Remember Quizilla? You can only find it on Internet Archive, now; it was a website seemingly dedicated to goofy personality quizzes. It was one of my favorite sites to go to in the late 2000s/early 2010s. It died on October 1, 2014, and I didn’t even notice, because I was too busy with college. But then, during the pandemic, a new quiz site arose: uQuiz. The quizzes created by users with either care or caution thrown to the wind have spread on Tumblr, TikTok, and Twitter but mostly Tumblr. The strange personality quizzes, either aesthetic or fandom-based — or both — became especially popular during the early months of our long global nightmare, and they are still going strong.

Here are a few choice quizzes:

Yes, I’ve made a few of these, too. They’re fun and easy to make and are highly customizable — you can add images, randomize answers, and more. I have a few hesitations about the platform, though. It’s difficult to search through quizzes on uQuiz; there is a function, but it’s kind of hidden away, on the featured quiz page. You have to enter your name (or an alias) to get into the quiz, which could be a privacy issue since every quiz maker can see the names of those who take the quiz.

There’s also no way to know whether or not your quiz is balanced or unbalanced, as far as what results users generally receive. Additionally, there’s no way to select multiple answers to a question. You’re often forced into impossible choices, which has caused at least one friend of mine who took a quiz to throw a fit (facetiously). It’s caused me to throw fits, too. But these quizzes have also made me laugh out loud, from both the questions and the results you can get.

Some quizzes are plagued by song lyric questions, which are often from Taylor Swift songs since she’s pretty popular in some corners of fandom. A lot are also Hozier lyrics because Tumblr also loves Hozier. To some extent, questions across quizzes can get repetitive, so the more different you can make your questions from others, the more of a response you get.

RIP Quizilla. Long live uQuiz, as it hops through different trends — the current one has to do with what kind of men you like — and as it hopefully works out some of its kinks as time marches on. It might fall into irrelevancy like Quizilla, though, but that would make me awfully sad. There’s a lot of unique work being done in the humor realm on this platform, even more so than was ever on Quizilla. Let’s hope the site stays up even when the craze slows down.