Marvel has released a teaser image for the next addition to their ever-expanding lineup of X-Men titles. The image, titled “Classified X”, features the outlines of eight characters, some recognizable and some less so.

“Classified X” Teaser

In the accompanying release, Marvel describes the new team as “the most dysfunctional X-Men team you could possibly imagine”.

So who’s in this image? There are a few silhouettes that jump out immediately. Alex Summers, aka Havok, appears to be the largest figure in the background. Leaping with arms and fingers outstretched next to him may be Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair, though she’s also busy with the New Mutants right now. The egg-shaped figure near the middle of the image has been identified as Nanny, a character from the ’80s that’s been little-seen since then. The distinctive ruffle of Mister Sinister’s cape is visible on the silhouette in the bottom right corner of the image.

That leaves four characters still unaccounted for. One of them appears to be a sword-wielding female. My initial instinct is that maybe that’s Rasputin from House of X/Powers of X. It’d be a shame for that character to be introduced in those high-profile series and then never seen again, and Jonathan Hickman likely has larger plans for her at some point.  The two figures in the bottom center of the image are anybody’s guess — the one in front has pretty great gloves, and the one behind them maybe has a gun? And then there’s the figure to the right of Nanny, who is either Darth Maul or The Night King.

Those who are curious who’s in this image won’t have long to wait, as Marvel will be revealing characters all week long via Twitter beginning tomorrow, December 3rd, at Noon Eastern.