Double Ships and The End of Amazing Spider-Man – Marvel's December Solicitations

By Todd Allen The December solicitations for Marvel are out, and while you’ve read a lot of the Marvel Now announcements, there’s still a few things you might now know about.  Cancellations (pending relaunches), a new series of Point One issues and let us not forget a whole bunch of double-shipping titles…

Future Comics: xkcd's Click and Drag

A very special comics “experience” — the new xkcd: Click and Drag is an actually a vast, draggable world of in-jokes and wonder. There’s even a guide to the comic strip. It’s immersive and amazing.

Adam Kubert: The Kubert School is still going strong

A nice interview today with Adam Kubert on the subject of the future of the Kubert School, following the death of founder Joe Kubert on August 12.

Comic-Con 2013 registration for Professional Registration is OPEN

The second mad scramble of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con has begun, as registration for professional status has opened. (Pre-reg registration for returning attendees already took place.) Registration is open until December 10th.

Marvel Signs a Digital Exclusive With iVerse — For Non-English Editions

By Todd Allen There’s a new wrinkle is the burgeoning battle of digital exclusives.  Marvel has signed a digital exclusive with iVerse.  I know, you’re thinking “Marvel has all their new comics with Comixology.”  Yes… but that’s in English.  Marvel just signed with iVerse for every other language.  And that Marvel just handed a multi-year […]

Preview: Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #3

    Monkeybrain Comics continues its spot on releases with the upcoming AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD #3. As one of the launch titles for Monkeybrain, Amelia Cole is a young female magician, living between two worlds whilst being trapped in a third world. Written by Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride with art […]

Moyoco Anno to attend NYCC

Holy crap! One of the greatest living manga-ka is coming to NYCC, Moyoco Anno, whose explorations of gender and romance have scandalized her native Japan. Color us excited! Getting out all our HAPPY MANIAs and SUGAR SUGAR RUNEs for autographs!

A New Hobbit Movie Trailer Has Arrived

By Todd Allen You might have heard there was a Hobbit movie coming out in December?  Peter Jackson returning his director’s gaze to Middle-Earth?  It seems we have a new trailer.  The first part of the Hobbit film trilogy with be called “An Unexpected Journey” and here it is:

Brooklyn Book Festival offers great comics programming

New Yorkers who are are still in withdrawal from the amazing SPX just concluded, rejoice—this weekend’s Brooklyn Book Festival features a full line-up of comics programming, and some comics-focused programs during the week that will keep you in comics nirvana. The festival takes place all day Sunday, September 23rd, but there are satellite events listed below.

Dean Haspiel and Warren Bernard Introduce the Library of Congress to Indie Comics

On the 14th of September, in a satellite event leading up to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, comics creator Dean Haspiel took the podium in the James Madison building of the Library of Congress to make a little history on the basis of a subject small in size but impressive in cultural impact: mini comics. Haspiel had previously announced his personal 600 item donation of the comics, self-published and often diminutive in size, to the LoC via Warren Bernard, Executive Director of the Small Press Expo, who helped to arrange and conduct the donation. Haspiel’s donation will be part of a sub-grouping within the newly established Small Press Expo collection at the LoC. The collection will contain, among other worthy selections, past and future Ignatz Award nominated works. Haspiel was particularly appropriate to take the stage and explain the role of indie comics to his audience because his work has appeared in both mainstream comics like Marvel and DC as well as creator-owned and small press publications. As such, his works are actually filed under more than one category at the LoC: mainstream comics and mini comics.

EXCLUSIVE: New York Comic Con programming schedule for all four days

The programming schedule for this year’s New York Comic Con has just been released…but in a hard to read format. As we have in past years, organizers have supplied a complete text document of all the programming. You’ll note that there is a ton of great programming, but some of it is late at night — 9 pm Friday for “The Truth about the Hobbit”? Some of us like our nerd stuff AND have a social life!