Day five already…the day of farewells, the day of the setting sun. Can it be that this wonderful fairyland of opportunity is already fading away? So soon! Only a few times have we consumed the wonderful pretzels of the lobby, for a fleeting moment been to the panel rooms, and only briefly tasted the freedom of the terrace lounge.

Now that our calluses have toughened into battle scars, we’re ready to run the race all over again. So many hellos left unsaid.


As day 5 dawns we enter uncharted waters — traditional Sunday is a quiet day filled with empty halls, but the announcement of a sell-out has everyone whivering in fear.

Much talk of traffic patterns and new ways of doing things among exhibitors and attendees. Sales Preview night and Thursday were great, but everyone says they were disappointing for Friday and Saturday, as thousands of people stood in line to get into Hall H or get bags or just gawk at girls in skimpy costumes.

One idea being floated is breaking up the “Studio City” in the middle of the hall. Indeed, the gauntlet of Star Wars, Disney and the Paramount-Fox Atomic- Warner Bros Bermuda triangle has led to people almost getting trampled, and endless jostlings without remorse or pity.


  1. I am so, so, so sad that it’s already over. I only got two days and it seemed like the shortest comic con I’ve ever done. Circumstances dictated that I couldn’t see some friends for more then a few minutes and then it’s “until next year.” The size of the thing didn’t help ether. We went form one end of the con to another trying to see things and get things done. After a bit we had to give up on some things (finding people, seeing panels, even checking out opportunities) out of shier exhaustion. It didn’t help that everyone one else seemed so overwhelmed , that I felt bad going up to them, myself. Heidi, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping me from leaving your panel (as youappeared to be one of those people) before we could say hi to each other. It was really great talking to you.

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