Bucking trends, fans and How I Met Your Mother, one plucky comics publisher is going ahead with plans to actually set up at Comic-Con next month. San Jose based SLG and their brave leader Tywin LannisterDan Vado has just announced that their booth will feature CARTOONISTS, COMICS and even JHONEN VASQUEZ:

Confirmed artists appearing at the SLG Publishing booth so far are:

Jhonen Vasquez
Aaron Alexovich
Drew Rausch
Greg Weisman
Landry Walker
Jef Bambas
Justin Sane
Chris Wisnia
Chris Reilly

We will have some new stuff debuting at the convention including

Eldritch! Softcover collection by Alexovich and Rausch
Grubby Little Smudges of Filth hardcover by Daniel Reed 
Max Zing! Volume One by James Turner (collects the webcomic follow-up to Warlord of IO)

Check out a special preview of Turner’s new Miltonesque digital comic Rebel Angels

Bloody Dreadful Volume Two by Justin Sane

Plus a new t-shirt by Jhonen Vasquez which we will tease you with the image later.

Those of you who take the time to drift over to Old Con in Hall B know that back in the Days of Lore and Legend, SLG secured one of the best spots at Comic-Con, a large booth right opposite the DC Entertainment County Fair. Every year since we have made the holy pilgrimage to speak to King Vado and talk about comics, and con. You may want to do the same.

Speaking of James Turner, we hadn’t checked out his webcomics of late. He’s a very distinct cartoonist/illustrator with a geomeric, highly designed list. His latest is HELL LOST and it’s more than 200 pages in. A few peeks:





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