In a Packed San Diego, Entertainment Worlds Collide:

Much like the Cannes Film Festival — but with more at stake — Comic-Con has also begun to draw entertainment dealmakers, who have been trolling for meetings with comic artists and writers. Hollywood’s Endeavor talent agency, for instance, has at least eight agents attending, along with a large contingent of clients.

More than a few veterans of the event are bemused by its evolution.

“This will be my 14th year,” said James Thompson, who teaches a course in genre film, television and comics for Duke University’s visiting program at the University of Southern California. “My first year, it was in danger of hitting 30,000 people, and everybody said it was really getting too big.”

Mr. Thompson said that the biggest changes he had seen at the convention included an expanding international presence, a growing tendency of movie news to drown out that of the comics industry and an increasing social frenzy. “Now it’s all about the parties, just like we were going to the Oscars,” he said.


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