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Everything can be Beaten

Follow the adventure of IT as he discovers a door out of his monotonous life beating kittens and into an exciting new world where all sorts of new things can be (and generally are) beaten. This FULL-COLOR 6 x 5″ storybook tale of discovery is written and with layouts by Jhonen Vasquez (under the name Mr. Chancre Scolex) and vividly painted by his friend, Mr. Crab Scrambly

Originall printed as a small, CD sized booklet, this edition will be printed larger, in hardcover edition and feature a new cover. Cover pictures is NOT ACTUAL COVER!


Malleus Maleficarum: The Original Medieval Guide to the Catching and Burning of Witches

In 1487 Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger wrote the Malleus Maleficarum, the premiere manual for exposing, capturing, prosecuting and burning witches used by every right-thinking European magistrate of the late middle ages. Cartoonist Mike Rosen has adapted this warm and uplifting tome which fueled a wave of witch-hunting that lasted for nearly two centuries and cost nearly 60,000 people (mostly women) their lives.

The adaptation’s tongue-in-cheek tone exposes a kind of paranoid thinking which exists to this day in some circles and answeres all of those nagging eternal questions; Do witches kill newborn babies for use in their rituals? Can they turn men into beasts? Can they steal mens’ penises, collecting them in great numbers, to hide in, say, a bird’s nest up in a tree, where they then move around like squiggly phallic snakes and eat corn and oats? Finally, most importantly, do witches have sexual relations with devils? How do they have sexual relations with devils? And could we hear some more about these sexual relations with devils?

Nothing makes for a fun read like torture, murder, infanticide, and disembodied penises! Always fun and educational.


Loserville, Volume One: And Then You Might Explode

Alex Cox presents a story that can only be set in Loserville. Deke and Jenna are a happily married couple working their way through life until something unexpected changes their lives. Deke has ambitions, he wants to be either a novelist, or screenwriter, or artist, or professional wrestler. He can’t decide which, all he knows is he doesn’t like working at an insurance company. Jenna, on the other hand, is a workaholic. While Deke is not sure what it is that Jenna does, he does know that she complains about it – a lot. Jenna also complains about having hot feet and that she might have the worst disease in the world: Multiple Sploderorsis. A disease that dooms you to a life of crippling pain… and then you might explode! Not very many people have it, because they all explode. Now Deke and Jenna are faced with the challenges of knowing that she might explode at any minute. Because sometimes that’s just the way these stories go.

Imagine Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) as a grown-up trying hard to work at becoming an adult but maybe not getting it. That’s Loserville.


The Floundering Time

Best friends Emma and Joey are in their senior year at a women’s college, navigating through their last days in the school’s isolated scene. Emma is harboring a long standing crush on her transgender friend Elliott, while messy Joey works her way through stoic bad-girl types. They stumble through drunken parties, rock shows and day trips, avoiding the looming questions of their “futures” in pursuit of misguided crushes and cool girl status.

Katy Weselcouch started drawing comics during her teenage zine years in Syracuse, NY. She studied art at Smith College, an experience that informed her love of mixed-up girl heroines. This is her first graphic novel. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she alternates between her creative endeavors and a career in the peculiar world of New York fashion.


Java Town and Other Unlikely Destinations

Tired of long lines at the airport or road trips that lead nowhere? Sick of the same old monuments and dusty geologic formations? Now you can visit fascinating non-existent locales from the comfort of your favorite reading spot. Exclusively with this book you will see such sights as Java Town: the city that never sleeps – because it can’t, Surly Flats: Trailer parks and waitresses as far as the eye can see, Manville: Beer, buds, and big screen TV as well as other (and other worldly) stops along the way. Java Town collects stories from the ongoing webcomic by Scott Saavedra and combines them with stories from the old Java Town comic book series previously published by SLG.


The Royal Historian of OZ

Frank Fizzle wishes his father would have just a single original idea, instead the Jasper Fizzle sees himself as the new “Royal HIstorian of OZ” as he insists on writing new OZ stories. When the failed writer discovers that Oz really exists, he makes an error in judgment that brands him a criminal in two worlds. Frank, may be doomed to pay for the “sins of the father” at the hands of the axe-wielding Tin-Man and the ghost of the Wicked Witch. Can Frank save the day and redeem the Fizzle family name, or will the drizzly ghost of the Wicked Witch of the West destroy them all?

This trade paperback collects all five issues of the Royal Historian of OZ series. Lots of extras and an introduction by Eric Shanower.