31 Days of Halloween: Steve Niles’ Arcane Images tumblr


It’s Halloween every day of the year at writer Steve Niles’ very very busy Tumblr blog, Arcane Images; it’s a continuous flow of images scary, terrifying, beautiful, and strange. Exemplifying the above is this still from 1976’s FOOD OF THE GODS, one of the more flamboyant moments of beloved schlockmeister Bert I Gordon. Sort of […]

George A. Romero’s ‘Empire of the Dead’, with Alex Maleev, Announced by Marvel


Empire of the Dead, George A. Romero’s next zombie story, will be published as a comic by Marvel. A fifteen-issue maxiseries, the comic will be drawn by Alex Maleev, with Arthur Suydam (no stranger to zombies himself) providing covers for the series. You can find the full announcement over on USA Today, written up by Brian Truitt.

Facebook Demographics: How many women read graphic novels?


And speaking of reaching new audiences, Brett Schenker has been continuing his studies into Facebook’s comics demographics, and has some very interesting info. He’s just released his general demographic study for October and the results are a surprise: since last month 800,000 more people have expressed interest in one of the comics search terms he […]

My Little Pony leads to their big sales for IDW: 1 million copies


There can’t be that many bronies, can there? IDW has announced that they have sold 1 million copies of their My Little Pony comics, launched late last year. An interview with IDW’s Ted Adams at ICv2 reveals the secret weapon: outside comics shop distribution including Hot Topics and the holy grail of all comics sales: […]

Lost Neil Gaiman strips offered via Knockabout and Sequential


Okay this is a win win for everyone. Knockabout Comics and the digital graphic novel app Sequential are offering a FREE digital download of a bunch of “lost” Neil Gaiman comics, including collaborations with Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean, and others. For every download, a donation of $0.50 will be made to the charity Malaria No More, with a […]

More legal woes at Archie as employees file lawsuit against co-owner Nancy Silberkleit


I’ve lost count on who is suing who in the brutal ground war between Archie Comics, and their controversial co-owner Nancy Silberkleit, but it seems a new lawsuit has been launched, with the employees of Archie suing Silberkleit: The employees, including longtime editor Victor Gorelick, say the suit is a “last ditch effort” to eject […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/3/13: we don’t got no stinking badges


This New York Comic-Con badge thing is wild this year. They are much harder to get this year than before, and it seems a ton of people just don’t have one. But want them. You can buy them on StubHub ($130 for Saturday, $159 for a four day pass), or Craigs List or Ebay, although I’m told this practice is NOT condoned and next year procedures will prohibit badge resale. I posted yesterday that I have one badge for a writer to help cover the show (alas, Henry Barajas won’t be coming as planned) and the response was kind of overwhelming.

Man of the Day, Ed Piskor


Ed Piskor’s HIP HOP FAMILY TREE is one of the cooler comics of the season—a detailed history of the music and the people who made it drawn in an obsessively retro style—and he’s getting a bunch of deserved press, including the above video from Time Magazine. He also sat down for an interview with Tom […]

Boom! Studios gets ‘innovative’ first look deal with Fox


Somewhere in the Long Slog Of 2013’s Comic Book Movie summer, I probably suggested that 2 Guns might end up being the most important film in terms of how Hollywood deals with comics properties (relatively low budget non superhero fare); how true that will be remains to be seen but it DEFINITELY was the most important film for Boom! Studios. They’ve just signed a first look deal with 20th Century Fox, that, at least in the hype rollout, sounds promising in terms of how it involves comics creators: