Sesame But Different by Chia is a slice-of-life comic that centers a lesbian relationship. The comic follows Chia and her girlfriend Poppy along all the daily adventures they encounter.

Slice of love life

Sesame But Different is based on the cartoonist’s own relationship, and aims to showcase a same-sex relationship in a funny and relatable way.

From topics like “malfunctioning gaydar” to “getting ready for Pride,” Sesame But Different emphasizes the experience of being a gay relationship. 

Sesame But Different
This can also transpire with Ugg Boots… TRUST me on this one.

The comic has been running since May 2019, so there are nearly 150 entries for you to read through.

In addition to the slice of life comic, there are also several instructional articles on the Sesame But Different website, to help you out if you want to launch a webcomic all your own. These include “How to Start a Webcomic in 8 Simple Steps” and “How I Organize and Capture My Comic Ideas Quickly and Effectively.”

And, if you’re curious or questioning about your own sexuality, the site also offers articles on topics like “Answers To Your Coming Out Questions,” and each of their coming out stories are shared in comics form. There is even a post about “Coming Out During the Holidays,” in case that’s that concern that you’re facing heading into the end of the year!

Sesame But Different

You can also read Sesame But Different on Webtoon, if you’d prefer.

And if you’re interested in supporting the webcomic directly, you can do so through the Sesame But Different Patreon page.

In addition, there is also a webstore where you can purchase lesbian-themed gifts, including prints, cards, mugs, and t-shirts. 

Have you had the chance to check out Sesame But Different? What did you think?

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