In One Way Trip with story and art by Meep, readers will follow the story of Bea Yacono, a would-be bard who finds herself being stalked by shadowy figures from her past!

One Way Trip

One Way Trip
One Way Trip by Meep.

Bea may aspire to be a simple bard, bud unfortunately, magic gets in the way: according to the information released by Meep via Twitter, she’s “a lifelong curse bearer and the face of everything the world doesn’t know about magic.”

Bea travels to the town of Inkade, where she thinks she’s got a paying gig… but instead, she ends up finding nothing but a bunch of shadowy figures from her past. Plus an assassin! With those in power indifferent to her suffering, Bea will have to take matters into her own hands if she hopes to survive.

In addition to reading the series on Tapas, you can also read One Way Trip on Tumblr, if you’d prefer.

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Meep shared this awesome art from the series.

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