The first wave of AHOY books have been great, with sales increasing with each new issue as stores and readers have taken notice of the publisher. This next wave of books looks like it’ll continue the eclectic humor and action of the first.

Check out the covers for debut issues of the new titles below, or head over to io9 for more details about the series. Look for AHOY’s second wave to begin hitting stores in April.



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