In the online Data comics by Cool Friend, the irresistible android that adorns the bridge of the D gets to take center stage! With a foundation that is firmly rooted in an unabashed adoration of puns, no fan of TNG’s most human bridge crewmember should allow these hilarious single-panel gag strips to pass them by!

Data Not Found

It’s impossible to be even a casual viewer of Star Trek: The Next Generation and not realize how ripe Data’s name is for punning – one need look no further than many of the titles of TNG episodes to confirm this.

Fans of the rest of the D’s bridge crew can enjoy cameo appearances by many of the other Starfleet officers, including Deanna Troi and Geordi La Forge (who appears alongside a giant-sized Data that calls to mind Spock 2 from “The Infinite Vulcan” episode of The Animated Series).

In addition to posting these gag strips online, Cool Friend has revealed that they will be publishing their Data comics in a TNG fanzine, Data Visualization, so you’ll want to be sure and follow them on social media to keep up with all the latest Data developments.

Lore More to See

You can visit Cool Friend’s website to see more of their work, including other pop culture-inspired artwork and comics.

One example is a short diary comic from March 2021 that addresses issues like identity, social media, and trying to avoid feeling like “Beefsquatch,” a guise adopted by Gene Belcher on Bob’s Burgers.

And if you’d like to support Cool Friend’s work directly, you can do so through their Ko-fi page.

Finally, if you’re interested in getting in touch with Cool Friend to inquire about a commission, you can find their contact information on their website.

Downloading Data Now

Have you had a chance to check out Cool Friend’s Data comics? Which one of these dispatches from the “final pun-tier” is your favorite so far? What Star Trek character do you hope to see appear in future Data adventures by Cool Friend?

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