Empire of the Dead, George A. Romero’s next zombie story, will be published as a comic by Marvel.

A fifteen-issue maxiseries, the comic will be drawn by Alex Maleev, with Arthur Suydam (no stranger to zombies himself) providing covers for the series. You can find the full announcement over on USA Today, written up by Brian Truitt.


Appearing to be the next part of his long-form series of zombie stories which started with Night of the Living Dead and has spanned decades and decades, Empire of the Dead is set after the original plague has been unleashed, in a New York under quarantine. A group of survivors within the city believe that they are safe from the zombies who’ve spent the last few years trying to get them – but no, you’re never safe, not in a zombie story, you DAMNED FOOLS!

The zombies have slowly been getting smarter in Romero’s works, and that is also going to continue in this book. Starting in January, Empire of the Dead will run for fifteen issues.


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