A nice interview today with Adam Kubert on the subject of the future of the Kubert School, following the death of founder Joe Kubert on August 12.

Andy and I are currently in charge. And we’re moving ahead as we always have. Andy and I were right under my dad in the organizational structure to begin with. So there’s really no change insofar as the school’s operations will progress as they always have.

According to Adam, he’s now running the third-year Narrative Art class formerly taught by his father, while Andy continues with the second-year class. In addition, Fernando Ruiz is now teaching more classes. Kubert notes that “we’ve had at least a 35% increase in first-year enrollment over last year,” and the school size is now 85 – 90 students.

The Kubert School is the longest running standalone school devoted to cartooning, and it’s good to know that it will continue on.


  1. Sad of course about Joe, but this is good to hear. In my younger years, I would have liked to go, but it didn’t happen. I’m happy the Kuberts are keepin’ the dream alive for others.

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