Marvel’s Junior Art Director Rich Ginter — the man responsible for many of their ad campaigns and advertising materials, such as this stylish Defenders campaign, is moving to Disney in California, Twitter tell us. There he’ll be a Digital Designer, where he’ll be “working on their comic/magazine apps & designing stuff for that and new apps.”

Ginter’s move to Disney is just part of what seems to be a ramping up in the comics department — or so we kept hearing at WonderCon. There certainly are a lot of people at Disney who know how to make comics, from Steve Behling and Amy Weingartner, both formerly of Disney Adventures magazine, part of the Burbank team; to all the former Marvel and DC staffers working in the East Coast, including Nachie Castro, Janelle Asselin, Mike Zagari, Michael Siglain and, most recently, Jody LeHeup, who left Marvel in their fall downsizing, and has popped back up at Disney. Some of them are just working with the numerous and industrious foreign publishers on integrating the vast worldwide Disney comics network, but with the Marvel purchase, it’s obvious that comics are back on Disney’s radar for good.