I wish it wasn’t ending!

Day five already…the day of farewells, the day of the setting sun. Can it be that this wonderful fairyland of opportunity is already fading away? So soon! Only a few times have we consumed the wonderful pretzels of the lobby, for a fleeting moment been to the panel rooms, and only briefly tasted the freedom […]

SD07: Video Blog #4 – Scott Morse

Artist extraordinaire Scott Morse and The Beat chat about RATATTOUILLE and Morse’s new books. Click on vid or here for interview.

Pulp Secret videos

Our Pals at PulpSecret cover Iron Man’s unveiling and other things we were too busy to see ourselves.

Listen up if you can’t be there live

For those of you that aren’t in SD, DC Comics is giving you a way to feel like you were there. For at least the second year in a row, DC has podcasts available from some of the panels. There are shows from Thursday, Friday and Saturday offered. You can find them at DC’s webpage […]

SD07: Video Blog #3: What are the Turds?

Click on pic or here for sidesplitting video.

Comic-Con Costume contest

Vote on the best costumes! Thanks Beat Spy Jonathan.

Saturday news and notes

Neil talks about the Eisner Kiss and other things CBR on Guice’s Marvel Exclusive CBR on the WB DVD panel more soon. Posted Mark Coale

SD07: The Long March to Saturday

Only a few mintues before we have to get to our panel. Everyone assumes this is the busy day, but we think every day bas been busy. We left the Eisners halfway through to go to the Oni party and try to go to the MySpace party (fire marshal problems) and then went back to […]

2007 Eisner Award Winners

Best Short Story “A Frog’s Eye View,” by Bill Willingham and James Jean, in Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (Vertigo/DC) Best Single Issue (or One-Shot) Batman/The Spirit #1: “Crime Convention,” by Jeph Loeb and Darwyn Cooke (DC) Best Continuing Series All Star Superman, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (DC) Best Limited Series Batman: Year […]

Eisner Awards Live Blogging

Hey there, we decided to love blog the Eisner Awards! Our spot by a power outlet doesn’t allow for very good pictures, but we’ll have all the banter and excitement. The evening begins with Jackie Estrada introducing MC Bill MOrrison, who recounts a wonderful deram of comics before admitting he’s having a nightmare of nervousness […]

Waid @ Boom

News spread rapidly over the floor that Mark Waid has been named Editor-in-Chief of Boom! Studios. No other details available. UPDATE: PR In a surprise announcement that rocked the comic-book world, BOOM! Studios revealed that fan-favorite scribe Mark Waid will become BOOM!’s Editor-in-Chief effective August 1st, 2007. Waid will fill a key position in the […]

Live from Hall H

Posting live from the promised land of Hall H. The loud speaker reminds the people who have been camped out here all day that there is food available, but they need to remove their garbage to keep it clean. There are seats here, but getting in is still a hassle. Not only was Kate Beckinsale […]

Who is the Joke on at SDCC?

What’s up with the viral game tied into the Batman movie going on at the Con this afternoon? It apparently started this morning with the Why So Serious website giving out coordinates this morning to a location right outside the convention center. As of this writing (3:30 ET), the website says “Checkpoint 1″ and a […]

Some day 0 photos

A few photos from the panoply of Day 0. Above, Andrew Pepoy, a gentleman whose name we did not write down, The Beat, Lee Nordling (The Pack) and Disney Legend Floyd Norman.

Sunday is the New Saturday: Sunday sold out, too!

STAY AWAY! No one goes there; it’s too crowded! Another sell-out at Comic-Con: Comic-Con, the nation¹s largest comic book and pop culture event announced that Sunday admissions have sold out. “I guess this was bound to happen, but it¹s still surprising,” said David Glanzer, spokesperson for the non profit event, “for the first time in […]

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