If you aren’t moved by this one, we may need to check your pulse. Dynamite Entertainment has a new children’s comic on deck for March 2022 that is sure to warm the coldest of hearts. Saved By a Whisker written by Kristen Rybandt and illustrated by Ken Haeser is the true story of a rescued kitty found way back on January 17, 2003. The cat was taken away from an abusive owner and eventually rehabilitated for a new loving home.

Read the official synopsis of the 80-page book below:

Before all of this, Cozmo was just an average cat living with a loving family in New Jersey. On the day his family packed up their belongings and moved to Florida, Cozmo gets separated and accidentally gets left behind. Alone in the outside world for the first time, Cozmo is 900 miles away from everything he knows! This is the whimsical retelling of how the real-life Cozmo went on the journey of his life, making friends, and finally finding his way back to his family!

This book is supported by the Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization, Inc. (SWRO) which was founded by Pamela J. Ott, a certified veterinary technician, and was incorporated May 6, 2003 as a 501(c)3 non-profit cat and kitten rescue. SWRO is dedicated to saving the lives of countless felines by rescuing abused, abandoned and homeless cats, providing veterinary care and shelter until they can be placed into a loving home. 

Stay tuned for details and updates from the publisher, and check out the adorable cover below!

Saved By a Whisker