While we were out of town, the McCloud clan returned from a year-long tour that saw them traveling this great nation of ours and visiting all 50 states:

Yes, we actually did it! Even though we still have one more event — the wrap party at Golden Apple in LA listed below — we’ve now successfully fullfilled the mission we set out to accomplish: Staging at least one public event in every state in America in a single year. We could get hit by a meteor tomorrow and it wouldn’t change a thing since California has already seen a full 11 events even before the wrap party.

Congrats to Scott, Ivy, Sky and Winter. We’ll miss following their travels via the McCloud Tour LJ, even as we’re secretly smiling over the fact that, just like Dorothy, they have returned to the very place they left from, and will be staying in Southern California. There is one last event — a wrap party at the Golden Apple this Saturday:

So, in conclusion, if you are anywhere even remotely close to Los Angeles we hope you’ll join us for our final, final, final event:

Saturday, September 1
Los Angeles, CA
Golden Apple
Tour Wrap Party!
4-7 pm

See you there!