Fifty years ago today a SF show called Doctor Who debuted in England. Festivities and surprises are planned to celebrate this anniversary.


In more unhappy news that day, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


I’ve never actually got to the bottom of either of these things.


  1. The BBC have produced an excellent drama about the origins of Dr Who and the first Doctor, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ scripted by Mark Gatiss. It was shown on the BBC last night and I gather it is on BBC America tonight (22nd).

    I was a 10 year old when the first episode was broadcast and an avid viewer through the 60s, but I’m pretty agnostic about Who fandom, nu-Who and the whole 50th anniversary Who-hah, so I approached this a little warily. Shouldn’t have worried, it was quite wonderful. Great script, fantastic production design and some excellent acting. If you want a sense of why the original show and the first Doctor were so loved this conveys it beautifully.

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