So Are We All Agreed that Asterix is Better than Tintin?


Ian Samson caused a bitter civil war in Britain this week through his article at the New Statesman titled “A lot of Gaul: why Asterix is better than Tintin”. Within minutes this article had spread to Twitter, where it broke apart the once-thriving comics scene in our nation and set writer against artist, editor against letterer. […]

Monday Morning Funnies: Insta★COP


Kill Shakespeare Artist, Andy Bellanger, and former Marvel/DC Digital Comics Editor, Kwanza Johnson launch social media comic series, Insta★COP, across across Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter starting today.

Ron Marz, Mark Millar, Comics Industry Act to Shut Down Cyberbully


Abusive attacks via Twitter aren’t new, but have certainly increased in media visibility over the past few months. Racist and sexist comments and threats have been detailed repeatedly in the mainstream press recently, often aimed at various prominent people in society. It also exists on a personal level, sadly, with personal attacks and bullying on […]