Img 1554
SUNDAY! And we’re outta here… Above, some times the wrong side of photos are the best.

Img 1535
Jen Gruenwald at the ultra-rare Marvel booth.

Img 1536
Giant BOOM! Banner loomed. can you say RAMPING UP?

Img 1541
Legendary Steve Purcell, who works at Pixar and is currently working on a movie with Brenda Cook.

Img 1543
Hype alert: Buy all these books.

Img 1544
Meanwhile, giant Alex Ross superheroes ascended to the heavens.

Img 1546
I made it all the way to the far wall and took a picture with Eddy Choi to prove it!

Img 1548
Ghost Rider Cycle so 2006.

Img 1550
Lionsgate was showing off the Spirit movie poster.

Img 1552
“The Black Pearl means freedom…”

Img 1556
Tokyopop holds all its panels at its booth. This one seemed to be well attended.

Img 1557
Even the Lost Ark of the Covenant was found for the show! It was THAT BIG!

Img 1558
Modest indie anthology TRAILER PARK OF TERROR has a movie in the works and a fine display of special effects. See? Even a modest indie anthology can get in on the Hollywood game.

Img 1563
Charles Brownstein, The Beat and Larry Marder briefly reunite.

Img 1567
After going to the Crab Shack, my exhibitor badge allowed me to see all the cool behind-the-scenes of how the con breaks down.

Img 1573
Bob Burden actually was surrounded my more parts of the Girl with the Bumpy Crotch, but the Sideshow people didn’t want me to take a picture and I will abide by their wishes.

Img 1575
The show was over, but a few Space Troopers now faced the biggest adventure of all: Getting home!

Img 1581
Dinner impressions. And then we woke up.


  1. But did you make it all the way to the begining, Aisle 100?

    (I try to make the entire length at least once each convention, just to say I did. But even on the other days, I end up doing 6-10 miles…)