Okay this is a win win for everyone. Knockabout Comics and the digital graphic novel app Sequential are offering a FREE digital download of a bunch of “lost” Neil Gaiman comics, including collaborations with Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean, and others. For every download, a donation of $0.50 will be made to the charity Malaria No More, with a target of raising $15,000 to fight malaria. Cure disease by reading cool old comics–why didn’t more people think of this?

The book, called Neil Gaiman’s Lost Tales, will also include a very rare ’80s interview, Gaiman’s original typed notes for SANDMAN, sample scripts, project proposals, and more, including an original cover by Hunt Emerson.

More information is available in the latest issue of INFINITY, a digital magazine about digital comics which is also offered via Sequential.

Don’t have an iPad? Here’s the Issu version.


  1. I’n glad to see a digital publication of some of those short stories. At one point, I started investigating the idea of doing a print collection of Neil’s short, uncollected comics work, and before even wrestling with the question of who held the rights to various items, I saw a big format problem. The material out there ranged from work for 2000A.D., where the pages are much wider than what we Americans consider the standard comics ratio, to the Knockabout Tales Of The Old Testament work, which is taller. To put these all into one book with consistent page size would mean that much of the work would have to be presented with margins that were not ideal for presenting the material. While I’m not 100% a fan of digital presentation of comics that were intended for print, a digital version of this should at least somewhat address that dilemma.

  2. Gaiman’s 2000AD “Future Shock” stories have been collected. Not as a stand-alone volume, but as part of an “All-Star” anthology. He only wrote about five stories.

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