INTERVIEW: Daniel Alarcón Discusses His Fascination with the CITY OF CLOWNS


by Alex Dueben Daniel Alarcón’s short story City of Clowns was originally published by The New Yorker  in 2003 and then as part of his collection War by Candlelight. Since then, Alarcón has been acclaimed as one of the preeminent writers of his generation as a novelist, short story writer and journalist with books like […]

INTERVIEW: Ulises Fariñas Opens Up About Free Will and Masculinity in MOTRO


2016 has been a banner year for Ulises Fariñas.  The Judge Dredd and Amazing Forest co-writer recently launched Buño, a new comics imprint.  He’s also just released the first issue to MOTRO, a new series he is co-writing with Erick Freitas and drawing on his own with Ryan Hill on colors.  MOTRO, published through Oni Press, tells the story […]

INTERVIEW: Samuel Sattin on letting stories off the leash in LEGEND


Earlier this year, Z2 Comics published the first comic book written by novelist Samuel Sattin, Legend. This week, the publisher is putting out the series’ first collection as Legend Vol 1 prints issues 1-5 for fans of binge reading. Sattin’s tale is about a world where the animals have inherited the Earth after humanity was wiped out by […]

INTERVIEW: Amy Chu on KISS: THE DEMON and redemming “Music from the Elder


While everyone knows the band Kiss defined loud music and showmanship for all times, via bassist Gene Simmons they were also pioneers of the whole “comics nerdlebrity” movement – Simmons went to high school with Marv Wolfman and must have picked up a thing or two about comics. Anyway, Kiss is back in a regular […]

INTERVIEW: Matt Kindt’s murder mystery magic in the ETHER


Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Dept H) could be comics biggest paradox. A man who in person has the grizzled beard of someone who would enjoy cutting down Redwoods for a living yet has the loveable demeanor of a panda bear. He’s easy going yet attacks story like a mathematician would complex calculus problems. That same approach […]

INTERVIEW: Annie Goetzinger Reveals the Haunting Truths (and Fables) of Marie Antoinette

cover ort.indd

by Alex Dueben Annie Goetzinger has had a long successful career as a comics artist in France, but she was largely unknown in the United States until NBM published Girl in Dior last year, which was a success here just as it was in France. The publisher just released another book co-written and illustrated by […]