SDCC ’15: Slave Labor signing schedule with Vasquez and some APE news


Rounding out our pre-game with a few of the signing schedules not widely spotlighted. SLG/Slave Labor will be occupying a prime slot at the con as they have for the last 20 years, and mainstay Jhonen Vasquez will be signing multiple times. Here’s the schedule: SLG Publishing announced Jhonen Vasquez’s signing schedule for Comic-Con 2015. […]

Titan at SDCC: Assassin’s Creed, The Blacklist, Heroes, Lenore and, of course, Doctor Who!


Titan has announced their full line-up of SDCC activities, and there’s lots to choose from with ten signing sessions and two panels, as well as a bunch of exclusive covers, merchandise and sneak-peaks of upcoming series.

SDCC ’13 shocker! Actual comics publisher SLG will set up


Bucking trends, fans and How I Met Your Mother, one plucky comics publisher is going ahead with plans to actually set up at Comic-Con next month. San Jose based SLG and their brave leader Tywin LannisterDan Vado has just announced that their booth will feature CARTOONISTS, COMICS and even JHONEN VASQUEZ: Confirmed artists appearing at […]

SLG’s offices and Art Boutiki must relocate


Although we’ve never been, the Boutiki run by San Jose-based comics publisher SLG has always sounded like a cool place: a storefront and performance space that sold comics and has a tiki theme in keeping with publisher Dan Vado’s sensibilities. But now, in a dime-a-dozen story of real estate improvement, the space must close by next summer as the building is being razed to make way for an apartment building.


SLG Publishing is teaming with Horrible Comics and underground comedy-rock outfit Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits for a new comics/record combo pack entitled Meal Deal with the Devil. It includes both comics and a five-song CD (including two story-songs) from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits with an accompanying read-along storybook, illustrated by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics.

We’re old enough to be nostalgic for this format and perhaps you and your kids will also enjoy learning about the origins of pink slime with song and panel:

Urine, rotting honey, a plague of insects — life at SLG

Almost every time the name of SLG publisher Dan Vado is mentioned, the word “survivor” is appended to it — surviving over 20 years in an industry that provides indie comics only scant handholds in its forbidding rockface is no mean feat.

But you will never know just how much of a survivor Vado and crew are until you read Five things we survived at SLG., an account of rodent, insect and human scourges on their physical offices. The most famed, of course, is the drunk driver that plowed through their office in 2004 — thanks to a woman who insisted on stealing the keys to someone else’s car after everyone deemed her so drunk they had taken away her own car keys.