Oh yeah since its friday and I’m thinking of Filipino comics, here’s a comic from the Beat itself, issue #1 of Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan, a fairly amazing comics about a giant chicken who goes to school drawn in an ultra lush realistic style. Originally pubslihed as mini comcis, SLG collected it in 2010 and I think you can sitll order a used copy on Amazon.  or more likely, find it in the old GNs section of many a comcis store. it’s well worth seeking out. As I wrote in 2010:

Originally published in the Philippines as a mini-comic, it’s many things: a bizarre SF social satire in the style of George Orwell or (as one reader suggested to me) Poul Anderson’s Brain Wave — and also Adam Hines’ recent Duncan the Wonder Dog, which has some of the same themes treated very differently. It’s also a beautiful example of the Filipino komiks school, all lush penwork and atmosphere. it’s also just a good read.

To that I’d add Goodnigth Punpun, Inio Asano;s similar work about a tarumatized high schoole rwho is portrayed as a bird.

I ran the first issue of Elmer in two parts and here they are:

Part One
Part Two



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