At his blog, famous realist/curmudgeon SLG publisher Dan Vado explains why he wasn’t at ECCC and won’t be at C2E2 and “recreates” the experience of the SLG booth:

Here are a few things you would have heard at our booth.   1) Yes, that book came out last year…   2) Glad you like Courtney Crumrin, that book is published by Oni though.   3) Happy you are an Evan Dorkin fan, check the Dark Horse booth, I doubt he is there either.   4) We have no idea what Jhonen Vasquez is doing these days.   5) Roman who?   6) I thought you wanted an honest opinion of your work?   7) Generally speaking, I do not publish poetry.   8) I am not certain that (insert obscure tablet or phone platform here) is really going to be all that big for comics.   9) No, I don’t know where (insert large publisher booth, bathroom location or concession stand name here) is.   10) What time does this open tomorrow (always asked by me as I am never certain).

Now we had several nice conversations with Vado at WonderCon just past, and he has a very prominent scene in the new Comic-Con documentary so…if this is all you ask the man at one of his rare convention sightings, you are really being shortchanged.

PS: The above photo is from this seven-years-old-but-still-pertinent piece. Wonder where Larry Zamel is now…


  1. Maybe Dan should spend the time on his awful website. Unless you specifically know what you are looking for, the site is unbrowsable and half of everything isn’t in stock.

  2. He didn’t actually explain why he wasn’t at ECCC and won’t be at C2E2. He simply stated that he was not at ECCC and he will not be at C2E2.