§ Nice Art

§ Zviane contributed a wonderful illustration for the month of August in a 2017 calendar and it is beautiful. Perhaps it’s the weather, or the fact I’m going camping next week, but this illustration just screamed SUMMER to me. Zviane is a phenomenal cartoonist and her recent sell-published anthology series Jungle has been an interesting read.


§  If you want to support a creator on an ongoing basis, Kevin Budnik has a new Patreon page for which you can get a monthly mini-comic by mail for a $6.

§  There’s a free comics by Sophie Yanow over at her Gumroad page!

§ Meghan Thurbitt has a new comic that finally explains one of the question I’ve had my entire life, How to Eat Chips

§ Margot Ferrick has a new comic called Pig Pet that’s being published by Chicago-based Believed Behavior.


§ It seems that actor Jay Baruchel is the new CCO at Chapterhouse publishing, the publisher behind the revival of Captain Canuck. He talked about it on the CBC a few weeks ago.

§ Carolyn Nowak‘s excellent Diana’s Electric Tongue will be published in Italian! She’s also just released a new comic called No Better Words with all proceed going to Planned Parenthood.

§ Canadian publishers L’oie de Cravan is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. If you don’t know them, they’ve published graphic novels and poetry, including work by Julie Doucet, Michel Hellman, Diane Obomsawin and Geneviève Castrée in French as well as a few titles in English. 25 years is quite remarkable for a small publisher of comics in the Canadian market.

§ Rich Tommaso wrote a depressing post on Facebook about the sales of his new Image Comics series Spy Seal and indirectly, the dysfunctional state of the comics direct market. I’m still really excited about Spy Seal. It looks really fun. My local comic shop ordered some copies of the single issues, though they’re pretty sure this will do better in collected forms.

§ There’s a new comic in French by Mana Neyestani (An Iranian Metamorphosis) called L’araignée de Mashad. It follows the story of a serial killer that stuck in Iran in the early 2000. It covers the crime, but also provides an in-depth look at the ills affecting Iranian society. No words yet on an English release for this book.

§ Comics Workbook launched  their 2017 Comics Workbook composition competition. If you’re a comic artist, do take a look at the requirement and rules. It’s an interesting and challenging exercise with some neat prizes, but the biggest prize of all, is your own satisfaction.


§ It’s difficult not to fill this section with just comics from The Nib, I’ll highlight this one entry by Nomi Kane called My life with a pre-existing condition. It’s a very good look at the burden of illness for people suffering from pre-existing condition. Kane talks about her early diagnosis of diabetes and what it means to find health insurance in the United States.

§ Glynis Fawkes has a short comics called Nothing to wear over at Mutha Magazine

§ Eric Kostiuk Williams posted an alternative page of his Retrofit Comics Wax Babybel Bodysuit. It’s an interesting look at a B-sides to his comics.

§ Allison McCreesh, the cartoonist of the excellent “Ramshackle, a Yellowknife story” made a comic book in French about a porcupine called “Porc-epic du Woodyard.”

§ An Nguyen posted a 2013 comics online to read for free called Object Memory


§ Dash Shaw talks to Gary Panter about Songy in Paradise over at the Comics Journal

§ Osvaldo Oyola has began a new series of reviews on Omega the Unknown, the masterpiece by Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple. Oyola is comparing the original series with it’s modern counterpart one issue at a time.

§ Chip Zdarsky on Spider-Man on the CBC

§ Speaking of the CBC, Guy Delisle and Sarah Glidden were both on The Sunday Edition to talk about using comics to explore foreign reporting and the isolation of being held hostage.

§ Kim O’Connor on Howard Chaykin’s controversy.

§ Phil Elverum talked about his latest album and coping with Geneviève Castrée’s passing with Tom Power on the CBC

§ Kat Overland reviews Sophie Yanow’s What is a Glacier over at Women Write About Comics

§ Alex Hoffman at Sequential State talks to Laila Milevski about Enter, Holy Pilgrim

§ And finally, The Nib had an excellent series called Revolution in our lifetime, where 7 black cartoonists comments on Life under a Trump Presidency. Wonderfully insightful.

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