The brief appearance of Silas Stone, best known as the father of Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborg, in last week’s Young Justice: Outsiders “Triptych” led many fans to expect to see the titanium hero join the ever expanding show cast sooner rather than later. Looks like fans don’t have to wait that long. Cyborg is set to make his debut this Friday in the appropriately titled episode “Another Freak.” Courtesy of IGN, take a look at a preview clip featuring a pre-Cyborg Victor dealing with some father issues.

Cyborg/Victor Stone is voiced by Zeno Robinson, an unabashed fanboy himself, and based on his Twitter you can tell it’s a dream role come true.

Fittingly, Khary Payton who’s voiced Cyborg in various media including the current Teen Titans Go! cartoon plays Victor’s father Silas this time around.

Since the 2003 Teen Titans animated series Cyborg’s presence has certainly grown considerably among the general public with DC pushing the character’s prominence in both the comics and outside media. Between this and his appearance in the upcoming Doom Patrol live-action series, 2019 is definitely coming up Cyborg!