K.L. Ricks has this uncanny ability to portray movement incredibly well. In Arm’s Length, we see our protagonist Mari biking and fencing. In each case, Ricks is able to convey motion both in her characters and subtly in the environment. Notice the way Mari’s fencing sword shakes during her fight with the hooded black figure while crouching in the selected sample page above.

Arm’s Length is a short comic about Mari, a young fencer whose wondering which path she should follow in her life. She is confronted by a shadowy figure, a physical manifestation of her uncertainty. It’s got a lot of very neat little touches, including the one in the images below, where the shadowy figures’s mask is reflecting our protagonist. We know she’s talking to him because of the speech bubble reflected in the mirror. A brilliant little touch in an interesting comics.

You can read all three parts on Hazlitt (Part one, Part two, Part three) and follow K.L. Ricks on Twitter or on her website