We are all curious about what happens after we die. Is there a higher power controlling every move or are we completely autonomous? In Adventures of God, creators Teo and Corey offer a hilarious look at the dynamic between Heaven and Hell, and its effect on humanity.

The satirical web series pushes the envelope, and to some, may even border on offensive (depending on your perspective, sense of humor, or sensitivity to mocking both religion and humans). God is an unpredictable, chaotic old man with a drinking problem while Jesus is more sensible and tries to keep him in check. Satan is also part of their crew, but not in an antagonistic way, although God likes to tease his mate down in Hell by calling him “Lucy” and other running jokes throughout. God has a wicked sense of humor and yet in some cases his nonsense actually works out and helps humanity, much to Jesus and Satan’s surprise.

On the surface, Adventures of God is a wacky comedy that is meant to make you laugh, even if the joke is shocking or politically incorrect. But when you dive a little deeper, the comic also points the finger at some of the worst habits of humanity, and when you see it in such a satirical light, you see how stupid or dangerous some actions can be.

Even when highlighting unpleasantness, Adventures of God is lighthearted and meant to make you laugh. In the writer’s bio, it is pointed out that the work is all about positivity and good vibes. If you don’t take the series—or yourself—too seriously, you’ll enjoy the ride.

To begin reading, head over to Webtoons. New episodes are uploaded every Tuesday and Saturday.

Adventures of God