A very special comics “experience” — the new xkcd: Click and Drag is an actually a vast, draggable world of in-jokes and wonder. There’s even a guide to the comic strip. It’s immersive and amazing.


  1. When I first started with this particular strip, my thought was, “Munroe’s just won at webcomics.” A full day of reading it later, and it’s obvious this guy is just killing it right now. No other artist on the planet is at his level.

  2. [SPOILER?]

    Wow… No Hobbits yet, but I just discovered Star Wars…

    Are those trees hand rendered? The silhouette is amazing!

    YAY! I reached the left end! And the right end… geez… I wonder if there are any easter eggs up above or buried deep below.

    No reverse silhouettes in the ground… But just enough little tidbits to keep you scrolling!

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