Being social media famous and an influencer is an actual profession now. I’ve googled the net worth of some of these people and sometimes regret the thousands in student loan debt that got me a degree to be a writer and teacher. In Cat Got Your Tongue, the concept of the influencer and the desperation of one young woman to gain that status is examined in a hilarious way.

Created by Teo and Corey (who also brought you the fantastic Adventures of God), the new webcomic on Webtoons has the same satirical, smart assery that this pair of creators is known for. 

The story centers on Nova, your typical pet cat that likes to sleep and swat at stuff. Nova’s owner Sydney is desperate for internet fame, so much so that she gives the cat a strange serum that leads to Nova developing human speech. Clearly this is their in to be Insta-famous, and both Nova and her owner must navigate what it means to be viral while also figuring out the mysterious, probably evil, force behind Nova’s new abilities.

There are currently only three episodes of Cat Got Your Tongue to read for free, making it the perfect time to jump on the comedy. New episodes drop every Tuesday. Click here to begin.

Cat Got Your Tongue