Yes yes, reprint PR is a dime a dozen, but from Image comes word that FATALE #1, the first issue of the Image book by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is going back to press for a fifth printing. The first printing came out in January, so that’s a printing a month. Issue #4 is currently out, and issues #2 and #3 have also been reprinted. Does this just mean tiny print runs? Not enough preorders? Maybe. It could also mean that a very good book keeps finding new readers.

“I couldn’t believe it when Eric told me the fourth printing had sold out immediately, because we set that print run thinking it would last for several months,” said Brubaker in a statement. “But it appears many retailers still just can’t keep the first issue in stock. So we are back to press one more time, because I want to be sure retailers can sell the other issues in the series.”

We’d love to know the total number of copies of FATALE #1 in print.


  1. IMHO this is one of the best books on the market right now. Every week it’s published it just floats to the top of my read-now pile. I hope Ed and Sean put out comics forever.