Via Colleen Coover the “Comics are not literature” panel from San Diego that was practically the only provocative one, as far as we can tell, is up. We haven’t listened yet, but it’s very high on our catch up list.

Image of Douglas Wolk, Dan Nadel, and Sara Ryan stolen from Coover. Who just got married this weekend to panelist on the above Paul Tobin so big congrats to the happy couple, and here’s a picture of that, taken by Paul Guinan.



  1. Colleen and Paul, I don’t know you, but I’m very happy for you.

    As for the panel, what bothered me most about it (not that I didn’t enjoy it. I did very much so) is that none of the writers seemed able to nail down what literature is. The teachings that I’ve received on that matter say that literature must work as a story on multiple levels. I must also work within themes that are timeless. Stephen King’s reference to an Orange Crush thermometer will mean nothing to a 15 year old reader of today, but when he is 40, he’ll be able to understand the tragedy of Dr. Manhattan leaving his wife for a younger Silk Specter. Of course, literature also demands that the text be well written, but over all it’s not some illusive archaic secret. I’m mean, that sounds right to me, anyway.

    One shocker for me was Cecil Castellucci’s mention of a teacher who talked to her at the DC booth, about giving the Plain Janes to his students to read. That was me, so I felt a little flattered by that. I don’t “teach” with it, but I do use it to inspire.

  2. Very nice people! I used to see both regularly when they worked at Daydreams Comics in Iowa City (the old location). I wish them all the best, both professionally and personally!

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