Only a few mintues before we have to get to our panel. Everyone assumes this is the busy day, but we think every day bas been busy.

We left the Eisners halfway through to go to the Oni party and try to go to the MySpace party (fire marshal problems) and then went back to the Eisners — doding people getting out of the PetCo Park screening of 300 while clutching their Spartan shields — just in time to hear how great it was and how we missed the greatest moments in Eisner history when Jonathan Ross and Neil Gaiman kissed up on stage. Ross is a Brit television presenter and his superior wits and firepower apparently brought the house down with a long discussion of masturbation and so on. Worthy folk like Paul Pope, Gene Yang, Jill Thompson and Ed Brubaker were wandering around with Eisners, so it seems all went well.

Many conversations about how long and grueling the show has become. With all the sell-outs, the population of a good sized city is wandering the hall each day, prowling for goodies. The city needs food, water, rest. Resources are not always available.

More in a bit including our CLIVE OWEN sightings!


  1. So it’s turning into Woodstock? Or maybe the Superdome?
    not to be evil, but I wonder what it would take to start a riot…
    SDCCI, having reached capacity, needs to raise prices, limit the single day tickets to same day and day before registration (to better handle overcrowding), and offer free events offsite for the general local curious public. (family events, such as art worshops for younger children, character appearances, bookstore and library signings, gallery exhibits…)
    capacity should be around 75,000, not counting professionals, retailers, industry, librarians, etc. And since this is a nonprofit organization, they can use the extra revenues for outreach and scholarships.

  2. The “Writing About Comics” panel was great, Heidi, and thanks so much for the shout-out. I regret I didn’t get a chance to meet you in person; I had to rush back to man (well, bull) our booth.

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