Being an adult is complicated, especially when you are in your 20s and attempting to figure out what life is without parents, school, and other safety nets. For roommates Skip and Gerry in Thanks. But No Thanks, their journey includes both everyday tasks such as balancing work and fun as well as a few ghosts. Oh, and a pet goat. 

Created by HighWesthus, the slice of life comedy fluctuates between relatable and a little wacky. The roomies deal with the usual issues that come up when you are sharing space with another human. The pair also encounters supernatural entities in awkward places like the bathroom at their workplace. No matter the challenges, the guys seem to navigate with ease, making this life thing look pretty simple. 

Webcomics such as these are fun for a few reasons. First, with short episodes, they offer a quick little break from your mundane day-to-day. The comic also provides a funny perspective on things that you’ve probably faced yourself, especially if you’ve ever had a roommate. And you know you’ve worked at least one job where there was a rumored haunting.

To begin reading Thanks. But No Thanks on Webtoons, click here. The series has 31 quick little episodes to enjoy.

Thanks But No Thanks