The 23rd of August was Alfredo Alcala’s 92nd birthday, so I’m posting this a little late as a birthday tribute. Alcala was a prodigious member of the Filipino comics school, with a detailed style that has never been surpassed in US comics (although he and peak Bernie Wrightson definitely shared some of the same influences.)  HE’s best known here, perhaps, for his work on Conan and inking on various issues of swamp Thing, but had a prodigious career in the B&W horror mags of the 70s, and in his native Philipines his Voltar was a huge hit.

The Alfredo Alcala Art page on FB posted this age from Marvel’s B&W Planet of the Apes magazine the other day, and I think you’ll agree…it’s a jaw dropper.


Phil Yeh and I wrote a book about Alfredo,  so plug time: Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master: The Art of Alfredo Alcala (link takes you to Amazon, beware) is almost certainly the only book about Alfredo and Filipino comics published in English, and has a lot more of Alfredo’s amazing art.

Happy belated birthday, Alfredo! It’s a joy to keep his memory alive.



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