I’ve lost count on who is suing who in the brutal ground war between Archie Comics, and their controversial co-owner Nancy Silberkleit, but it seems a new lawsuit has been launched, with the employees of Archie suing Silberkleit:

The employees, including longtime editor Victor Gorelick, say the suit is a “last ditch effort” to eject co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit from the Mamaroneck-based firm.

“While World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not stop the publication of Archie Comics, the war-like attitude and approach of [Silberkleit] may destroy Archie Comics unless the court intervenes,” says the $32.5 million suit filed this week in Westchester Supreme Court.

“In a destructive, deceitful and deliberate manner, [Silberkleit] seeks … her self-promotion as the effective ‘Dictator’ over Archie Comics or in default of that, the demise of this iconic publication in American culture,” the suit alleges.

Among the misdeeds Silberkleit is accused of: accusing a child visiting the office of stealing a Betty wig; the child was a cancer victim with the Ronald McDonald Foundation and the staff had given the child the wig.

Being accused of being mean to children with cancer is about as low as you can get.

Silberkleit and the other co-owner, Jon Goldwater, have been engaged in a battle for Archie Comics since the passing of their, respectively, spouse and father left them in charge. After the first of the numerous lawsuits between the two factions—in which Silberkleit was accused of sexual harassment—an office mediator was appointed. Didn’t do much good.

In a strange lagniappe to this endlessly bizarre story, Silberkleit is also running for mayor of nearby Rye, NY.

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