The second mad scramble of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con has begun, as registration for professional status has opened. (Pre-reg registration for returning attendees already took place.) Registration is open until December 10th.

Just to clarify what I wrote earlier, you cannot actually register for a badge. You can only register as a pro. And before you do that you must get a Member ID.

Returning pros have either been given “Due” or “Not Due” on their forms, meaning either you have to go through it all over again or you are GOLDEN. For being a PRO. You STILL need to register for a pro badge in the future.

Okay, got it? Next year’s con dates are July 18-21, with preview night on July 17th. Never too early to start planning!


  1. This is actually somewhat misleading. BADGE registration HAS NOT OPENED. What HAS is the ability to register your PRO STATUS.

    If you’re already a proven pro and have received a “verification NOT DUE” e-mail, then you don’t need to do anything until early 2013–which is when ACTUAL pro badge registration opens.

    If you have a “verification due” e-mail then you need to re-prove your pro status.

    Also, if you have lost your MEMBER ID, you need to reset it or get a new one as without one you will not be able to get your pro badge in 2013, no matter if you didn’t need to re-verify your pro status.

    To sum up: professional BADGE registration has NOT opened.

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