UPDATE: ReedPop’s Marykate Nagurney has supplied us with a text file of all the panels WITH the speakers! Many thanks for this—print out and save!

The programming schedule for this year’s New York Comic Con has just been released…but in a hard to read format. As we have in past years, organizers have supplied a complete text document of all the programming. You’ll note that there is a ton of great programming, but some of it is late at night — 9 pm Friday for “The Truth about the Hobbit”? Some of us like our nerd stuff AND have a social life!


NYCC Panels and Screenings October 11-14, 2012

Thursday, October 11


Creativity is the Ultimate Super Power: Using Comics in Communities & Classrooms for Diversity, Inclusion and Non-Violence Education

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A04

Forget fiction and fantasy – a new breed of true heroes uses creativity as an alternative to the fight or flight powers depicted on the pulp pages. The very real Art Force Five have presented more than one-hundred workshops for schools and community centers – most importantly they give attendees the skills to implement change within their own communities and classrooms. With a special focus on diversity, bullying and non-violent conflict resolution, this panel is a must for educators and social justice advocates. Sponsored by Alfred University.

Speakers: Andrea Castro  Maimoona Rahim  Owens Sheppard  Rachel Oh  Victor Osorio


Library as Mythic Oracle

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A06

Speculative fiction, which includes comic-book literature, as well as science fiction and fantasy, had always been an overlooked genre. It was condemned to the very fringes of “serious” literary research, and considered to be the province of geeks, nerds, and social outcasts. In recent years however, that has all changed. Geek culture has assumed its place among scholarly pursuits in many colleges and universities. Films based upon comic book characters are made into sweeping motion picture epics with genuine cinematic and literary merit. The heroes, villains, and settings of these stories have woven themselves into a kind of “modern mythology” for the information age. But how are our contemporary heroes different from the legends of old? In the ancient world, the strong and valiant hero was assisted by a sage, or mentor. In our modern mythologies, the hero often fulfills both roles. The intellectual hero is at least as capable, if not more so, than the brawny warrior. This panel will the many different ways that our 21st-century, Information-savvy culture has influenced the re-telling of the hero’s journey, and created a new mythology for a geek-centered culture.

Speakers: Craig Anderson  Megan Kociolek  Michael Maziekien  Tyler Rousseau


Surviving the Public (Unshelved)

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A08

Tough customers got you down? Let us teach you how to stop worrying and learn to enjoy difficult people! In this 50 minute keynote we focus on the Unshelved approach to customer service: the customer is seldom right. Most customer service interactions can be enjoyable if you have the right frame of mind. Or, failing that, at least you can have the last laugh. While this keynote focuses on customer service in libraries, anyone who deals with the public will enjoy it.

Speakers: Bill Barnes  Gene Ambaum


Games and Learning

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A07

Meet with top educators who are using video games to help children learn. The panel will host Game Designers, Educational Leaders and Teachers to discuss the merits of games and education. It will also show practical uses for how games can be used in the classroom to stimulate learning and ideas among all ages of children.

Speakers: Claudio Midolo  Justin DeVoe  Susan Parlor


Cultivating the Creative Energies of Your Students with Comic Books, Puppetry and the Arts

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A04

Learn how you can bring comic books, art and puppetry into your classroom, library, or after school program and add a unique way of teaching lessons and cultivating the creative energy of your students. Join writer Alex Simmons (Archie/Blackjack), Sesame Street’s Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Abby Cadabby), Executive Director of Bronx Heroes Comic Con Ray Felix and Executive Director of the Jim Henson Legacy Bonnie Erickson, as they share their experiences and the opportunities that you can bring your students.

Speakers: Alex Simmons  Bonnie Erickson  Leslie Carrara – Rudolph  Mike Lopez  Ray Felix


The Possibilities of a Cape and Mask – How to Incorporate Superheroes into Public Library Programming

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A06

Superheroes in libraries can go well beyond the graphic novel collections and the occasional superhero storytime. Right now, superheroes are more popular than ever and enjoy almost universal appeal regardless of age or gender. The prevailing themes surrounding superheroes (costumes, capes, secret identities, arch villains, etc) make them an instantly recognized thing. This program will talk about how public libraries can use the concept of the superhero as a universal icon to create fun and cost effective library programs.

Speakers: Emily Weisenstein  Joe Gasparro


ComicsPRO Retailer Programming: Free Comic Book Day

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A08

Free Comic Book Day is the biggest international comics event of the year – does your store make the best use of this promotion? Discover more ways to make FCBD work for you while keeping an eye on your budget. Join Chris Brady of 4 Color Fantasties (Rancho Cucomunga, CA), and Stephen Mayer of Acme Comics (Greensboro, NC) for detailed information on how to make your Free Comic Book Day event even more successful.

Speakers: Chris Brady  Stephen Mayer


Changing the Game with The Graphic Textbook

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A01

The Graphic Textbook from Reading With Pictures raised $77k on Kickstarter and was featured on NPR, Wired.com and the Chicago Tribune. And that was just the beginning! Meet the creators and educators behind this groundbreaking book that promises to revolutionize the role of comics in the classroom and find out how you can get involved!

Speakers: David Rapp  Janet Lee  Josh Elder


Brand Licensing and Product Management

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A07

This panel is all about getting your brands out there across multiple media outlets: Games, Comics, Apps, etc. It will host some of the top people in Brand Management and help professionals learn how to get their brands. Representatives will be on hand to talk about taking a brand digital, into the toy market and tell stories on how companies launched successful brands across multiple platforms.

Speakers: Jason Tharp  Mark Blecher  Rich Maryyanek  Robert Ferrari


Pitching for Professionals

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A04

When you finally have an editor willing to hear your ideas, will you be ready? From tips on how to succeed in a “bake-off” competition to how to present ideas cold, this panel will help you and your project get the green light it deserves! Listen in as former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt, IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and Marvel Editor Nick Lowe discuss the ins-and-outs of pitching!

Speakers: Andy Schmidt  Chris Ryall  Nick Lowe


Foolproof Graphic Novel Collection Development

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A06

Building and maintaining a graphic novel collection in a library can be difficult for some librarians. But it doesn’t have to be. Two New Jersey librarians will show you how to get the releases that your customers want and insure that you continue to get their favorites. They will also impart tips on getting essential selections for all age groups, networking with your local comics retailers to help the CE process, creating excitement about your library’s graphic novel collections, and convincing administrators that comics are popular with all types of library users.

Speakers: David Lisa  Laverne Mann  Stephen Hrubes


ComicsPRO Retailer Programming: Comics and Your Community

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A08

Join Thomas Gaul, of Corner Store Comics and Beach Ball Comics (Anaheim, CA) to learn how building a stronger community, both locally and online, can strengthen your business foundation and boost your bottom line. From charitable events and successful parties to social media campaigns and more, this is all about having fun while building brand recognition and loyalty.

Speakers: Thomas Gaul


Creating Comics The ComiXology Way

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A01

ComiXology has transformed the industry in making comics available everywhere and has also created the foundation for new ways of digital comic storytelling. Originally created to create the feel of reading a full page comic on small screens, comiXology’s revolutionary Guided View technology has evolved to dramatically change how comic stories are being told. From early experiments like Box 13 and Valentine to more recent efforts like Power Play and Marvel’s Infinite Comics, comiXology’s Guided View has ushered in a new era in comic book creation. Join comiXology co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts as they discuss the ins and outs of creating comics using the Guided View tools and reveal comiXology’s plans for these tools and options for creators to work with comiXology!

Speakers: David Steinberger  John D. Roberts


Bring Your Idea into the Game

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A07

Helping professionals get the tools in hand to bring their game design ideas into a reality. Representatives from various software and hardware companies will be on hand to discuss how to develop your games. The panel will have a huge focus on independent game design and launching a finished game.



Hasbro: Transformers

3:45PM – 4:45PM         1A06

Transformers Brand & Design team members and Hasbro Studios will present big news for what’s new and next with the “Robots in Disguise!” Fans won’t want to miss this panel featuring exciting, never before seen “More Than Meets The Eye” reveals of what’s to come in animation, action figures and more!



The Power of Community

3:45PM – 4:45PM         1A08

As social media grows and followers become more important than customers, we will take a look at using Social Media tools and platforms to promote your products and work with the community of fans that exist for different genres like: Comics, Games, TV. Community Managers from video games and social media will be on hand to talk about growing a strong fanbase around different products.

Speakers: Elizabeth Tobey  Mike Bitton  Stephen Reid


Neal Adams Spotlight

3:45PM – 4:45PM         1A14

Join legendary artist/writer/creator Neal Adams (nealadams.com) and new springboard artist, Josh Adams (whatwouldjoshdo.com), for a rowdy storytelling Q&A session covering Neal’s successes (and failures), and the incredible personalities and creatives that Neal has been lucky enough to work with in the industry, and Josh’s initiation at the deep end of this crazy creative pool. Time spent creating and presenting some of the most iconic images of your favorite Marvel and DC characters. Sometimes rowdy and rambunctious, sometimes just plain funny, yesterday and today.

Speakers: Josh Adams  Neal Adams


Protecting And Selling Your Comic Book Or Graphic Novel –The Building Blocks

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A01

Creating a comic is a labor of love, but make the wrong move and it can become a legal nightmare. Can you protect your comic book ideas? How do you register a copyright? What is “work for hire” and how can it hurt or help you? What should you watch out for in a publishing agreement? We’ll help you identify the legal traps waiting for an unwary author (infringement, joint authorship, defamation, rights of publicity), with the help of “Maggot Man” the world’s most legally-problematic superhero!

Speakers: Alan Robert  Sheafe Walker, Esq.  Thomas Crowell, Esq.


Publishers Weekly Presents: How to Edit a Graphic Novel

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A04

What does it take to edit Graphic Novels? As this category grows, new strategies and new creators have emerged. Publishers Weekly’s Heidi MacDonald talks to the editors who are standing behind some of the most notable and beloved books of the graphic novel revolution to find out what it takes and what’s next. With Karen Berger, Senior VP-Executive Editor Vertigo Comics; Carol Burrell, Editorial Director, Lerner Graphic Universe; Callista Brill, editor, First Second; JuYoun Lee, Senior Editor, Yen Press; and James Lucas Jones, editor-in-chief, Oni Press.

Speakers: Callista Brill  Carol Burrell  Heidi MacDonald  James Lucas Jones  Ju Youn Lee  Karen Berger


Comics Studies Conference: The Origins of Leaping Tall Buildings: Finding New Ways to Document the Creators Behind the Comics

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A07

Hannah Means-Shannon (Georgian Court University) leads a discussion with the creators of Leaping Tall Buildings: the Origins of American Comics artist Christopher Irving, photographer Seth Kushner and designer Eric Skillman on the strategies they developed to create this unique and significant book on American comics for scholars and fans.

Speakers: Christopher Irving  Eric Skillman  Hannah Means-Shannon  Seth Kushner  Stanford Carpenter


DC Collectibles

5:00PM – 6:00PM         1A06

Action figures, statues, busts, PVC figures…DC Collectibles has them all – and more! Join the DC Collectibles crew Executive Director – Creative Services Kevin Kiniry, Director – Creative Services Jim Fletcher, Director – Product Management Ryan Mansour and others to hear how they come up with so many great products, and what’s coming up from comics’ top makers of awesome collectibles!

Speakers: Jim Fletcher  John Cunningham  Kevin Kiniry  Ryan Mansour


Spotlight on Irwin Hasen

5:00PM – 6:00PM         1A08

From Golden Age stories of Wonder Woman and Wildcat, to his long run on Dondi, to his graphic-memoir LoverBoy, Irwin Hasen has been thrilling readers for 75 years. Joining him is Al Jaffee (Mad), Arnold Roth (National Lampoon), Paul Levitz (former President and Publisher of DC Comics), J. David Spurlock (publisher of Irwin’s graphic memoir LoverBoy) and many other famous friends of Irwin who will pay tribute to this amazing man. Danny Fingeroth (The Stan Lee Universe) moderates.

Speakers: Al Jaffee  Arnold Roth  Danny Fingeroth  Irwin Hasen  J. David Spurlock  Paul Levitz


Justice Is Served

5:00PM – 6:00PM         1A14

Cops, P.I.’s, government agents and regular Joe’s fight for all that is good and just in these Science-Fiction and Fantasy tales, even if the villains are vampires, telepaths and the magically gifted. These protagonists solve crimes, kick-ass and don’t let anyone–supernatural or otherwise–stand in the way of justice. Featuring Myke Cole (CONTROL POINT), Thomas E. Sniegoski (Remy Chandler Novels), Jacqueline Carey (Dark Currents), Christopher Bennet (Only Superhuman), G.T. Almasi (Blades of Winter), Amber Benson (Calliope-Reaper Jones Novels) and Kim Harrison (Into the Woods). Moderated by Michael P. Spradlin (Blood Riders).

Speakers: Amber Benson  Christopher Bennet  G.T. Almasi  Jacqueline Carey  Kim Harrison  Michael P. Spradlin  Myke Cole  Thomas E. Sniegoski


Protecting And Selling Your Comic Book Or Graphic Novel – From the Panel to Page to the Big Screen

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A01

Comic books are the new screenplays. Are you ready to deal with Hollywood? In this panel, we will focus on getting a production deal and licensing your work for film, TV and online content. Professional guests will share Hollywood deal-making war stories as we explore what to look out for when negotiating with “Tinseltown” and demystify publishing contracts, option agreements, webisode deals and the ever-elusive “Net Profit.”

Speakers: Alan Robert  Sheafe Walker, Esq.  Thomas Crowell, Esq.


Making the Case for Teaching with Graphic Novels

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A04

Comics and graphic novels are gaining a wider acceptance as both entertainment and literature, but there are still many who see them only as “dumbed down books.” Many teachers, however, understand comics to be a complex art form which engage the reader on several levels of comprehension and literacy. Diamond BookShelf editor Mark Banaszak and a panel of experts will offer advice and strategies for teachers who would like to incorporate comics into their lesson plans but find resistance with administration or parents.

Speakers: Mark Banaszak


Comics Studies Conference: Power and Sexuality in Comics

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A07

Cameron McKee (UC-Berkeley) argues that Tom of Finland’s subversion of heterosexual spaces in Kake constructs an iconic gay identity. Sam Cannon (UT-Austin) shows how the sequential artistry in Los Penitentes intersects with (homo)sexuality and political power. Evan Johnson (UT-Dallas) explores the sublimination of female power in the Marvel Universe.

Speakers: Beverly Taylor  Cameron McKee  Evan Johnson  Sam Cannon


Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Celebration

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A10

It’s hard to believe that the world’s greatest fighting game franchise is 25 years old! Find out about the worldwide Street Fighter 25th Anniversary plans which include the ultimate Street Fighter tournament series, the feature packed Collector’s Set, and more. Experience the exclusive features in the PS Vita and iOS versions of Street Fighter X Tekken and battle on the go! A few lucky fans will be selected to take part in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Trivia Contest hosted by Tomoaki Ayano(Street Fighter X Tekken Producer) and Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter Series Executive Producer) to win awesome prizes or face incredible shame before all of Street Fighter fandom! Plus, some serious surprises! Followed by a Q&A session.

Speakers: Tomoaki Ayano  Yoshinori Ono


My Little Pony

6:15PM – 7:15PM         1A06

Join special guests from Hasbro Studios and The HUB TV Network’s “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” as they share details of the making of the animated series and how the “friendship” and “magic” are brought to life. Fans won’t want to miss it! Also includes Q&A time.



Digital Comics: The Next Page – Hosted by iVerse Media

6:15PM – 7:15PM         1A08

iVerse and ComicsPlus host an entertaining and engaging dialogue on what’s next for digital comics, especially as it relates to creators, publishers, retailers, librarians and, not the least of all, readers. Mark Waid (Thrillbent, Daredevil) joins Michael Murphey (iVerse, ComicsPlus), Mike Pellerito (Archie Comics, Red Circle) and Josh Elder (Reading with Pictures) along with other industry thought leaders and professionals to discuss and debate what’s new and what’s just about to appear over the digital horizon…and the opportunities for everyone who has a stake in the industry. Moderated by iVerse Director of Business Development, Steve May.

Speakers: Josh Elder  Mark Waid  Michael Murphey  Mike Pellerito  Steve May


Comics Pros And Film Buffs: When Fanboys Collide

6:15PM – 7:15PM         1A14

Join TV Film Critics and Comic Book Pros as they Disscuss How Classic and Current Films and Comics influence each other. Critics Ben Mankewicz (TCM) and Matt Singer (INDIEWIRE.COM) join Comic Books Pros Gabriel Hardman Jeff Parker and Martin Pasko as they discuss how the two worlds have intersected since the silent film era to today’s hit films and comics. The panel will be moderated by John Siuntres, Host of the Word Balloon Podcast.

Speakers: Ben Mankewicz  Gabriel Hardman  Jeff Parker  John Siuntres  Martin Pasko  Matt Singer


The Legal Aspects of Becoming Famous: What You Need to Know to Make it Big

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A01

You have created your own comic book hero, with all the powers in the world, but beware the super villain, the cranky intellectual property attorney who believes your superhero is an unauthorized clone of his client’s. If you are an artist, author, software or mobile phone application creator, this panel will show you how to protect yourself and your creations. In this seminar, you’ll learn what you need to do to protect your intellectual property, how not to infringe upon other people’s work, and the legal nuances of landing a publishing deal or becoming famous. Topics will include: forming a corporation; website creation; work for hire agreements; an overview of copyrights, trademarks and Fair Use; what to do if someone is improperly using your creations; and how to avoid improperly using someone else’s works. Michael Lee, Esq. of the law firm Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP moderates this exciting and educational panel that is followed by a question and answer session.

Speakers: Michael Lee


The Image Revolution Documentary

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A04

Twenty years ago, the seven biggest superstars in comics created a company that changed the industry and started a creator rights revolution. From Spawn to The Walking Dead, discover the highs, lows, secrets and controversies of Image Comics in an exclusive sneak preview of The Image Revolution, a new documentary from the creators of Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. Speaking on the panel will be director Patrick Meaney, producer Jordan Rennert and Sequart’s Mike Phillips, along with moderator F.J. De Santo, and a special guest! At San Diego Comic Con, Marc Silvestri appeared on the panel, who will be on this one?

Speakers: F.J. De Santo  Jordan Rennert  Mike Phillips  Patrick Meaney


Comics Studies Conference: Constructing and Reconstructing the Superhero

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A07

Forrest Helvie (Norwalk CC) discusses how the conventional hero of Transcendentalists and Gothic writers contributed to superheroes like Batman. David Lewis (Boston University) explains why superheroes never really die and the “superhero afterlife subgenre.” Rachelanne Smith (CSU-Sacramento) discusses how South Park’s Coon character clarifies society’s need for the altruistic hero.

Speakers: A. David Lewis  Forrest C. Helvie  Rachelanne Smith  Travis Langley


DC COMICS – THE NEW 52: Superman

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A10

Since the launch of the New 52, Superman has been flying higher than ever! Join Group Editor Matt Idelson and SUPER talent Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl), Scott Lodbell (Superman), Rags Morales (Action Comics), Grant Morrison (Action Comics) to take fans new and old up, up and away with a sneak peek at what’s in store for Superman.

Speakers: Bob Wayne  Grant Morrison  Mahmud Asrar  Matt Idelson  Rags Morales  Scott Lobdell


Arcana Comics

7:30PM – 8:30PM         1A08

2012 is poised to be Arcana Comics’ biggest year yet. We’re launching our new SteamPunk Originals line, teaming up with Gene Simmons on his Simmons Comics Group featuring Zipper, Dominatrix, and Gene Simmon’s House of Horror, introducing a slew of new titles to our ArcanaBenderspink line, and working with the production company behind The Hangover, the Butterfly Effect, and others. On top of that our special guests on hand will be the creators of Head Smash, a new graphic novel and film in development with The Vladar Company. They’ll have a limited edition preview of Head Smash available, Head Smash Skull Masks, and other giveaways. Come get your hands dirty with Head Smash, Vladar and Arcana Comics!

Speakers: Ed Mejia  Sean Patrick O’Reilly  Vlad Yudin


Boys and their Toys – The Incredible Resurgence of the 1/6 Scale Action Figure

7:30PM – 8:30PM         1A14

From Barbie to GI Joe and back again – the 1/6 scale action figure has never been hotter with collectors, Fans and kids of all ages. Join an all-star panel for a look at what makes this enduring category even more popular with Jon Roman (Toys R Us) Steve Forde (Go Hero), Klim Kozinevech (Bigshot Toys) and Joe Ahearn (Captain Action). Moderated by Ed Catto (Captain Action).

Speakers: Ed Catto  Joe Ahearn  Jon Roman  Klim Kozinevech  Steve Forde


Surviving Collaboration

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A01

Comics are a collaborative medium. Do you know how to bring out the best from your collaborators? Join former Marvel and IDW editor/writer Andy Schmidt, pro penciler Robert Atkins, and pro colorist and former editor Chris Sotomayor as they discuss collaborative best practices, tips for writers and artists, and strategies for handling editor feedback. Become the kind of creator everyone wants to work with!

Speakers: Andy Schmidt  Chris Sotomayor  Robert Atkins


Roddenberry Entertainment Pizza Party Presents

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A04

Roddenberry Entertainment, helmed by the Son of Gene Roddenberry (The Creator of Star Trek), Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, C.O.O./Head of Development Trevor Roth and Roddenberry Entertainments Producer Tory Mell will be showing clips from their new film White Room: 02B3 and Trek Nation, previewing 2 new Graphic Novels, and throwing a pizza party at the panel!

Speakers: Rod Roddenberry  Tory Mell  Trevor Roth


NYCC Kick-Off Concert with Ben Folds Five, Brought to you by WD

8:00PM – 10:00PM         IGN Theater

Ben Folds Five start it off right with a concert on Thursday, October 11 at 8:00 PM in the IGN Theater. The concert is free to all VIP’s and 4-Day ticket holders BUT seating is first come, first served and will be extremely limited due to size of the auditorium and popularity of the event. Ultimate Access and Special Access VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed to get into the show first; then, 4-Day ticket holders will be let in until the auditorium is full. The concert is open to all 4-Day ticket holders on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee that all 4-Day ticket holders that want to attend the show will be able to get in.

Speakers: Ben Folds Five



Friday, October 12


DC Entertainment: Talent Search Orientation

10:15AM – 11:00AM         1A07

Join DCE’s Editorial Art Director, Mark Chiarello, for an informative orientation session that will explain how DCE’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine brands. If you want to learn what DCE looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, then this is the panel for you! In order to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory. (Please note: Not all attendees are guaranteed a one-on-one review.)

Speakers: Mark Chiarello


Characters: Hardcore vs. Badass

11:00AM – 11:45AM         Unbound Stage

What makes one character Hardcore and another Badass? Is there really a difference? Novelist Max Gladstone breaks it down by dissecting some of the greatest heroes and villains from books, gaming, comics, film and television, revealing the unique alchemy of each one and what every writer needs to think about in order to create truly unforgettable characters.

Speakers: Max Gladstone


Setting the Score: Composing for Film & Television

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A01

Composers of science fiction, fantasy and horror discuss the behind the scenes work in scoring for film and television. Together they will give the audience a sneak peek into their work on their fan-favorite films and television shows. The panel will feature a Q&A and special give-aways. Featuring composers: Dino Meneghin (“MTV’s Teen Wolf”), Frederik Wiedmann (“Green Lantern Animated Series”), Jay Vincent (“Ninjago”), Kevin Manthei (“Invader Zim”, “Ultimate Spider-Man”), and Will Bates (“Another Earth”). This panel will be moderated Matthew Patches (Editor, Hollywood.com).

Speakers: Dino Meneghin  Frederik Wiedmann  Jay Vincent  Kevin Manthei  Matthew Patches  Will Bates


Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth (Anime Network)

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A04

Are you a fan of cute girls doing cute things? Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth is the show for you! In the late 19th century, a young Japanese girl is dropped into the unfamiliar world of France. What proceeds is a delightful slice of life romp through the trials of a girl with no idea what to do in a world that ebbs and flows in a completely unfamiliar way.



Wondrous Worlds, Fractured Futures: Speculative Fiction and Image Comics

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A06

With the unlimited potential of comics, there is perhaps no better medium for speculative fiction than comics. Limited only by their imaginations, Image Comics creators have been creating far-flung universes where science, fantasy, and technology explode in rich possibilities. Find out why they choose science fiction, how they build worlds, and what inspires them in a conversation moderated by Elephantmen creator Richard Starkings. With Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan (Saga), Brian Wood and Ming Doyle (Mara), David Hine (Storm Dogs), Joe Harris (Great Pacific), and Glen Brunswick (Non-Humans).

Speakers: Brian K. Vaughan  Brian Wood  David Hine  Eric Stephenson  Fiona Staples  Glen Brunswick  Joe Harris  Ming Doyle


CBLDF: The History of Comics Censorship

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A08

Learn the shocking history of comics censorship and how even today comics and the people who make, sell, and read them are threatened. CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein tells the sordid tale, from the public book burnings and Senate hearings that led to the Comics Code Authority in the 1950s through the attacks on Underground comix in the 1970s and retailer busts in the 1980s up to modern attacks on readers and artists. This program includes the latest research on comics censorship, including new cases developing this year. Come learn about your rights, and how the CBLDF works to protect them!

Speakers: Charles Brownstein


Expanding the Experience: Video Games & Comics

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A14

Building on the success of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, join Dark Horse for a sneak preview of the next wave of comics tied to the coming year’s hottest gaming properties!

Speakers: Jeremy Atkins


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – First Look at the Animated Graphic Novel

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A23

Join acclaimed Content Director/Producer Javier Soto, Key Concept Artist Nimit Malavia and Animation Director Matt Whelan as they preview and discuss the amazing animated graphic novel, The GREAT CALAMITY, which will be exclusive to the upcoming “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Blu-ray release.

Speakers: Javier Soto  Mathew Whelan  Nimit Malavia


Apple Kissa Party Time

11:00AM – 12:00PM         Activity Zone

Come spend an hour partying with Apple Kissa Maid Café! We’ll answer questions, sing some songs, dance some dances and give out prizes!

Speakers: Apple Kissa Maid Cafe



11:00AM – 12:00PM         Variant Stage

Dare2Draw is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide networking, mentoring and promoting opportunities, for cartoonists of all levels, while raising money for artists in need. Special Dare2Draw Convention Program: At the Dare2Draw: “Face-Off”, professionals, hopeful artists and Fans will be drawing together and participating in the “Quick Draw” Contest, using dynamic action models. There will be prizes and samples provided by our awesome sponsors. All drawings by the professionals will be donated to raise money to help artists in need. With Simon Fraser and other Special Guests! Hosted by Liza Biggers. Supplies will be provided for all contestants.

Speakers: Simon Fraser


Marvel: House of Ideas

11:15AM – 12:15PM         1A10

Love having the best comics in the industry on your mobile devices? Want to know how Marvel stays on the cutting edge of technology while bringing you what you’ve come to love? Want to learn more about Infinite Comics? Well, this panel is for you, True Believer! Get exciting news from David Gabriel (SVP of Sales), Ryan Penagos (Executive Editorial Director of Digital), Kristen Vincent (Director of Product Strategy), Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Senior Editor Steve Wacker, Mark Waid (Daredevil), writer Matt Kindt and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) on what’s happening on the Marvel Comics App, Marvel Dot Com, Marvel’s vast social media presence and more in this can’t-miss panel.

Speakers: Arune Singh  David Gabriel  Kristen Vincent  Mark Waid  Matt Kindt  Nick Lowe  Ryan Penagos  Steve Wacker


Aniplex of America

11:15AM – 12:15PM         1A21

From the company who brought you the best in Anime including Durarara!!, Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann and Blue Exorcist to name a few. Ask any fan to name his or her favorite anime show and chances are likely that it’s an Aniplex produced show. From the Latest Anime to Special Announcements, come and see what Aniplex of America has in store for 2012 and beyond. Join us as we talk about their current works and answer your questions. There will also be some special giveaways including rare items from Japan.

Speakers: E.J. Rivera


Comics, Hollywood – What Creators Need to Know

11:15AM – 12:30PM         1A07

More comics are being turned into films, and creators have important questions about how Hollywood works. Get actionable information from top creators who have navigated the TV and movie business. Featuring special guests: Jimmy Palmiotti (Comic book writer) Jonah Hex and Screenwriter Painkiller Jane, Matt Hawkins (Top Cow Entertainment Publisher), Ross Richie (Boom Entertainment Publisher) and Jane Espenson (TV writer of Husbands, Buffy, Warehouse 13). Host: Buddy Scalera of ComicBookSchool.com.

Speakers: Buddy Scalera  Jane Espenson  Jimmy Palmiotti  Matt Hawkins  Ross Richie


Star Wars Books

12:00PM – 12:45PM         Unbound Stage

Join Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, author of Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion, and Jason Fry, author of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare, as they discuss the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Speakers: Jason Fry  Pablo Hidalgo


Marvel NOW!: All-New X-Men

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1E07

What’s happening NOW! with Marvel’s mutants? What bold new directions will the Children of the Atom head off in? Find out as Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Jeanine Schaefer, Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers), Dennis Hopeless (Cable & The X-Force), Peter David (X-Factor) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) spill the beans on the future of the X-Men!

Speakers: Arune Singh  Axel Alonso  Dennis Hopeless  Jeanine Schaefer  Nick Lowe  Peter David  Rick Remender


Maestros of Horror & Sci-Fi Music

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A01

Award-winning Composers JASON GRAVES (Dead Space Series, Prey 2, Resistance: Burning Skies); KEVIN RIEPL (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gears of War, Resistance: Burning Skies); SAM HULICK (Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect); SASCHA DIKICIYAN (Mass Effect 3, Space Marine, TRON: Evolution); TOM SALTA (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary); CRIS VELASCO (Mass Effect 3, Space Marine, Clive Barker’s Jericho) and Grammy® award-winning Artist/Producer NILE RODGERS, Founder of Sumthing Else Music Works–the premier label for video game soundtracks–will discuss composing music for the horror and sci-fi genres and the artform of scoring video games.

Speakers: Cris Velasco  Daniel Kayser  Jason Graves  Kevin Riepl  Nile Rodgers  Sam Hulick  Sascha Dikiciyan  Tom Salta


Revolutionary Girl Utena (Rightstuf)

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A04

“Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up.” When Utena was just a child and in the depths of sorrow, she found salvation in those words. They were the words of a prince, who wrapped her in his rose-scented embrace and bestowed upon her both a ring and the promise that it would lead her to him again. Now a spirited teenager, Utena attends the prestigious Ohtori Academy. However, her strong sense of chivalry soon places her at odds with the school’s student council and thrusts her into a series of mysterious and dangerous duels against its members.



Brian Wood & Dark Horse: From World’s End to the Galaxy’s Beginnings

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A06

Dark Horse turns the spotlight on creator, Brian Wood, to discuss both his creator-owned and licensed works at the largest independent publisher!

Speakers: Brian Wood  Jeremy Atkins  Randy Stradley  Sierra Hahn


Anime Network

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A08

Anime Network celebrates our 10th anniversary with announcements, sneak peaks and a very special giveaway!

Speakers: Christian Lopez  Roxanne Terrell  Samantha Stevens  Stacy Dodson  Toni Brown


How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry with Capcom

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A14

Moderator Francis Mao (CAPCOM) leads a panel of industry insiders from a variety of game companies and industry outlets to share with you how they got to “play video games for a living,” and the wide assortment of career paths that are available so you don’t have to be a programming whiz or a stellar digital artist in order to have a fun career in the video game industry. Hear about what job opportunities are available in areas such as such as Marketing, Public Relations, Retail, Design, Publishing, Editorial and more! There will be a Q&A session plus an opportunity to speak with and network one-on-one with the panelists after the session.

Speakers: Francis Mao


Adam West and Burt Ward Spotlight

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A23

POW! BAM! The caped crusaders are together again! NYCC turns the spotlight on the dynamic duo for a panel no 1960s Batman TV series fan could stand to miss!

Speakers: Adam West  Burt Ward


Musical Comedians Dave and Brian Live

12:15PM – 1:15PM         Variant Stage

Comedians Dave and Brian are a nationally touring musical comedy duo based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their high energy live show consists of hilarious original songs and stand-up comedy. They have been described as “truly phenomenal,” “fresh,” and “cutting edge!” More than just your average acoustic guitar/glockenspiel duo!

Speakers: Brian Smith  Dave Hopping


The 501st Legion’s “Shoot-A-Trooper”

12:15PM – 2:45PM         Activity Zone

We know Star Wars fans have a Rebellious streak…are you ready to take out some of your frustrations on a servant of the Empire? Shoot-A-Trooper Blaster Range, arms participants with Nerf guns and puts them against hapless (perhaps masochistic) troopers. All funds go to charity so take pride in sticking it to the Empire for an optional small donation!



DCE: From Concept to Page

12:30PM – 1:30PM         1E13

What does it take to create a new comic book? Find out at this amazing panel, where DCE has assembled the entire creative team of a comic book, including the editor, writer, penciller, inker and more! Learn how a new project is developed before the script is even written, and the many steps that happen after the artwork is complete!

Speakers: Brian Azzarello  Chris Conroy  Cliff Chiang  Jared Fletcher  John Cunningham  Matt Idelson  Tony Akins


Christopher Lloyd Q&A

12:30PM – 1:30PM         1A10

“Great Scott!” Christopher Lloyd is holding a Q&A session just for NYCC Fans!

Speakers: Christopher Lloyd


Debuting the Vision Machine iPad app!

12:30PM – 1:30PM         1A21

Get a first look at the future of enhanced digital comics as writer Greg Pak (“Planet Hulk,” “Robot Stories”) and voice actor Phil LaMarr (“Futurama,” “Justice League”) debut the iPad app version of Pak’s acclaimed sci-fi graphic novel “Vision Machine,” which includes a full soundtrack, music, animation and amazing interactive features. And get a free copy of the “Vision Machine” paperback! Also featured on the panel: app developer Barrett Fox (Coco Studios), funder Karim Ahmad (ITVS) and internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, who’s interviewed in app’s extras.

Speakers: Andy Ihnatko  Barrett Fox  Greg Pak  Jonathan Coulton  Karim Ahmad  Phil LaMarr


Editors on Editing

12:45PM – 2:00PM         1A07

Meet some of the industry’s top editors. Learn what it takes to break into comics and stay in from an all-star editorial panel. Join Filip Sablik (Former Publisher, Top Cow; Sales: Boom Entertainment), Scott Allie (Editor, Dark Horse), plus a surprise editorial addition, not yet announced! Host: Buddy Scalera of ComicBookSchool.com.

Speakers: Buddy Scalera  Filip Sablik  Scott Allie


Sir Terry Pratchett introduces…DODGER

1:00PM – 1:45PM         Unbound Stage

Regarded as one of the most significant contemporary English-language satirists, Sir Terry Pratchett’s acclaimed novels have sold over 75 million copies and have been translated into 36 languages. Join Sir Terry for a discussion on his newest young adult novel, DODGER.

Speakers: Terry Pratchett


Marvel NOW!: Join the ReEvolution

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1E07

Want the scoop on the major players involved in Marvel NOW!? Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Tom Brevoort (SVP Executive Editor), Senior Editor Nick Lowe (Uncanny X-Men), Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, Mark Waid (Indestructible Hulk), Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers), Kieron Gillen (Iron Man) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) are on hand to give the 411 on the Fantastic Four, FF, Hulk and much more!

Speakers: Arune Singh  Axel Alonso  Kieron Gillen  Mark Paniccia  Mark Waid  Nick Lowe  Rick Remender  Tom Brevoort


The Official Aspen Comics Panel 2012

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A01

Join Aspen Comics top creators as they reveal all new series and artwork debuting in 2013 and beyond including Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant Assassins and more. Aspen’s creators will also be holding an intimate Q&A with fans.

Speakers: Frank Mastromauro  J.T. Krul  Joe Benitez  Peter Steigerwald


Madoka Magica (Aniplex)

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A04

“Has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time…” Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader at Mitakihara middle school, lives such a life, until one day she has a very magical encounter. She doesn’t know if it’s by chance or by fate yet, but this meeting will change her destiny. This is the beginning of a new story of magical girls.



Digital Price Showdown

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A06

Everyone is talking about what the “right” price is for digital comics. Should it be full price for same day as print or should every comic be 99 cents ala iTunes? The conversation has been heated online and today it jumps into the physical realm! Join author and futurist Rob Salkowitz (Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture) along with comiXology co-founder John D. Roberts, SVP Sales Publishing David Gabriel of Marvel Comics, publisher Ted Adams of IDW Publishing for a talk that you won’t want to miss.

Speakers: David Gabriel  David Steinberger  John D. Roberts  Rob Salkowitz  Ted Adams


Oni Press – RevolutiONIzing Comics

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A08

This year Oni Press is making the “call-your-mom,” “blow-your-mind” type of announcements as we celebrate our fifteenth year of publishing. With special guests Cullen Bunn (Sixth Gun), Ananth Panagariya (Johnny Wander), Chad Bowers (Awesome Hospital), Chris Sims (Comics Alliance) and more! Moderated by the most awesomest marketing coordinator you’ll ever meet, Tom Shimmin. Get an exclusive look at the top-secret projects that are coming up in 2013! Note: Once shared, the projects will no longer be top secret.

Speakers: Ananth Panagariya  Chad Bowers  Chris Sims  Cullen Bunn  Tom Shimmin


Passion, Power and Paranormals!

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A14

Authors Keri Arthur, Maureen Johnson, Tahereh Mafi, Tonya Hurley, Margaret Stohl, Dan Krokos, Alexandra Bracken and Kalayna Price discuss the inclusion of romantic elements in their action-packed novels. If dating the undead wasn’t tricky enough, these protagonists must also battle the forces of evil while trying to keep their sanity and the world safe from destruction. Moderator Jocelyn Davies will have the authors divulging the steamy details behind creating their characters and their tricky love affairs.

Speakers: Alexandra Bracken  Dan Krokos  Jocelyn Davies  Kalayna Price  Keri Arthur  Margaret Stohl  Maureen Johnson  Tahereh Mafi  Tonya Hurley


Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A23

Join the writers and artists behind the acclaimed and award-winning brand for a panel about the weird, the wild and the always unexpected with all-star talent including Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire), Brian Azzarello (Spaceman), Ryan Kelly (Saucer Country), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus), Dustin Nguyen (American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares), Scott Snyder (American Vampire), Bill Willingham (Fables, Fairest) and more Vertigo blood!

Speakers: Bill Willingham  Brian Azzarello  Dustin Nugyen  Jeff Lemire  John Cunningham  Karen Berger  Rafael Albuquerque  Ryan Kelly  Scott Snyder  Sean Murphy  Shelly Bond  Will Dennis


Inside “The Batmobile”

1:30PM – 2:30PM         IGN Theater

No vehicle has ever captured fans’ imagination like the Batmobile. Be among the first to see the entire one-hour documentary, “The Batmobile,” that brings together all five incarnations, and goes on an in-depth examination from the impressive history to the construction of this iconic character. The documentary features a distinguished array of Batman experts and filmmakers including Adam West; George Barris, designer of the famed 1966 Batmobile; respected producer/author Michael Uslan (The Boy Who Loved Batman); Andy Smith, builder of the modern-day Dark Knight “Tumblers”; Tim Burton, Director of Batman (1989) & Batman Returns; Joel Schumacher, Director of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin; Christian Bale; and Christopher Nolan, Director of The Dark Knight Trilogy. “The Batmobile” documentary is directed by Roko Belic and produced by Tara Tremaine for Warner Home Entertainment.



Apple Kissa Party Time

1:30PM – 2:30PM         Variant Stage

Come spend an hour partying with Apple Kissa Maid Café! We’ll answer questions, sing some songs, dance some dances and give out prizes!

Speakers: Apple Kissa Maid Cafe


Grant Morrison Spotlight

1:45PM – 2:45PM         1E13

Join Grant Morrison, one of the most creative and original writers to ever grace the comic book industry, as he discusses his career and work.

Speakers: Grant Morrison


MTV Geek

1:45PM – 2:45PM         1A10

Check out the latest from MTV Geek!



Dark Horse Presents: Yoshitaka Amano

1:45PM – 2:45PM         1A21

Legendary Japanese artist, Yoshitaka Amano makes a rare stateside appearance at New York Comic Con! Join Dark Horse in celebrating the life and work of Amano, just before the highly anticipated release of Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy.

Speakers: Michael Gombos  Yoshitaka Amano


Teens At The End Of Time

2:00PM – 2:45PM         Unbound Stage

Apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories are super-hot in Young Adult/Teen Fiction. From THE HUNGER GAMES to ROT & RUIN, kids are devouring books about the end of civilization…and that’s a GOOD thing. Discover why we can all feel good about the fascination today’s teens have with these books. Join Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestseller, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner and Marvel Comics writer for a lively discussion about why we should encourage kids to explore the literary apocalypse.

Speakers: Jonathan Maberry


Writing to Be Drawn (Comic Book Writing & Art Tutorial)

2:15PM – 3:30PM         1A07

An all-star cast of experienced, working comic book writers and artists talk about telling an effective story on the page. Learn about how real professional artists break down a script and thumbnail a page. Actual working pros show you how they determine the layout, the story flow, and specific panels from a real comic book script. Join Jerry Ordway (Shazam, Superman), Cully Hamner (Red, Blue Beetle), Bill Willingham (Fables, Shadowpact), and Michael Oeming (Red Sonja, Powers). Host: Buddy Scalera of ComicBookSchool.com

Speakers: Bill Willingham  Buddy Scalera  Cully Hamner  Jerry Ordway  Michael Oeming


DC Comics: Green Lantern – The Third Army Arrives

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1E07

The Corps are decimated, Hal Jordan is missing and a new Green Lantern is chosen! Third Army is here, and the universe will never be the same! Join the will power of Geoff Johns (Green Lantern), Peter Tomasi (Green Lantern Corps) and more as they unravel the mysteries of the Third Army and what the universe has in store for Green Lantern!

Speakers: Bob Wayne  Geoff Johns  Matt Idelson  Pat McCallum  Peter Tomasi


Robotech Industry Panel

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A01

Get the latest updates on all animated and live action “Robotech” projects currently in production.

Speakers: Kevin McKeever


Persona 4: The Animation (Anime Network)

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A04

The hit Playstation 2 role playing game comes to life in Persona 4: The Animation! Join the enigmatic Yu Narukami and his friends as they venture into another world in order to solve the mysterious disappearances and murders occurring around the small town of Inaba. Each new “player” in the story must first conquer their inner demons before tasting the immense powers of their own Personas, physical manifestations of their greatest strengths.



Archie Comics: The Hottest Publisher in the Industry

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A06

The Era of Archie continues! After another year of dominating the headlines with groundbreaking storylines, innovative storytelling and the best comics on the market, the Archie Comics team converges on New York to reveal what’s next! The panel includes Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater, President Mike Pellerito, Editor-in-chief Victor Gorelick, writer/artist Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), writer Michael Uslan (Archie: Will You Marry Me?), and a handful of major, newsworthy surprises! Archie Comics continues to keep fans on their toes, shaking things up in Riverdale from one storyline (“Reversedale”) to the next (“Archie Meets GLEE”). Archie and friends have never been more relevant, and that makes this a can’t-miss panel! Plus, all attendees will receive a FREE ARCHIE GIFT BAG. Be there!

Speakers: Dan Parent  Jon Goldwater  Michael Uslan  Mike Pellerito  Paul Kaminski  Victor Gorelick



2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A08

Valiant is back and, six months in, the buzz couldn’t be bigger for the most successful relaunch in comics! Now, find out what the future holds for the Valiant Universe with an exclusive round of announcements and in-depth discussion featuring Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar), Fred Van Lente (Archer & Armstrong ), Justin Jordan (Shadowman), Executive Editor Warren Simons, Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani and a ton of surprise special guests! The secret revelations you’ve been waiting for are about to be revealed as the next great phase in Valiant Comics begins, only at NYCC! Plus, no fan will want to miss the special door prizes Valiant will have on hand for every panel attendee.

Speakers: Dinesh Shamdasani  Fred Van Lente  Justin Jordan  Robert Venditti  Warren Simons


Skybound: On the Rise

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A14

There’s no limit on what to expect from SKYBOUND, Robert Kirkman’s imprint at Image Comics. THIEF OF THIEVES is a breakout hit and already been optioned by AMC, GUARDING THE GLOBE supplies another monthly fix for the Invincible universe, the all-ages smash SUPER DINOSAUR is about to blow up in a big way… so what’s next? Join Robert Kirkman as he discusses the imprint’s future with his stable of creators!

Speakers: Jason Howard  Robert Kirkman  Sean Mackiewicz  Shawn Martinbrough


The Japan Foundation Presents: Yu Asakawa – Behind Megurine Luka

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A23

The Japan Foundation is proud to welcome Yu Asakawa, a successful voice actress and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2 Megurine Luka, to share behind-the-scenes stories about her experience in lending voice to Luka both in Japanese and English. There will be a special video screening followed by Q&A where Yu Asakawa will answer questions from fans. This panel will be moderated by Danny Choo.

Speakers: Danny Choo  Yu Asakawa


Byakkokan Dojo

2:45PM – 3:45PM         Variant Stage

Since its inception in 2005, the Byakkokan dojo has upheld the style of Toyama Ryu Battodo. These techniques were made for practical battlefield use with the Japanese sword and is practiced through kata and test cutting. We welcome everyone to come watch and ask questions afterwards.

Speakers: Henry Kim


Into (and Out of) the Hollows

3:00PM – 3:45PM         Unbound Stage

For the better part of a decade, New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison (aka Dawn Cook) has found herself (metaphorically) inhabiting the magical world of the Hollows, an otherworldy demense based upon the beautiful Midwest city of Cincinnati. Now, as lucky book 13 in the series approaches, Kim finds herself in an interesting crossroads. She plans to leave the Hollows and embark upon new adventures in urban and epic fantasy. Where will she go next? What does this mega-bestselling author have in store once Rachel Morgan gets her own Ever After? Join this lively discussion with one of fantasy’s favorite authors to find out!

Speakers: Kim Harrison


Peter Davison Spotlight

3:00PM – 4:00PM         1E13

NYCC turns the spotlight on the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison! Join him as he discusses his work and what’s next.

Speakers: Peter Davison


Sean Astin Q&A

3:00PM – 4:00PM         1A10

Whether you know him as Mikey, Rudy or Samwise Gamgee, join actor Sean Astin for an hour as he discusses his career and answers your questions!

Speakers: Sean Astin


Marvel: The Prose Novels

3:00PM – 4:00PM         1A21

If you thought Marvel’s only area of expertise was the funny books, then you’d be wrong! Join Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), David Gabriel (SVP of Sales), Peter David, Stuart Moore, Alisa Kwitney, Marie Javins and James Viscardi (Sales & Communications Coordinator) to find out about the all-new line of stunning prose novels from the House of Ideas!

Speakers: Alisa Kwitney  Axel Alonso  David Gabriel  James Viscardi  Marie Javins  Peter David  Stuart Moore


How to Play Quidditch 101

3:00PM – 8:00PM         Activity Zone

Have you ever wished YOU could play Quidditch? Now you can! The International Quidditch Association will be at NYCC once again to teach you how to play this great sport in the Muggle world. Join us on Friday and Saturday from 3-8pm for some excitement and fun! The IQA will be leading demo matches with a few official Quidditch teams on both days. After each demo match, we’ll be opening up the pitch for pick-up games. Fans can join in and play with each other for a few hours at a time. Throw a quaffle through hoops, bludge your opponents or snatch the snitch! Whether you’d like to watch or play, this is something you don’t want to miss. Come see Quidditch in action and why it’s the hottest phenomenon everyone’s talking about!



Creator Connections

3:45PM – 5:00PM         1A07

Meet your next creative partner in this fun, interactive networking session. Many indy titles and careers have been launched through this panel. Bring business cards and samples of your work. This is the panel that has literally helped complete strangers form creative teams and publish comic books. This is the original and best Creator Connection. Be there and launch your career. Host: Buddy Scalera of ComicBookSchool.com. Support by Model/Actress Zoe Labella of Comic Artist’s Photo Reference.

Speakers: Buddy Scalera  Zoe Labella



4:00PM – 4:45PM         Unbound Stage

GEEK REVOLUTION is a question based game-show featuring four science fiction and/or fantasy authors competing for the chance to be TOP GEEK. Led by Queen Geek Colleen Lindsay, authors will be asked a series of pop culture/geek questions. In addition, the audience will also be asked to ‘write-in’ questions in hopes of stumping the authors and winning a prize pack of books. Featuring authors: Myke Cole, Amber Benson, Andrea Cremer & Beth Revis.

Speakers: Amber Benson  Andrea Cremer  Beth Revis  Colleen Lindsay  Myke Cole


Crime Scenes, Horror Anthologies, and Steampunk Dracula: Genres leaping to Transmedia

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1E07

Popular comic genres leap to a new form of transmedia. Fourth Wall Studios, dedicated to creating next generation, digital entertainment experiences called RIDES, is paying attention to the way you consume your media – across your computer, phone and tablet. Meet the creators behind the programs that spans from comedy to horror to steampunk. Featuring a look inside the Emmy winning web series Dirty Work, starring Mary Lynn Rajskub (24), and their other upcoming projects.



Vertical, Inc. 2013

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A01

Japanese comic and prose publisher, Vertical, Inc., will release their 2013 list featuring their usual array of genre properties.

Speakers: Takashi Sakuda  Yani Mentzas


Durarara!! (Aniplex)

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A04

A pitch-black headless motorcyclist who roams the city! High-tension suspense and action are taking over Tokyo’s Ikebukuro District! Warped romances and friendships — and plenty of hidden secrets lie behind these big city walls! Durarara!! the animated TV series is based on the eponymous hit novel by Ryohgo Narita. With an off-the-wall style of storytelling and pacing, Mr. Narita represents a new breed of unconventional authors on the rise and drawing accolades from teen readers and critics alike within Japan’s highly competitive light-novel industry.



Publisher’s Paradise: Adult Publisher Spotlight

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A06

Get the inside scoop on upcoming SF/F novels publishing houses are buzzing about! Editors from Harper Voyager, Orbit, Del Rey Spectra, Ace and Roc, and Tor dish on forthcoming books from our exciting authors and licensed properties. You can expect lots of giveaways you won’t see anywhere else at the convention, including free advance reading copies!

Speakers: Anne Sowards  Devi Pillai  Diana Gill  Melissa Frain  Tricia Narwani


The Kubert School: Celebrating over 35 Years of Talent

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A08

Since it was founded in 1976, The Kubert School has offered students a high quality and challenging education in Cartooning and Graphic Art. In this spotlight panel, Adam Kubert (AvX), will lead a unique and lively conversation where he will answer all your questions about the school. Come and learn what has made this important institution so relevant in today’s age of comics.

Speakers: Adam Kubert



4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A14

Sci Fi vet Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar) and creator/actor Brad Bell (Pop-Up Video) raised the bar with Husbands, the first online show reviewed by The New Yorker. Fans helped fund season two, featuring Joss Whedon and Jon Cryer. Espenson, Bell and co-star Sean Hemeon discuss all aspects of the show and their careers.

Speakers: Alyssa Rosenberg  Brad Bell  Jane Espenson  Sean Hemeon


Food & Comics

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A23

Join renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian, C.B. Cebulski and other special guests as they share the stage for an hour talking about the new horizons in foodie culture and comics culture and where they often and appetizingly interconnect.

Speakers: C.B. Cebulski  Geoffrey Zakarian


Open Road Films Presents: SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D

4:00PM – 5:00PM         IGN Theater

Global exclusive! Be among the first in the world to see footage from the movie based on the groundbreaking video game franchise, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is the sequel to the hit film Silent Hill. Experience footage from the unparalleled horror experience starring Kit Harington (HBO’s Game of Thrones) and Adelaide Clemens (X-Men Origins), directed by Michael J Bassett.

Speakers: Adelaide Clemens


Headlines of the Dead

4:00PM – 5:00PM         Variant Stage

When the zombie apocalypse arrives, how will the news media cover it – and will they be able to report on it in time? Using real world examples from print, radio and the Internet, journalist, TV personality and NYU journalism professor Aaron Sagers examines how the news media will thrive or break down during the biggest crisis of mankind.

Speakers: Aaron Sagers


DC Comics All Access: Before Watchmen

4:15PM – 5:15PM         1E13

It’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning! Before Watchmen is here so you don’t miss this panel about the most talked about comic book series of 2012! Join Brian Azzarello (Before Watchmen: Comedian), Lee Bermejo (Before Watchmen: Rorschach), Amanda Conner (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre), Eduardo Risso (Before Watchmen: Moloch), Bill Sienkewicz (Before Watchmen: Nite Owl), Len Wein (Before Watchmen: Ozymandias) and others as they talk about this game-changing event! Hurm!

Speakers: Amanda Conner  Bill Sienkewicz  Brian Azzarello  Eduardo Risso  John Cunningham  Lee Bermejo  Len Wein  Mark Chiarello  Will Dennis


The World of Capcom!

4:15PM – 5:15PM         1A10

CAPCOM returns to NYCC with another stellar lineup of the hottest new video game titles in the coming year! Moderator Francis Mao (CAPCOM) leads a panel of Capcom’s producers and product managers to share trailers and sneak peeks of all the hot, new upcoming CAPCOM games featuring Resident Evil 6, DmC, Lost Planet 3, Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita), Okami HD, Remember Me and more! Plus, a few surprises! Followed by a Q&A session.

Speakers: Francis Mao



4:15PM – 5:15PM         1A21

SUNRISE Inc., the studio that brought you the Mobile Suit Gundam Series, the Code Geass Series, Cowboy Bebop, The Vision of Escaflowne and other groundbreaking anime series, will be holding an official panel at New York Comic Con! Masayuki Ozaki, the Executive Producer of the hit series TIGER & BUNNY will be appearing on-stage. He will be introducing footage from new and upcoming series and hold a Q&A to answer questions from the fans.

Speakers: Masayuki Ozaki


The Law of Superheroes

5:00PM – 5:45PM         Unbound Stage

The dynamic duo behind the popular website LawAndTheMultiverse.com breaks down even the most advanced legal concepts using the intriguing and fascinating world of comic books. The Law of Superheroes will ask and answer crucial speculative questions about everything from constitutional law and criminal procedure to taxation, intellectual property, and torts, including, could Superman sue if someone exposed his true identity as Clark Kent? Are members of the Legion of Doom vulnerable to prosecution under RICO? Do the heirs of a superhero who comes back from the dead get to keep their inherited property after their loved one is resurrected? Does it constitute “cruel and unusual punishment” to sentence an immortal like Apocalypse to life in prison without the possibility of parole?

Speakers: James Daily  Ryan Davidson


New Methods in Digital Painting and Coloring with Brian Haberlin

5:00PM – 6:30PM         1A07

Learn how to take your drawing to full color or to a full painting. Brian will focus on using Photoshop and Wacom tablet to introduce a mix of new digital and analogue painting tricks and tips that will be sure to please. Host: Buddy Scalera of ComicBookSchool.com. Presenter/Teacher: Brian Haberlin – Digital pioneer and guru to much of the graphic arts/comics community, Haberlin is also the tutorial creator for international magazines such as 3DWorld, Imagine FX and Photoshop User, and owner of Digitalarttutorials.com.

Speakers: Brian Haberlin  Buddy Scalera


Legendary Comics

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1E07

Legendary Entertainment brings a high-profile group of its top creative talent on the comics side to present a behind-the-scenes look at its upcoming slate of projects. The talent for the panel will be highlighted by Guillermo del Toro, who will be joined by Legendary Comics Editor-In-Chief Bob Schreck, Matt Wagner (writer of The Tower Chronicles) and a high-profile list of surprise guests. The panel is hosted by The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick. Del Toro and each of the surprise guests will deliver breaking news regarding upcoming projects. Fans will be provided with first-look access to new content and the opportunity to ask questions of their favorite creators.

Speakers: Bob Schreck  Chris Hardwick  Guillermo del Toro  Matt Wagner


Joe Simon Memorial Celebration

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A01

Celebrate the life of Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, creative partner of Jack Kirby and the man who hired Stan Lee for his first job. It’s the day after what would have been his 99th birthday, and we’ll party the way Joe would have liked it! Steve, Paul and Jim will be joined by a group of surprise guests, and lucky attendees will be eligible to receive exciting birthday presents–including a copy of Joe’s autobiography, signed by Joe!

Speakers: Jim Simon  Paul Levitz  Stephen Saffel


Ristorante Paradiso (Rightstuf)

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A04

When Nicoletta was a little girl, her mother, Olga, abandoned her and ran off to Rome to remarry. Now, 15 years later and a young woman, she travels to Rome with the intention of ruining her mother’s life. She tracks Olga down to a restaurant called Casetta dell’Orso, but the second Nicoletta steps through its door, everything changes. It’s a peculiar place staffed entirely by mature gentlemen wearing spectacles, and like their clientele, she is helpless against their wise smiles and warm voices.



Archaia Presents: How to Prepare an Effective Submission

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A06

In this panel, Archaia editors and creators will offer their advice to aspiring comic book and graphic novel creators on how to better pitch their story and put together a better submission package to prospective publishers. The session will not only include the do’s and don’t’s of submitting, it will also feature a fun, interactive exercise requiring some audience participation, and will culminate in several people walking away with some fantastic Archaia prize packs of hardcover graphic novels!

Speakers: Mark Smylie  Mike Kennedy  Rebecca Taylor  Stephen Christy


From “Batman” to “The Dark Knight Rises”: How a Boy Who Loved Batman Brought a Dark and Serious Batman to the Silver Screen

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A08

Michael Uslan, Originator and Executive Producer of all the Batman movies through “The Dark Knight Rises” and author of his memoir, THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN, tells his story how a blue-collar kid from Jersey managed to buy the movie rights to Batman and endured a ten year struggle of rejection from Hollywood in his mission to show the entire world what the true Batman as created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger was really like.

Speakers: Michael Uslan


Writers Unite: Pitching and Writing Creator-Owned Comics

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A14

Creator-owned comics have grabbed the imagination of the comic-reading community all over again and publishers are looking for fresh ideas from a new generation of talent. Listen closely as creators Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), Ray Fawkes (One Soul), Charles Soule (27), and moderator Jim Zub (Skullkickers) discuss pitching their hit comic series to publishers and offer advice on how to climb to the top of the treacherous submission mountain, along with comic writing techniques and amusing anecdotes.

Speakers: Charles Soule  Cullen Bunn  Justin Jordan  Ray Fawkes


PlanetSide 2 – Redefining the MMOFPS Genre

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A23

The original game – massive multiplayer battles, distinct empires to rally around, and enormous continents where intense ground and air combat unfold – and adds features that modern gamers have come to expect of the FPS and MMO genres. With advanced technology, years of gamer feedback, and a new Sony Online Entertainment proprietary game engine called ForgeLight™, PlanetSide 2 offers a truly competitive and visceral FPS experience with massive warfare, massive customization and massive community. Join PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matthew Higby as he delves into the development process, introduces key learning’s and data from Beta and discusses the future of PlanetSide 2 and online gaming. SOE is all about conversing with players, so bring your PlanetSide 2 and development related questions to the session and Higby will answer them LIVE!

Speakers: Matthew Higby


The Venture Bros

5:15PM – 6:15PM         IGN Theater

Show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, perennial Comic-Con favorites, will discuss their original series, upcoming Halloween Special and answer fan questions.

Speakers: Doc Hammer  Jackson Publick


+2 Comedy

5:15PM – 6:15PM         Variant Stage

+2 Comedy is so funny you will need a saving throw! (Make rim shot sound now) This nerd comedy trio’s stand-up comedy show is about comics, video games, table top, anime and all things nerd! Plus stay for the nerd Q&A. First 100 people get double EXP!

Speakers: Noah Houlihan  TJ Del Reno  Will Millar



5:30PM – 6:30PM         1E13

Check out the latest from MTV!



Anne Rice Spotlight

5:30PM – 6:30PM         1A10

Her books have sold millions of copies and she’s not done yet! Come find out what’s new and what’s next for this best-selling author.

Speakers: Anne Rice


Marvel: Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way

5:30PM – 6:30PM         1A21

Are you an aspiring comic book artist? Ever dream of working for Marvel? Do you find yourself thinking “I could do that…if I knew how!” Well, here’s your chance! Join C.B. Cebulski (SVP Creator & Content Development), Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Ryan Stegman (Fantastic Four), Ramon Perez (Wolverine & The X-Men), Sam Humphries (Ultimate Comics Ultimates), Mark Bagley (Fantastic Four) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) to find out the answers on how to get your foot in the door at every level in the creative process and how to make your job MARVEL.

Speakers: Arune Singh  C.B. Cebulski  Dan Slott  Mark Bagley  Sam Humphries


Hachette Author Spotlight

6:00PM – 6:45PM         Unbound Stage

Come find out what’s new from Hachette as they turn the spotlight on one of our favorite authors!



Be a Comic Book Retailer!

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A01

Comic sales are on the rise, and the comic book retailing business is stronger than ever! Learn about the ComicsPRO Mentoring program, designed to help you open a comic book store and join Amanda Emmert of Muse Comics + Games (Colorado Springs CO), Jay Bosworth of Maximum Comics (Las Vegas, NV), Chris Brady of 4 Color Fantasties (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) and Chris Powell (Executive Director, Business Development, Diamond Comic Distributors) so you can ask your own questions about opening your own store!

Speakers: Amanda Emmert  Chris Brady  Chris Powell  Jay Bosworth


JManga Presents: Masakazu Ishiguro

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A06

JManga.com is proud to introduce the highly acclaimed manga-ka Masakazu Ishiguro, best known for his hit manga and anime “Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru” (AND YET THE TOWN MOVES)!! Join Ishiguro-sensei and Masahiro Ohno (Editor-in-Chief of YOUNG KING OURS) for an artist talk, Q&A, live drawing and more! JManga will be giving away a Nexus7 and loads of other special prizes from Akihabara and beyond throughout the panel!

Speakers: Masahiro Ohno  Masakazu Ishiguro  Robert Newman


Webcomics – From Hobby to Business

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A08

With almost a decade of experience, Ryan Sohmer talks about turning his single webcomic into a successful multimedia company with 3 webcomics, a distribution network, employees and more new ventures on the way. He and Lar de Souza, artist on LEAST I COULD DO and LOOKING FOR GROUP will discuss the ups and down of the creating over the last ten years.

Speakers: Lar de Souza  Ryan Sohmer


Drawing on Your Nightmares: Dark Horse Horror in Comics

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A14

Throughout comics’ storied history, horror has been an important part of the medium. This fall, Dark Horse unveils a whole slate of new titles guaranteed to have you running for the covers! Join Bloody Disgusting columnist, Lonnie Nadler, and Dark Horse horror line editor, Scott Allie, along with a cast of the industry’s top creators for an exciting look at this year’s most promising four color thrills and chills!

Speakers: Lonnie Nadler  Scott Allie


Drawing the Line: Artists on Creator-Owned Comics

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A23

Art is as integral to comics as story, and what readers see before they read a word. Independent comics give artists the freedom to create their own worlds and characters. How do some of independent comics’ top artists bring to paper what they and the writers they work with imagine? Delve into the ink-stained world of character design, sequential storytelling, and writer-wrangling with the artists on Nowhere Men, Revival, Luther Strode, Non-Humans, Perhapanauts, and Saga.

Speakers: Craig Rousseau  Eric Stephenson  Fiona Staples  Mike Norton  Nate Bellgarde  Tradd Moore  Whilce Portacio


Robot Chicken

6:30PM – 7:30PM         IGN Theater

Seth Green (co-creator) and Matthew Senreich (co-creator), Kevin Shinick (MAD), and Clare Grant discuss season six of their popular Adult Swim series Robot Chicken.

Speakers: Clare Grant  Kevin Shinick  Matthew Senreich  Seth Green


Costume Contest

6:30PM – 7:30PM         Variant Stage

Coming in costume to New York Comic Con? Why not strut your stuff for a chance to win an award? This is your opportunity to get up on stage, show off your skills and maybe even take home a prize or two. No pre-registration is necessary. Instead, simply come by the Variant Stage a half hour before the event to register. We’ll be signing up fans first come, first served, with the first 30 Fans taking the stage for each showcase.



Mobile Suit Gundam UC: Episode 5 and The Story So Far (SUNRISE)

6:30PM – 8:00PM         1A04

Having destroyed the Shamblo, Riddhe and Banagher are now confronted by the jet-black Unicorn Gundam 02, “Banshee”. In its cockpit is Marida, who has been reconditioned on the orders of Martha, the acting head of the Vist Foundation. Banagher is captured by the Banshee and transferred to the Ra Cailum, flagship of the Londo Bell unit, but he refuses to reveal the new coordinate data disclosed by the La+ Program. In order to make him talk, the exasperated Martha puts Mineva aboard the Garuda aircraft that is coming to collect the Unicorn Gundam. Meanwhile Bright, the captain of the Ra Cailum, senses the future in Banagher’s strong will and decides to grant his wish to save Mineva. Via his friends Beltorchika Irma and Kai Shiden, Bright secretly calls in the Garencieres team to attack the Garuda and rescue Mineva. Presented with a special showing of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC recap “The Story So Far”.



Comedy Central

6:30PM – 9:30PM         1E07

We have so much going on at Comedy Central this Fall, we can’t decide what to bring you at New York Comic Con. Maybe we’ll take you inside Daniel Tosh’s new animated series, Brickleberry? Perhaps, show some of the new season of our hit sketch show, Key & Peele? Or unveil something that’s never been seen before like Kroll Show or new digital shorts from CC: Studios? Heck, we’ll probably throw out some t-shirts or something so just stop by, okay? We will most likely have something together by the time you show up!



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1E13

Go Green! With the Lean, Mean, Ninja Team – Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Experience Nickelodeon’s FIRST EVER Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle New York Comic-Con panel as Executive Producers Ciro Nieli (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) and Peter Hastings (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Catscratch, Animaniacs) discuss the new series, reveal development art and give fans a sneak peek at the series’ next episode. Prepare to be Shell-Shocked!



Meteor Entertainment Presents HAWKEN

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1A07

HAWKEN is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2012. Meet the creative team behind the transmedia phenomenon taking the industry by storm, and enjoy exclusive glimpses of the free-to-play first person mech shooter game, their graphic novel with Archaia, and their exciting new ventures in film and new media.

Speakers: Dan Jevons  Jeremiah O’Flaherty  Khang Le  Mark Long


TRON: Uprising

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1A10

Join the Uprising! Be the first to see two new episodes of the groundbreaking DISNEY XD series, TRON: Uprising at New York Comic Con. Join Executive Producer and Director Charlie Bean as he screens the two-part episode event, “Scars Parts 1 & 2” where Beck (Elijah Wood) must convince Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) to halt his revenge against an old foe. Tron’s history before the occupation will be revealed, and fans learn exactly what Clu did to injure Tron and force him into hiding. New episodes return Friday, October 19 on Disney XD.

Speakers: Charlie Bean


STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW With Josh & Chuck: The History of Comic Book Movies

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1A21

In the beginning, comic books that were turned into movies sucked. Fortunately for us, Hollywood’s motto when it comes to bringing superheroes to life is try, try again. What’s resulted is an evolution in sophistication of not just effects, but also a deeper understanding of the characters themselves. Join Science Channel and HowStuffWorks’ Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, hosts of the Top 10 iTunes podcast, Stuff You Should Know, as well as a few surprise guests, as they explore the campy beginnings of comic book movies, from Batman to today’s mind-blowing super-realism of Watchmen and The Dark Knight. Audience participation is expected – especially to collect limited edition New York Comic-Con exclusive giveaways from Science Channel.

Speakers: Chuck Bryant  Josh Clark


Scott C and The Great Showdowns, from Ripley vs the Alien Queen to Han vs the Green Fellow!

7:00PM – 7:45PM         Unbound Stage

Scott C. is a New York resident whose art is celebrated around the world. Part of the Gallery 1988 phenomenon people flood galleries to see his work and snap up his wondrous and wondrously fun pieces. Here he talks about his work recreating some of the best and most iconic moments of movie and TV culture from his latest project – The Great Showdowns with Titan Books.

Speakers: Scott Campbell


Gaia Online Experience

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A01

Come meet Gaia’s staff, and get a sneak peek at upcoming features, games and events while enjoying fun, games, contests and random awesomeness. We’ve got some cool surprises and fantastic prizes up our sleeve, so come prepared for a good time. Stick around for the open-mic Q&A session and get your burning questions answered! Expect plenty of fun and some great prizes for all!

Speakers: Chris Gaia


UDON Crew: New Titles & Tributes

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A06

Artists and fans: get the scoop on upcoming projects from UDON, including an announcement about the new TRIBUTE art book contest you won’t want to miss! Sneak peek artwork, insight into the artist recruiting process, and a chance to win UDON books. Moderated by Jim Zubkavich (Project Manager), with Erik Ko (CEO), Matt Moylan (Managing Editor) and some special guests!

Speakers: Chris Butcher  Erik Ko  Jim Zubkavich  Matt Moylan


Walter Simonson and Ridley Scott’s ALIEN

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A08

Walter Simonson discusses his groundbreaking work on the original ALIEN graphic novel, republished and re-mastered by Titan Books. Walter reveals how, so early in his career, he came to work with Ridley Scott on one of the most famous films of the 20th Century, and what it was like to work with Archie Goodwin, a legend in the comic industry. Fans also will learn how it became possible to reproduce the original artwork for so seminal a project, more than 30 years later!

Speakers: Walter Simonson


Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A14

Come see the first ever footage from Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales the Animated Series, the highest funded animated series in Kickstarter history.

Speakers: Benjamin Jackendoff  Joe Brusha  Ralph Tedesco  Stephen Haberman



7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A23

Come get the lowdown on THE SCRIBBLER! This R rated thriller with an all star cast is set to hit screens in 2013.



ichiP! Dance Performance

7:45PM – 8:45PM         Variant Stage

Sit back and rest your convention feet at the IchiP!, or “Ichigo Pantsu!” dance performance! A three-girl dance group from New York City, they’ll perform a variety of anime, Para-Para and other Japan-influenced dances, both from original choreography and popular existing dances. Be ready for some guest performances too!

Speakers: Erica Perez  Venus Carey


Rise of the Zombies

8:00PM – 10:00PM         1A07

When the undead overrun San Francisco, a desperate group of survivors takes refuge inside Alcatraz Prison but soon find themselves on the run when zombies attack the island. Their only hope is to find the renegade scientist who is working on a cure for the zombie virus. Starring Mariel Hemingway, LeVar Burton, Danny Trejo, French Stewart and Ethan Supplee. RISE OF THE ZOMBIES is a Syfy Original Movie and will air on Syfy in October 2012. Join speakers Karen O’Hara and Macy Lao after for a Q&A session. Karen O’Hara is the VP of Original Movies at Syfy. In her six years at the channel she has overseen the production of over 135 Saturday Night Original Movies, including Sharktopus, House of Bones, Ice Twisters, Lake Placid 2 & 3, Piranhaconda, Red, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Zombie Apocalypse and the Emmy-nominated Mammoth. Follow her on Twitter at @SyfyMovies. Macy Lao is the Associate for Programming and Original Movies at Syfy. She joined Syfy in 2011 as part of the highly competitive NBC Entertainment Associates Program. She helps oversee the creation and development of all the Saturday night Original Movies, as well as contributing to acquisitions and programming strategy. Follow her on Twitter at @MacyLao.

Speakers: Karen O’Hara  Macy Lao


Sci-Fi Tribute to Ray Bradbury

8:00PM – 8:45PM         Unbound Stage

Ray Bradbury is a literary icon who will live forever in the hearts and minds of readers around the world–and beyond. Join Sam Weller and Mort Castle for a spirited discussion about the legacy left by this poet of the possible. Audience members are encouraged to participate and share their own remembrances of this storyteller without peer.

Speakers: Mort Castle  Sam Weller


CollegeHumor Live: Live from the Internet at New York Comic Con

8:00PM – 9:00PM         1E13

The overlap of the worlds of comedy and geek culture is indisputable, and so, the cast of CollegeHumor – and some of the site’s closest friends – will present a night of live, original comedy just for the New York Comic Con audience. Jeff Rubin (Editor-in Chief, Jest.com) and Patrick Cassells (Head Writer, CollegeHumor.com) will co-host the evening of stand-up and sketch comedy by nerds, for nerds.

Speakers: Jeff Rubin  Patrick Cassells


Blue Exorcist Screening and Q&A with Bryce Papenbrook (Rin Okumura)

8:00PM – 9:00PM         1A21

An NYCC Exclusive! Come and join us as Aniplex of America hosts an Exclusive Screening of Blue Exorcist. The screening will include the latest episodes of Blue Exorcist English Dubbed. Immediately following the screening, special guest Byrce Papenbrook (English Voice of Rin Okumura) will be having an special Q&A session about Blue Exorcist. Join us as our guests answer your questions about Blue Exorcist and more. There will be rare Blue Exorcist giveaways from Japan. Don’t miss it!

Speakers: Bryce Papenbrook


Berserk: The Golden Age – Arc I – The Egg of The King (VIZ)

8:15PM – 9:45PM         1A04

He trusts nothing but his own sword. He has no place to call home. The lone mercenary Guts travels a land ravaged by a hundred-year war. Moving from battlefield to battlefield, his skill and ferocity eventually attract the attention of Griffith, the leader of a group of mercenaries called The Band of the Hawk. Desiring Guts’s power to help him achieve his goals, Griffith succeeds in recruiting the distrustful Guts by challenging him to a duel and defeating him. As the Band of the Hawk fight together and their bond as a unit grows stronger, Griffith and Guts’s bond deepens as well. Despite all their success, Guts begins to question his reasons for fighting for Griffith’s dream, which, unbeknownst to Guts, is destined to bestow a monstrous fate on them both.



The Psychology of Cosplay

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A01

Do you want to understand cosplay? Join psychologists Robin Rosenberg (Psychology of Superheroes, What’s the Matter with Batman?) and Andrea Letamendi (UCLA) as they explore the psychology of cosplay and discuss results of their interviews and survey. Featured cosplayers Jill Pantozzi (The Mary Sue, IGN), Holly Conrad (Comic-Con Episode IV-A Fan’s Hope) and Bill Doran (Punished Props) will speak about their experiences creating and wearing elaborate costumes and props, and Jenna Busch (Stan Lee’s ‘Cocktails with Stan’) will moderate.

Speakers: Andrea Letamendi  Bill Doran  Holly Conrad  Jill Pantozzi  Robin Rosenberg


Steampunk 101

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A06

Curious about steampunk? Want to learn more about the genre that is rapidly becoming the next big subculture trend? Then come join author and noted steampunk expert G. D. Falksen as he leads a panel discussing all things steampunk. This panel will cover the basics of the steampunk genre, its development as a subculture and fashion trend, and will also explore current developments in steampunk literature, fashion and related topics. There will be all manner of giveaways of many steampunk products at the end of this panel.

Speakers: Art Donovan  Evelyn Kriete  G. D. Falksen  Lyndsay Faye  Mark Siegel  Paul Oliver


TheOneRing.net: The Truth About The Hobbit

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A14

The Hobbit movie is imminent just at the book turns 75. With on-set visits, intrepid reporting, and the pulse of fans worldwide, TheOneRing.net staff shred rumors, answer questions, share New Zealand images-but not as part of the official publicity machine.

Speakers: Kirsten Cairns  Larry Curtis  Lisa Crouch  Rebecca Perry


Kirk Hammett, Lead Guitarist for Metallica, Talks to Kevin Clement about His Passion for Collecting Monster Movie Memorabilia

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A23

Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist for Metallica, discusses his passion for collecting monster movie memorabilia and his new book, Too Much Horror Business, with the man behind Chiller Theatre, Kevin Clement.

Speakers: Kevin Clement  Kirk Hammett


Kaiju Big Battel

9:00PM – 10:00PM         Variant Stage

Monsters are real & danger can happen! Kaiju Big Battel is the only real, live, Japanese movie-inspired, monsterfight in the world! The epic struggle between good and evil rages on, as the dastardly, city crushing monsters of Dr. Cube’s Posse take on Kung Fu Chicken Noodle and the Kaiju Heroes! Witness the first ever Monster Press Conference where challenges will be made & tempers will flare over the prestigious Kaiju Grand Championship! Be the first to see the unveiling of our brand new DVD “Area 57”, as we show you footage from the chaotic world of monsters & mayhem! It’s an action packed event that is sure to be explosive!

Speakers: American Beetle  D.W. Cycloptopuss III  Dr. Cube  Dusto Bunny  French Toast  Hell Monkey  Louden Noxious  Paco & Pedro- Los Platains  Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder




Saturday, October 14



10:30AM – 12:00PM         IGN Theater

The talent and creators of the Syfy hit series HAVEN will be participating in a panel at this year’s New York Comic-Con on Saturday, October 13th at 10:30am. Fans will get a chance to catch a glimpse of exclusive premiere footage from Haven Season 3, in addition to seeing the stars and creative talent behind the series. HAVEN, based on the novella “The Colorado Kid” from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose), who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets, which also holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.



Lost Girl: Season One

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1A10

The first season of Lost Girl comes to DVD on October 23 from FUNimation. Now’s the time to re-discover or catch up on the story of the succubus Bo. For years, she had no idea what she was or why her every lover died in the throes of passion. With the help of the mischievous, but loyal, Kenzi, the handsome shapeshifter Dyson, and the beautiful human scientist Lauren, Bo will use her powers of seduction to unravel the riddle of her mysterious past.



The 501st Legion’s “Shoot-A-Trooper”

11:00AM – 1:30PM         Activity Zone

We know Star Wars fans have a Rebellious streak…are you ready to take out some of your frustrations on a servant of the Empire? Shoot-A-Trooper Blaster Range, arms participants with Nerf guns and puts them against hapless (perhaps masochistic) troopers. All funds go to charity so take pride in sticking it to the Empire for an optional small donation!



From Concept to Comic: The Making of a Graphic Novel

11:00AM – 11:45AM         Unbound Stage

Mark Siegel, author of the graphic novel Sailor Twain and Editorial Director of comics publisher First Second Books, discusses what goes into making a graphic novel. From inspiration to finished book, Siegel will take you on an all-access-pass behind-the-scenes tour through the process of both creating comics and working with a publisher. On the road to publication, Sailor Twain was supported through online serialization, Kickstarter and a traditional publisher, and Siegel will discuss the pros and cons of each of these methods of publication.

Speakers: Mark Siegel


DC Entertainment: Talent Search

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A01

Join DCE’s Editorial Art Director, Mark Chiarello, for an informative orientation session that will explain how DCE’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine brands. If you want to learn what DCE looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, then this is the panel for you! In order to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory.

Speakers: Mark Chiarello


Un-Go (Anime Network)

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A04

Shinjurou Yuuki is the last great detective… or the “defeated detective,” depending on whom you ask. But this isn’t your typical detective story, and Yuuki isn’t like most detectives. Armed with a unique talent for solving mysteries, Yuuki finds himself on the hit list of Tokyo’s most wanted! This action packed murder mystery takes you through the war ravaged streets of futuristic Tokyo.



Vertical, Inc. Presents: Moyoco Anno

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A06

Moyoco Anno is the manga creator behind Sakuran, Sugar Sugar Rune, Hataraki Man, Happy Mania, Flowers & Bees, and many, many more best-selling Japanese comics. Meet her, learn about her career, and hear what’s next for one of Japan’s most celebrated creators in this special Q&A presented by Vertical, Inc.

Speakers: Moyoco Anno


Designing the Video Game Sequel to James Cameron’s ALIENS – Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Challenges of Scale and Canon

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A07

27 years later, James Cameron’s highly successful sci-fi/horror spectacle ALIENS is getting a canonical sequel – in the form of a video game. Developer Gearbox Software will share insights into the exciting journey that developing Aliens: Colonial Marines has been – from diving deep into the ALIENS canon to updating the legacy and the challenges of telling a new story in a beloved franchise.

Speakers: Brian Burleson  Brian Martel  Gary Whitta  John Mulkey  Mikey Neumann  Randy Pitchford


Making Comics the Avatar Way

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A08

Peek inside the inner workings of AVATAR PRESS, the industry’s most risk-taking publisher! Want insight into the hottest titles from Garth Ennis, Alan Moore and David Lapham? Can’t get enough Ferals, Fashion Beast, or Crossed? Find out what new terrors this rogue publisher will unleash and get your questions answered!

Speakers: Jacen Burrows  Mike Wolfer  William Christensen


Creepy and Eerie REBORN and UNDEAD

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A14

Are you ready to experience the creepiest of the Creepy? Join an evil assemblage of ghoulish creators as we discuss the new upcoming Chris Columbus Creepy feature film and the original Warren Creepy and Eerie Magazines relaunched at Dark Horse in hardcover archival editions, new comic books and artist compilation formats.

Speakers: Dan Braun


The Image Comics Experience

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A23

Image Comics brings together some of the most exciting rising stars in comics today and established creators alike to talk about the past, present, and future of Image Comics. Join Publisher Eric Stephenson to experience a lively conversation with surprise guests, and be among the first to hear some big announcements!

Speakers: Eric Stephenson


Kill Shakespeare: The Live Stage Reading

11:00AM – 12:00PM         Variant Stage

A comic book comes to life in this unique theatre production of the acclaimed IDW series Kill Shakespeare. The stage show tells the story of this mash-up adventure using projections of the images from the comic combined with actors reading out the dialogue, creating sound effects and the music live. Now touring worldwide, this is the show’s American comic convention debut. Presented in conjunction with Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company.

Speakers: Anthony Del Col


Marvel Video Games

11:15AM – 12:15PM         1E13

Get the latest scoop on upcoming blockbuster Marvel video games spanning all of today’s hottest platforms (sorry, ColecoVision!). Upcoming titles include Deadpool, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, Marvel Heroes, Marvel: War of Heroes and more, plus the latest additions to current releases like Avengers Alliance, Avengers Initiative, Marvel Pinball (new table announcement!), HeroClix Online, Super Hero Squad Online and The Amazing Spider-Man. And just what is Marvel XP? All this, plus questions from the audience – and maybe even some other surprises. Don’t miss out!



Once More With Feeling: 15 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

11:15AM – 12:15PM         1A21

In March of 1997, the first episode of Joss Whedon’s landmark television series was aired, inspiring fandom the likes of which remains unmatched to this day. 15 years later, this cast of characters lives on Dark Horse’s family of Buffy-related titles. Join longtime editor of all things Whedon-related, Scott Allie, as well as some surprise guests for a look back, as well as news around Buffy Season 9, Angel, Spike, Willow and more!

Speakers: Scott Allie


Violet and Daisy

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A10

Geoffrey Fletcher won an Academy Award® for writing the screenplay of PRECIOUS. So how does he follow that up? With this most unexpected film that also marks his directorial debut, the darkly humorous and visually stunning VIOLET & DAISY. The story of two teenage assassins, Violet (Alexis Bledel, SIN CITY, “Mad Men”) and Daisy (Academy Award®-nominated Saoirse Ronan, HANNA, THE LOVELY BONES) are best friends in life and partners at work. When they accept what they think will be a routine job, their target (James Gandolfini, “The Sopranos”, IN THE LOOP) instead provides them with a life-altering experience. Also featuring Danny Trejo and Academy Award®-nominated actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get an advance glimpse of this long-awaited film, complete with a conversation with Geoffrey Fletcher!

Speakers: Geoffrey Fletcher


Tamora Pierce Spotlight

12:00PM – 12:45PM         Unbound Stage

Stop by The Unbound Stage to spend some time with author Tamora Pierce as she discusses her latest works.

Speakers: Tamora Pierce



12:15PM – 1:15PM         1E07

Check out the latest from MTV!



Weight Hacking: A How-To Guide For Geeks Who Want To Lose Weight

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A01

Weight Hacking is an operating system for geeks that provides simple ways to incorporate better eating and sound nutrition into a geeky lifestyle. It explains how passions like playing games, surfing the Web, reading and a love of gadgets can be some of the best tools to lose weight.

Speakers: Craig Engler


Rose of Versailles with Susan Napier (Viki)

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A04

Co-Sponsored by Anime News Network. When The Rose of Versailles burst on the scene in 1972, the gender-bending work by Riyoko Ikeda helped reshape shojo manga forever. Viki is honored to bring the series to North American audiences and will host a sneak peek of the first episode, subtitled in English. Q&A immediately following with Anime News Network and Dr. Susan Napier, Professor of Japanese Studies at Tufts University.



The Mysteries Surrounding the Writing of Dracula and How the Character Has Changed in 115 Years

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A06

2102 is the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death; many questions are still unanswered about the author’s inspiration and motivation for writing Dracula, 1897, one of the most famous novels of all time. Dacre Stoker, Bram’s great grandnephew will enlighten the audience with a Power Point presentation introducing new and compelling information about Dracula’s origins. Joining Dacre are panelists John Browning, author, professor at SUNY Buffalo, and screenwriter J.V. Hart, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, (1992) Hook, (1991), Contact, (1997). Share their unique perspective on how the character Dracula has been transformed on television and film over the past 115 years.

Speakers: Dacre C. Stoker  James V. Hart  John Edgar Browning


ComiXology Open Discussion: Everything Digital!

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A07

With over 75 million comics and graphic novels downloaded since its debut, comiXology has revolutionized how people read and buy comic books. Recently hailed by the New York Times as the “iTunes of comics”, here is your opportunity to discover what’s next and ask your burning questions! Join comiXology co-founders David Steinberger and John D. Roberts for an open discussion on…everything digital. All topics are game! Don’t miss out!

Speakers: David Steinberger  John D. Roberts


Myth Mixology: How Urban Fantasists Create the Perfect Cocktail

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A08

Many New Yorkers know their Manhattans, Cosmos and Long Island Iced Teas. While the average happy hour drink takes gin, rum or vodka, these authors spice things up with mystics, witches, daemons, Celtic gods and other magical beings. Join top-shelf authors, F. Paul Wilson, Kevin Hearne, Theo Lawrence, Anton Strout, Faith Hunter, Nancy Holzner, Allison Pang and Nicole Peeler, as they discuss the elements of mythology that go into making your favorite cocktails of urban fantasy. Moderated by Kim Alexander from Sirius XM radio.

Speakers: Allison Pang  Anton Strout  F. Paul Wilson  Faith Hunter  Kevin Hearne  Kim Alexander  Nancy Holzner  Nicole Peeler  Theo Lawrence



12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A14

MATTEL Presents: Mattypalooza in New York 2012 – Masters of the Universe Classics, DC, Ghostbusters and Watchmen! This year’s Mattypalooza will be bigger and better than ever! Get all the latest info on your favorite Mattel collector lines, like Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe, Ghostbusters and Watchmen from MattyCollector.com! For all the insider intel, don’t miss the Q & A with Mattel toy designers, brand managers and special guests The Four Horsemen. It’s the place to be for the world premiere of tons of new toys and the latest info!

Speakers: Chris Dahlberg  Cornboy  Eric Treadaway  Jim Preziosi  Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich


Mad about MAD

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A23

Often imitated but never duplicated, MAD is the country’s best-selling humor magazine! Join MAD Magazine editor John Ficarra, art director Sam Viviano, legendary contributors Al Jaffe, Peter Kuper and Drew Friedman for a wise-cracking Q&A that’s bound to be, well, MAD!

Speakers: Al Jaffe  Bob Wayne  Drew Friedman  John Ficarra  Peter Kuper  Ryan Flanders  Sam Viviano


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2!

12:15PM – 1:15PM         IGN Theater

Witness the first public display of footage from the epic conclusion to the animated version of Frank Miller’s landmark graphic novel as Warner Home Video presents an NYCC-exclusive panel on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, the next entry in the popular, ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Executive Producer Bruce Timm, dialogue/casting director Andrea Romano and a few exciting guests will discuss the making of the film and show some tantalizing clips. Warner Home Video’s Gary Miereanu will moderate the panel, award unique DCU-themed prizes, and offer a glimpse into the 2013 slate of DCU animated films. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 is produced by Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation.

Speakers: Andrea Romano  Bruce Timm  Gary Miereanu


The Big Quiz Thing

12:15PM – 1:15PM         Variant Stage

Hey, comics geek…want a real challenge? The ultimate trivia spectacular is coming to New York Comic Con. The Big Quiz Thing, New York’s favorite live quiz show, presents four rounds of the world’s greatest multimedia trivia, on comics, movies, sci fi, TV and more, for prizes and glory.

Speakers: Heather Young  Liv Swenson  Mike Young


Bill Paxton and John McLaughlin’s “Seven Holes For Air” Introduction

12:30PM – 1:30PM         1E13

Join award winning actor/director/producer Bill Paxton (Aliens, Frailty, Big Love, True Lies, Hatfields & McCoys), writer John McLaughlin (Hitchcock, Black Swan, Splinter Cell), David Uslan (Producer, Graphicly) and Eric Reid (Literary Agent at William Morris Endeavor) on an all-star panel introducing their new graphic novel “Seven Holes For Air”. Whether you’re a fanboy or a pop-culture fanatic, you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to interact with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. Moderated by Michael Uslan (Executive Producer of the Batman franchise).

Speakers: Bill Paxton  David Uslan  Eric Reid  John McLaughlin


IDW Publishing

12:30PM – 1:30PM         1A21

2012 has been a huge year for IDW. Join Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, with very special guests Andy Diggle, J.K. Woodward, Fred Van Lente and Mike Johnson for inside information on what else is in the works! Announcements, excitement, gossip, prizes and Q&A!

Speakers: Andy Diggle  Chris Ryall  Fred Van Lente  J.K. Woodward  Mike Johnson


Post-Apocalypse Now

1:00PM – 1:45PM         Unbound Stage

Examine the end of the world as we know it as represented in film, TV and literature with Emmy Laybourne (author of NYT Editor’s Choice novel, MONUMENT 14) and Kevin Maher (AMC’s “The Sci Fi Department”). Special bonus: live premiere of Laybourne’s new comedy song, “FAQ.”

Speakers: Emmy Laybourne


Marvel Heroes – The Marvel MMO You’ve Been Waiting For

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A10

Get an exclusive inside look at the incredible, spectacular free-to-play action-MMO Marvel Heroes as we reveal new characters, new gameplay details and more! Join Gazillion president David Brevik (co-creator of Diablo!), Marvel’s mighty VP of Games Production TQ Jefferson and other panelists for exclusive NYCC reveals and surprises. You do not want to miss this panel, True Believers!

Speakers: David Brevik  TQ Jefferson


The Conjuring

1:30PM – 2:00PM         IGN Theater

Before there was Amityville, there was Harrisville. Based on a true story, “The Conjuring” tells the horrifying tale of how world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their lives. Appearing in person: Patrick Wilson and director James Wan.

Speakers: James Wan  Patrick Wilson



1:30PM – 2:30PM         1E07

DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and THE NEW 52: Wave 2 were the most talked about industry-shattering events in the comic book industry! And now with Zero month, we’re not done making news by a long shot! Come by and be a part of history as we discuss what’s coming next in this exciting time for DC Entertainment with Bernard Chang (Demon Knights), Joshua Fialkov (I, Vampire), Adam Glass (Suicide Squad), Justin Gray (All-Star Western), Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), Aaron Kuder (Green Lantern: New Guardians), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Justice League Dark), Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes), Aaron Lopresti (Sword of Sorcery), Howard Mackie (Ravagers), Jimmy Palmiotti (All-Star Western) and more.

Speakers: Aaron Kuder  Aaron Lopresti  Adam Glass  Bernard Chang  Bob Harras  Bobbie Chase  Howard Mackie  Jeff Lemire  Jimmy Palmiotti  John Cunningham  Joshua Fialkov  Justin Gray  Marc Guggenheim  Paul Levitz


Ladies Who Steam: The Publishing Industry on Women in Steampunk

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A01

The steampunk subgenre has attracted lots of attention–especially for women writers. Join Tor editor Liz Gorinsky, Orbit Books art director Lauren Panepinto and authors Leanna Renne Hieber, Anina Bennett and PJ Schnyder to talk about what steampunk offers for the ladies. Moderated by Ay-leen the Peacemaker of Tor.com.

Speakers: Anina Bennett  Ay-leen the Peacemaker  Lauren Panepinto  Leanna Renee Hieber  Liz Gorinsky  PJ Schnyder


Carl Macek’s Robotech Universe (Harmony Gold)

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A04

Directed and narrated by independent filmmaker Keith Maxwell, the documentary features interviews with the cast and crew involved with the groundbreaking Robotech franchise that debuted in 1985. A collection of private photos and stories portray the herculean effort by Carl Macek and his crew to create a dynamic anime series that influenced an entire industry that is still going strong today.



Comedy, Videogames, Comic Books and the Internet: A Steamy Love Triangle with CollegeHumor, Jest and Dorkly

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A06

What makes videogame, comic book and sci-fi comedy so popular online? CollegeHumor’s biggest viral video hits are based on videogames, comic books and science fiction—from “Street Fighter the Later Years” to “Mario-Princess Sex Tape” to “The Dark Knight Meets Superman.” Join writers, producers and performers behind CollegeHumor Media’s popular sites—CollegeHumor, Jest and Dorkly—as they talk about the joys and challenges of turning their love of Mortal Kombat and Spider-Man into funny videos. They’ll share insight into their creative process, how they determine when a phenomenon is popular enough to warrant a parody video and why anything can be funny if you just add Mario. They’ll also share behind-the-scenes stories including best and worst viewer/reader comments and some of the most embarrassing ideas that never made it out of the writers’ room.



Kodansha Comics

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A07

The staff of Kodansha Comics invite you to join them as they talk about all their exciting plans for this year and next. Learn about all the new titles coming out in the coming months, with special coverage of Sailor Moon, Battle Angel Alita and many other hit manga series. Kumi Shimizu (Kodansha USA Publishing) and Dallas Middaugh (Random House) will be there to tell tall tales and answer all of your burning questions.

Speakers: Dallas Middaugh  Kumi Shimizu


HOCUS POCUS: Magic & Monsters in Science-Fiction and Fantasy

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A08

Science-Fiction and Fantasy authors discuss the costs and consequences of “magic” in their novels. Moderator Beth Revis will have authors Andrea Cremer, Jacqueline Carey, Jocelynn Drake, Kim Harrison, Max Gladstone, Cecil Castellucci, Victoria Schwab and Richard Kadrey dishing about the scary, hairy and dangerous creatures that lurk in the worlds they have created. Moderated by Beth Revis.

Speakers: Andrea Cremer  Beth Revis  Cecil Castellucci  Jacqueline Carey  Jocelynn Drake  Kim Harrison  Max Gladstone  Richard Kadrey  Victoria Schwab


The Top Cow Universe’s New Era

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A14

Are you interested in writing or drawing comic books? Then YOU need to come to the Top Cow panel where the Image imprint’s top talent will tell you about what it’s like to create comics like Cyber Force, The Darkness, Witchblade, Think Tank and more! Get a first look at new art! Find out what’s going on with The Darkness movie in development! And get the latest on the Top Cow Talent Hunt, in which TWO lucky writers and TWO lucky artists will get jobs. All attendees will also get an awesome exclusive!

Speakers: David Hine  Jeremy Haun  Matt Hawkins  Tim Seeley


Neverwinter Adventure Zones: From Campaign Guide to MMO World

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A23

Dungeons & Dragons! Neverwinter! Hosted by a team of creative leads and game developers, Perfect World Entertainment joins forces with Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast to present the highly anticipated free action MMORPG, Neverwinter to New York Comic Con attendees. Join us for a firsthand look at the creative process behind bringing pen and paper campaign guides to life in an immersive MMORPG adventure zone — and lean how Neverwinter’s powerful user-generated content creation tool, the Foundry, will give players the tools to craft and share their own creations with fellow fans around the world. Prizes and Q+A opportunities with the folks from Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast will also be available to attendees.

Speakers: Brandon Felczer  Chris Youngs  Daniel Gelon  Joe Jing  Randy Mosiondz


The Nerdologues

1:30PM – 2:30PM         Variant Stage

The Nerdologues is a comedy show that explores nerd culture through hilarious sketches and personal stories. They have performed at San Fran Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, C2E2 and the New York City Comic Con. They ask questions, like: “Why don’t the doors on the Death Star fail open?”

Speakers: Alex Talavera  Andrew Bentley  Bill Kenkel  Chris Geiger  Claire Friedman  Eric Garneau  Joe Gennaro  Kevin Reader  Steve Persch  Tim Dunn


Person of Interest Special Video Presentation and Q&A

1:45PM – 2:45PM         1E13

The smash hit Person of Interest returns to New York Comic Con! Join creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises) along with series stars Michael Emerson (Lost), Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Kevin Chapman (Rescue Me) for an onstage Q&A, plus a special sneak peek of what’s to come in the acclaimed series. Person of Interest is a crime thriller about an ex-CIA agent John Reese (Jim Caviezel – The Thin Red Line), presumed dead, who teams up with mysterious high-tech billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson – Lost), to prevent violent crimes. Guided by an all-seeing “Machine” — and opposed by corrupt cops, criminals and shadowy elements within the government — the two work with NYPD detectives Carter (Henson) and Fusco (Chapman) to stop crimes before they happen. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS, and Person of Interest: The Complete First Season is available now on Blu-ray™ and DVD. Become a fan of Person of Interest on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/PersonofInterestCBS and follow the show on Twitter @PersonInterest.

Speakers: Jonathan Nolan  Kevin Chapman  Michael Emerson  Taraji P. Henson


Da Vinci’s Demons

1:45PM – 2:45PM         1A21

In a world where thought and faith are controlled, one man fights to set knowledge free. The secret history of Leonardo Da Vinci’s tantalizing life reveals a portrait of a young man tortured by a gift of superhuman genius. He is a heretic intent on exposing the lies of religion. An insurgent seeking to subvert an elitist society. His story becomes a mirror into our own world, calling us all to join his fight to Free the Future. Join David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel) as he discusses the upcoming season of the new Starz series Da Vinci’s Demons with cast members Tom Riley (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and Lara Pulver (True Blood, Robin Hood). Please note, R rated clips may be shown.

Speakers: David S. Goyer  Lara Pulver  Laura Haddock  Tom Riley


Wand Dueling Instruction for All Ages

1:45PM – 2:45PM         Activity Zone

The art of wand dueling is a centuries old practice that has unfortunately fallen on the wayside in today’s modern wizarding curriculum. Join The Group That Shall Not Be Named, Harry Potter NYC as their top wand dueling instructors demonstrate several of the offensive and defensive moves most frequently employed in duels. Many of these can be seen being used in the now famous Harry Potter Documentary films. Translation for Muggles: Dueling in the Harry Potter films was a carefully choreographed form of theatrical combat. HP-NYC will demonstrate and instruct participants in several of the dueling moves that the actors used. Bring your own wand if you prefer, if not, training wands will be provided.

Speakers: Cassandra Johnstone  Christine Evans  Clay Dockery  Jennifer Drucker


Vampire Combat Tactics: A Training Seminar

2:00PM – 2:45PM         Unbound Stage

With the help of undead combat expert Roger Ma, author of THE ZOMBIE COMBAT MANUAL & the new VAMPIRE COMBAT MANUAL: A Guide to Fighting the Bloodthirsty Undead, you just might survive an impending vampire attack with your blood supply intact. Ma debunks popular myths surrounding the undead, exposes the inner workings of their society, and details a vampire’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and behavioral traits. This is not a tutorial that will transform you into a Buffy or Van Helsing-style vampire-slaying hero, but it will prepare you for hand-to-hand combat with the bloodsucking undead. Remember, against a hunting vampire, you are not the predator, but the prey. Session will include: • Dispelling common vampire myths • Selecting weaponry to use in vampire combat • Physical conditioning to prepare your body against an attacking succubi • Vampire combat techniques to be demonstrated on stage with help from the audience participants

Speakers: Roger Ma


The Bay

2:15PM – 2:45PM         IGN Theater

From Oscar®-winning* director Barry Levinson, Roadside Attractions, and the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, comes this nerve-shredding tale of a small town plunged into absolute terror. The authorities believed they had buried the truth about the tragedy that claimed over 700 human lives. Now, three years later, a reporter has emerged with footage revealing the cover-up and an unimaginable killer: a mysterious parasitic outbreak. Told from the perspective of those who were there and saw what happened, The Bay unfolds over 24 hours though people’s iPhones, Androids, 911 calls, web cams, and whatever else could be used to document the nightmare in Claridge, Maryland. Starring Kristen Connolly (Cabin in the Woods). Appearing on the panel to present exclusive footage will be legendary director Barry Levinson (BBC’s Copper, Rain Man, Diner, Good Morning Vietnam, Wag the Dog).

Speakers: Barry Levinson


China, IL

2:30PM – 3:15PM         1A10

Join show creator Brad Neely, executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld and comedian Hannibal Buress (The Eric Andre Show, SNL) as they discuss their new Adult Swim animated hit China, IL and preview what’s to come in season two.

Speakers: Brad Neely  Daniel Weidenfeld  Hannibal Buress


Marvel NOW!: The Avengers

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1E07

What’s in store for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? How will Marvel NOW! change the lives of the Avengers? Join Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Tom Brevoort (SVP Executive Editor), Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers), Jonathan Hickman (Avengers), Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Arena) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) for the skinny on Uncanny Avengers and much more!

Speakers: Arune Singh  Axel Alonso  Dennis Hopeless  Jonathan Hickman  Rick Remender  Tom Brevoort


More Than Just A Novel: Expanded Universes, From Screen to Page and Beyond

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A01

Whether expanding the storytelling universe of a popular video game or TV series into a novel or adapting a book into a major feature film, these authors tell stories far deeper than what appears on screen. Discussing the challenges and rewards of creating multi-platform narratives, panelists will include authors of original tie-in novels to blockbuster franchises like Star Trek, Halo, Dead Space, and more, as well as YA author Kami Garcia, whose work is currently being adapted for film. Join them as they debate topics such as remaining faithful to the source material, writing from the perspective of an iconic character, and much more.

Speakers: Christopher Bennet  David Linker  David Mack  Ed Schlesinger  Frank Parisi  Kami Garcia


The Japan Foundation Presents: Danny Choo

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A06

Danny Choo as he discusses his life journey discovering Japanese culture, learning the language, living in Tokyo and spreading Japanese pop culture to the world through his blog, TV shows, web, print media, products and conferences. Danny will also share his tips for studying Japanese language and exploring the culture and talk about the anime, TV shows and products that he’s working on which helps him spread Japanese Culture.

Speakers: Danny Choo



2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A07

With the Dredd 3D movie in cinemas from September 21, 2012, the new Dredd monthly comic launching from IDW in November 2012 and 2000 AD continuing to release new and classic material, along with celebrating 35 years of publishing and celebrating many other high-flying series, such as the climax of the Nikolai Dante saga, this panel must not be missed – with top talent such as Duane Swierczynski (IDW’s Judge Dredd), Andy Diggle (The Losers, Lenny Zero), Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Ian Edginton (Leviathan, The New Deadwardians) and Al Ewing (Jennifer Blood, Zaucer of Zilk)!

Speakers: Al Ewing  Andy Diggle  Chris Ryall  Duane Swierczynski  Ian Edginton  Keith Richardson  Simon Fraser


Oddities Antique Road Show

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A08

Join the cast of Science Channel’s hit series Oddities, Evan Michelson, Mike Zohn, and Ryan Matthews as they appraise some of their most macabre, bizarre and obscure items. They will open the doors of their famed East Village shop OBSCURA ANTIQUES & ODDITIES, the Big Apple’s epicenter of the eccentric, pop culture’s Mecca of the macabre to New York Comic Con for the first time, to interact with fans to talk about what’s in store for their new season. Surprise guest appearances and exclusive footage as well as NYCC giveaways will be on hand. Join the purveyors of peculiarities Evan, Mike and Ryan, where weird is the new normal.

Speakers: Evan Michelson  Mike Zohn  Ryan Matthews


Blizzard Entertainment Publishing

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A14

Love World of Warcraft, Diablo III and StarCraft II? Join New York Times Best Selling authors, Michael Stackpole and Micky Neilson, along with Dave Kosak, Lead Quest Designer for WoW for the unveiling of a brand new World of Warcraft novel in 2013. Get in-depth with the storylines and quests that continues to drive the largest MMO in the world! Plus, have a chance to chat with the creative minds behind the Blizzard publishing program.

Speakers: Dave Kosak  Michael Stackpole  Micky Neilson


King of the Nerds on TBS: Sneak Peek and Panel

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A23

It’s finally good to get picked last! King of the Nerds, a new competition reality show, is launching on TBS January 2013. The show’s geeky competitors live together in a nerd-tastic house and face challenges that test their intellect, ingenuity, unique skills and pop-culture prowess. During this interactive sneak peek and panel, Executive Producers and Hosts Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong will test your nerd skills and offer a chance to win cool prizes!

Speakers: Curtis Armstrong  Robert Carradine


Uncle Yo – Comic Con Stand-Up

2:45PM – 3:45PM         Variant Stage

Uncle Yo is NY’s go-to for comic book, anime and video game stand-up comedy, and he’s back at NYCC.

Speakers: Karl Custer


Naruto Shippuden: The Movie 3 – The Will of Fire (VIZ)

2:45PM – 5:00PM         1A04

Four ninjas with bloodline limits from the hidden villages of Cloud, Stone, Mist, and Sand disappear. The Land of Fire is under suspicion as it is the only country to not have one of its own ninja disappear. The suspicion between countries almost brings about a 4th Great Ninja War, and Tsunade orders the ninja from the Hidden Village of Leaf to find out the truth behind the disappearances to prevent the war.



Beautiful Creatures

3:00PM – 3:30PM         IGN Theater

Alcon Entertainment’s “Beautiful Creatures” is a supernatural love story set in the South which tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers: Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich), a young man longing to escape his small town, and Lena (Alice Englert), a mysterious new girl. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town. The film is based on the first novel in the best-selling series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Appearing in person: Alden Ehrenreich, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Mann, Zoey Deutch, writer/director Richard LaGravenese, authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

Speakers: Alden Ehrenreich  Emmy Rossum  Kami Garcia  Margaret Stohl  Richard LaGravenese  Thomas Mann  Zoey Deutch



3:00PM – 3:45PM         Unbound Stage

Bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk – American fiction’s most brilliant troublemaker – discusses his latest novel, DAMNED. This is the afterlife as only Palahniuk could imagine it: Adolescence is hell? You have no idea…Welcome to the Inferno by way of The Breakfast Club.

Speakers: Chuck Palahniuk


Stan Lee’s World of Heroes

3:00PM – 4:00PM         1E13

The legendary Stan Lee talks about World of Heroes, his YouTube channel built around heroes, villains and the fans who love them. In this epic panel, Stan, Peter David (The Hulk) and other special guests showcase new shows launching, debut new episodes, answer questions from fans, and provide a few Stan Lee surprises.

Speakers: Peter David  Stan Lee


Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini Discuss HOUSE OF SECRETS

3:00PM – 4:00PM         1A21

Hollywood icon Chris Columbus (Gremlins, Goonies, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and bestselling teen author Ned Vizzini (It’s Kind of a Funny Story) discuss their collaboration on an explosive new fantasy series, HOUSE OF SECRETS.

Speakers: Chris Columbus  Ned Vizzini


How to Play Quidditch 101

3:00PM – 8:00PM         Activity Zone

Have you ever wished YOU could play Quidditch? Now you can! The International Quidditch Association will be at NYCC once again to teach you how to play this great sport in the Muggle world. Join us on Friday and Saturday from 3-8pm for some excitement and fun! The IQA will be leading demo matches with a few official Quidditch teams on both days. After each demo match, we’ll be opening up the pitch for pick-up games. Fans can join in and play with each other for a few hours at a time. Throw a quaffle through hoops, bludge your opponents or snatch the snitch! Whether you’d like to watch or play, this is something you don’t want to miss. Come see Quidditch in action and why it’s the hottest phenomenon everyone’s talking about!




3:30PM – 4:15PM         1A10

Join show creators and executive producers Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick with voice talent David Wain (Wanderlust, Childrens Hospital) and Richard Mather, animation director Mike Carlo, and story editor Janine Ditullio, as they discuss their Adult Swim series Superjail! and show never-before-seen footage!

Speakers: Christy Karacas  David Wain  Janine Ditullio  Mike Carlo  Richard Mather  Stephen Warbrick


Evil Dead

3:45PM – 4:45PM         IGN Theater

In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up long-dormant demons that possess each of those friends in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival. Appearing in person: Producer (as well as the original Ash himself)Bruce Campbell, star Jane Levy (TV’s Suburgatory) and director Fede Alvarez.

Speakers: Bruce Campbell  Fede Alvarez  Jane Levy



3:45PM – 4:45PM         IGN Theater

A reimagining of the classic Stephen King horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom. Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, Carrie is directed by Kimberly Peirce with a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Appearing in person: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore and director Kimberly Peirce. Please join all of us from Screen Gems to ask questions and see exclusive footage.

Speakers: Chloë Grace Moretz  Julianne Moore  Kevin Misher  Kimberly Peirce


A Sneak Peek at the SEVEN WONDERS with Peter Lerangis

4:00PM – 4:45PM         Unbound Stage

Join Peter Lerangis, author of three books in the New York Times bestselling series The 39 Clues, as he introduces SEVEN WONDERS, a gripping new seven-book multi-media series about four friends on an epic quest to unlock the secrets of an ancient world in time to save themselves and safeguard the future. The first book, THE COLOSSUS RISES is scheduled to publish worldwide on February 5, 2013.

Speakers: Peter Lerangis


Halo 4: The Master Chief Returns and Multiplayer goes to Infinity

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1E07

On November 6th, the Master Chief will return after 5 years lost in space to find a dangerous new Halo universe and tons of surprises in Halo 4. Get an up-to-the-minute status report on this new beginning for Halo and the exciting plans for the competitive multiplayer of War Games and the revolutionary continued storytelling and adventure of Spartan Ops, the brand new game mode that will continue the story of Halo 4 for months after you finish Master Chief’s campaign.



Gay Marriage in Comics: Revolutionary or a Step Backwards?

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A01

The comics event of 2012 was Northstar’s marriage to his boyfriend Kyle, on the heels Kevin Keller’s marriage in “Life With Archie.” Does this represent a breakthrough or has it been a way to make the comics world’s most prominent LGBT characters “acceptable” to the mainstream audience? Join moderator Chance Whitmire (Fanboys of the Universe) and panelists Phil Jimenez (Astonishing X-Men), Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), Paul Kupperberg (Life With Archie) and Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl, former DC Comics Editor).

Speakers: Chance Whitmire  Dan Parent  Joan Hilty  Paul Kupperberg  Phil Jimenez


Garth Ennis: Top Secret New Project Revealed!

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A06

Garth Ennis has created dozens of critically-acclaimed projects including: Preacher, Crossed, The Punisher, The Boys, Stitched and many more! In the Stitched short film, he created new visions of modern horror and brought his trademark storytelling to the movie audience. Now join Garth Ennis for a huge announcement and Q&A about his upcoming new project, exclusively at New York Comic Con!

Speakers: Garth Ennis  William Christensen


JManga: The Future of Digital Manga

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A07

Join JManga for a panel full of special announcements and prizes!! Get the latest news on JManga.com’s newest acquisitions and more news you’ve been waiting for! Also, get the inside on JManga’s brand new site JManga7.com!! JManga will be giving away an iPad, a Nexus7 and loads of other special prizes from Akihabara and beyond throughout the panel! Special guests to be announced!

Speakers: Robert Newman


Kickstarter and Indie Comics!

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A08

Join Kickstarter and the artists of Benign Kingdom as we discuss what goes into making a successful comics project. We’ll cover the ins and outs of putting a Kickstarter together, best practices when it comes to structuring your project, how to craft thoughtful rewards and the importance of engaging your community and building lasting relationships.

Speakers: Ananth Panagariya  Becky Dreistadt  Cindy Au  Evan Dahm  George Rohac  KC Green


Secrets of Designer Toy Makers

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A14

Plush ninjas, cacti and organs — these aren’t your baby’s plush toys. Veteran independent toymakers spill their secrets on how to successfully create and market awesome plush and vinyl designer toys. Turn your sketches into something you can hold! Learn from the folks at Kidrobot, Shawnimals, Tokidoki, DKE Toys, Happy Worker, I Heart Guts and more.

Speakers: Dov Kelemer  Emily Brough  Kris Schantz  Nitin Bhargava  Shawn Smith


Vertigo – Fables: 10th Anniversary!

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A23

Come join in the party as Fables celebrates its 10th anniversary at New York Comic Con! Join Bill Willingham, creator of the multi-Eisner Award winning series Fables and Fairest, Group Editor Shelly Bond, Phil Jimenez (Fairest), Andrew Pepoy (Fables), Matt Sturges (Fairest) and others as they look back on 10 years of the amazing journey that is Fables, plus an in depth look into what the future holds! Don’t miss this panel that is truly legendary.

Speakers: Andrew Pepoy  Bill Willingham  John Cunningham  Matt Sturges  Phil Jimenez  Sean E. Williams  Shelly Bond


Apple Kissa Party Time

4:00PM – 5:00PM         Variant Stage

Come spend an hour partying with Apple Kissa Maid Café! We’ll answer questions, sing some songs, dance some dances and give out prizes!

Speakers: Apple Kissa Maid Cafe


Marvel Television Presents

4:15PM – 5:15PM         1E13

Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, offers an inside look at the anticipated new animated series, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., along with an Ultimate Spider-Man season 2 update! But that’s not all…catch a sneak peek at what’s new in Marvel anime and the next Marvel Knights Animation releases, and more NYCC exclusives! This is the panel everyone will be buzzing about – don’t miss it!

Speakers: Jeph Loeb


The Writers’ Room

4:15PM – 5:15PM         1A21

Some of comics’ best writers will talk about the challenges, triumphs, and idiosyncrasies of the comics creative process. Find out how comics like Happy!, Saga, and The Manhattan Projects are conceived, written, and brought to the printed page from the writers who knew them from “PAGE ONE, PANEL ONE.”

Speakers: Brian K. Vaughan  Grant Morrison  Jonathan Hickman


ADULT SWIM: Childrens Hospital/NTSF:SD:SUV::

4:30PM – 5:15PM         1A10

Join the stars and producers behind Adult Swim’s live-action comedies Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV::. Childrens Hospital creator and star Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine), executive producer Jonathan Stern (Newsreaders), executive producer David Wain (Wanderlust), are joined by NTSF:SD:SUV:: creator and star Paul Scheer (The League), and executive producer Curtis Gwinn (Fat Guy Stuck in Internet) to discuss both series.

Speakers: Curtis Gwinn  David Wain  Jonathan Stern  Paul Scheer  Rob Corddry


Play Me a Story: Telling Stories in Games, and About Games

5:00PM – 5:45PM         Unbound Stage

Novelist and video game expert Austin Grossman provides an early preview of his forthcoming novel YOU, a story of mystery, videogames, and the people who create them.

Speakers: Austin Grossman


AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Panel Event

5:00PM – 6:00PM         IGN Theater

Join Andrew Lincoln and the cast of “The Walking Dead” along with showrunner and executive producer Glen Mazzara and executive producers Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd to discuss the highly anticipated season 3 premiere. Additional cast include Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey and Michael Rooker. Moderated by “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick, “The Walking Dead” panel will also include an exclusive clip from the premiere episode, which returns to AMC on October 14 at 9/8c.

Speakers: Andrew Lincoln  Chandler Riggs  Chris Hardwick  Danai Gurira  David Morrissey  Gale Anne Hurd  Glen Mazzara  Michael Rooker  Norman Reedus  Robert Kirkman


DC Comics: Justice League

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1E07

The world’s greatest heroes – the Justice League – have never been more exciting! Comics’ top talent – writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee – continue their historic team up on DC Comics’ best selling Justice League while Johns launches the all-new Justice League of America with all-star artist David Finch! Join Johns, Lee, Brian Buccellato (The Flash), Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman), David Finch (Justice League of America, Batman: The Dark Knight), Francis Manapul (The Flash), Joe Prado (Aquaman), Ivan Reis (Aquaman) and more to explore some of DC Comics’ spectacular titles!

Speakers: Bob Wayne  Brian Buccellato  Brian Cunningham  Cliff Chiang  David Finch  Francis Manapul  Geoff Johns  Ivan Reis  Jim Lee  Joe Prado


Geek Thoughts: Top Blogs Discuss Writing About Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fandom

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A01

Your favorite Geek Blogs: Live! Join Tor.com, Boing, Boing The Mary Sue, io9, The Beat and Bleeding Cool as they discuss how their blogs approach the conversation of science fiction, fantasy, genre and fandom online. Moderated by Ryan Britt of Tor.com.

Speakers: Cyriaque Lamar  Heidi McDonald  Jamie Frevele  Jill Pantozzi  Rich Johnston  Ryan Britt


Fate/Zero (Aniplex)

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A04

The ultimate battle royale in which seven Mages each vying for control of the miracle-granting Holy Grail summon seven Heroic Spirits and fight until only one remains. A special screening of Fate/Zero episodes 14 and 15! In these episodes, Caster has summoned a gigantic Horror. If it is not eliminated, the Grail War might have to be called off, to say nothing of the entire world being put in danger. Rider appeals to Saber and Lancer, and the three Heroic Spirits decide to fight side by side.



Hip-Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A06

Since its earliest days in the South Bronx, Hip-Hop culture has been linked to comic books – graffiti and album covers utilize superhero imagery, rappers adopt secret identities and grandiose aliases, artists use the vocabulary of comics to help forge a new urban culture. Comics creators have responded in kind, using the elements of Hip-Hop to give grounding to street-level storytelling, incorporating graffiti techniques into logo design and art styles, and using rap lyrics for context and content. Both forms thrive on excitement and energy, have achieved worldwide influence and inspire passionate fanbases. Here, Patrick Reed, editor of Depth of Field Magazine, brings together musical innovators (including Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels of RUN-DMC, Public Enemy DJ Johnny “Juice” Rosado, revered underground MC Jean Grae and legendary producer Pete Rock), visual artists (including acclaimed comic creators Ron Wilson and Adam Wallenta, and celebrated painter/graphic designer Eric Orr) and other special guests from the comic and music industries to celebrate the possibilities inherent in combining the worlds of Hip-Hop and comics, discuss how the forms have intersected over the last four decades and look ahead toward the future. Giveaways will be offered, new projects will be showcased; it’s a don’t-miss hour of history in the making!

Speakers: Adam “Illus” Wallenta  Darryl DMC McDaniels  Eric Orr  Jean Grae  Johnny “Juice” Rosado  Kagan McLeod  Patrick A. Reed  Pete Rock  Ron Wilson  Ronald Wimberly


BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!/BOOM! Town Panel

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A07

Join BOOM! Studios as it takes over New York Comic Con for one full hour. Learn what is next from BOOM! as Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon and VP of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik run down the most exciting new projects and reveal upcoming titles from BOOM! Studios, KaBOOM!, and BOOM! Town including the ongoing Supurbia series, Pen Ward’s newest creation Bravest Warriors… and the ultimate superhuman slugfest: Deathmatch! This is a panel you won’t want to miss!

Speakers: Filip Sablik  Matt Gagnon


HERO’S QUEST: Swords & Sorcery in Fantasy Fiction

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A08

Some of the most unforgettable heroes in literature are characters that embark on a fantastical journey. Whether their tales tell of slaying dragons, overthrowing regimes or magical lands, these authors put the EPIC in Fantasy fiction. Join authors Joanne Bertin, Peter Brett, Rae Carson, Peter Lerangis, Steve Bein, Stefan Bachmann, Sarah Beth Durst and Matt Myklush as they discuss all things fantastical, from swords and sorcery to horselords and warlords.

Speakers: Gwen Reyes  Joanne Bertin  Matt Myklusch  Peter Brett  Peter Lerangis  Rae Carson  Sarah Beth Durst  Stefan Bachmann  Steve Bein


Hellsing Ultimate

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A14

Hellsing Ultimate — the grittier, bloodier retelling of Kouta Hirano’s vampire manga — follows the Hellsing Organization, which has secretly been protecting the British Empire from the undead, and its ultimate weapon, the rogue vampire Arucard. Learn the latest and meet the stars of one of Japan’s most stylish and unflinching series!



Hellboy in Hell: The Official Panel!

5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A23

18 years after the first Hellboy story ran in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, Mike Mignola’s beloved demon is returning to where he came from with his most anticipated series yet! Join Mignola and his longtime editor Scott Allie, for a glimpse of what’s to come in this exciting new series!

Speakers: Mike Mignola  Scott Allie


Comics Quickfire!

5:15PM – 6:15PM         Variant Stage

A fast-paced game show where volunteers are paired off with (or against) professional cartoonists in a series of fun-filled drawing challenges! Audience members will provide suggestions and add to the creation of totally improvised epic drawings! Featuring host Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy), Ryan Sias (Zoe & Robot), Mark Siegel (Sailor Twain), John Green (Teen Boat), Laura Lee Gulledge (Page By Paige) and more! Great for all ages!

Speakers: Dave Roman  John Green  Laura Lee Gulledge  Mark Siegel  Ryan Sias


Marvel NOW!: Cup o’ Joe

5:30PM – 6:30PM         1E13

This is it, Mighty Marvel fans – the no-holds-barred, anything goes, full of surprises panel you wait all year for! Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada takes on all questions, shocks the audience with jaw-dropping announcements, and keeps you guessing along with guests including Jeph Loeb (EVP Television), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), C.B. Cebulski (SVP of Creator & Content Development), Senior Editor Steve Wacker and perhaps a special guest or two! You never know who will show up but you better be here, because this is the panel that everyone will be talking about!

Speakers: Axel Alonso  C.B. Cebulski  Jeph Loeb  Joe Quesada  Steve Wacker


Developers from IO Interactive demo HITMAN

5:30PM – 6:30PM         1A10

ABSOLUTION with live commentary, followed by a fan Q&A.



Travel Channel’s “Toy Hunter” – This Is Not Your Ordinary Child’s Play!

5:30PM – 6:30PM         1A21

Travel Channel reveals the business of buying and selling toys and collectibles in the series “Toy Hunter.” Come hear from acclaimed toy dealer and expert Jordan Hembrough as he speaks about his travels across America hunting for the most sought-after pieces. Poking through attics and rummaging around garages to score vintage items is all in a day’s work!

Speakers: Jordan Hembrough


The Art Of Fiction, Fantasy and Fetish

6:00PM – 6:45PM         Unbound Stage

Richard Kadrey, author of the bestselling Sandman Slim novels (including Devil Said Bang), is a renowned fetish photographer. Brom, who has penned some of modern literature’s most twisted retellings of folklore (The Child Thief, Krampus), is also a gifted and celebrated fantasy artist. Both are extremely nice guys, and are looking forward to talking with New York ComicCon attendees about the creative processes behind their darkly genius works of fiction and artistic flights of fancy, and how the visual can often be a powerful catalyst for the literal.

Speakers: Brom  Richard Kadrey


FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Special Event – First Look

6:15PM – 7:15PM         IGN Theater

It has been 10 years since the crew of the SERENITY took flight in Joss Whedon’s short-lived but now infamous show FIREFLY. Science Channel will give New York Comic Con an exclusive sneak peek at their 10th Anniversary Special Event making its world premiere on 11/11/12. From behind-the-scenes with those directly involved to never-before seen footage, Science Channel is going to have something for both old and new fans alike. Captain ‘Mal’ Reynolds and the crew from the ship are calling all BROWNCOATS to unite at the 2012 New York Comic Con. Special surprise guests and exclusive New York Comic Con giveaways are just the beginning. SHINY.



FEMME FATALES Revealed: The Killer Television Series Comes To DVD

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1E07

Meet the creators and beautiful femme fatales of the hit TV series that Entertainment Weekly calls a “badass chick anthology series” and Geek Magazine hails as “50% Tarantino, 50% Sin City, 100% Cool.” An official selection of the 2012 Sitges Film Festival, eOne is proud to bring the cult hit from series creators MARK A. ALTMAN (Castle, Free Enterprise) and STEVE KRIOZERE (NCIS, Necessary Roughness) about powerful, sexy and dangerous women inspired by and styled in the tradition of pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels to DVD. Join the panel of stars including NIKKI GRIFFIN (The Fast & The Furious III, The Dukes of Hazard), MADISON DYLAN (Robot Chicken) and CATHERINE ANNETTE and more as they unveil the special edition DVD set which will include all 13 uncut first season episodes, including bonus commentary on every episode for every pulse-pounding installment along with deleted & alternate scenes, making-of documentaries and an outrageous blooper reel to be previewed at the panel. Also, the first 100 attendees will receive exclusive FEMME FATALES giveaways including trading cards, soundtracks and free posters, including the rare “Libra” comic, based on the second season finale starring BETSY RUE and JEFF FATALES. Also be the first to hear news about the upcoming Femme Fatales movie!!!



FIRST COMICS Relaunch and 30th Anniversary Party!

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A01

FIRST COMICS, the first successful independent comic book company known for its legendary run of classic titles, has relaunched with all of the original commitments that made its initial 10 years so special: top flight entertainment from the best and brightest creators, cutting-edge stories running the gamut of genres, A-list artists’ illustrations popping off the page from state-of-the-art manufacturing. With Surprise Announcements (including previews of our next five titles!); a continuing of the tradition of showing due appreciation to panel-attending fans (free books and shirts!); and a great lineup of panel stars, including Bill Willingham, the Fillbach Bros., John Lucas, Steve Stern, Matt Sturges and more! Come celebrate our 30th Anniversary! Not to be missed by any true comics fan!

Speakers: Bill Willingham  John Lucas  Matt Fillbach  Matt Sturges  Shawn Fillbach  Steve Stern


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (Anime Network)

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A04

It’s time to jump in the driver’s seat of a world on the brink of collapse! Join Tori Aoi and his brethren of the flying ship Musashi as they try to change the course of history in order to save their world from sure destruction! In Tori’s universe, humanity has sullied itself with war and strife, and is forced to leave their world behind. Amid the chaos, the Testament arrives and guides the humans down a path they must follow if they wish to return.



Archaia Presents: Hawken, Cyborg 009, and Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe—Transmedia in Graphic Novel Publishing

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A06

In this information-filled panel, fans will be treated to exclusive announcements, images, and videos on three sci-fi properties poised for a transmedia explosion, with Archaia’s upcoming graphic novels providing a cornerstone in each campaign. Hawken is an upcoming, free-to-play mech first-person-shooter game from developer Adhesive Games’ and publisher Meteor Entertainment. Archaia will debut the original hardcover graphic novel which will serve as a prequel to the storyline in the game, and will feature the talents of Khang Le (Flight), Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Inhumans), Nathan Fox (DMZ), Moritat (Elephantmen), Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin), and more. Cyborg 009 was created by the legendary Shotaro Ishimori (Power Rangers, Kikaider) and is considered one of the most influential manga series of all time. As part of a new resurgence of original Cyborg 009 material, including a brand-new animated feature film being released in Japan this fall, Archaia will publish an all-new, original hardcover graphic novel that reimagines the classic story from a modern, Western aesthetic, featuring artwork from Marcus To (Red Robin). Preview art and previously unseen materials will be showcased for the first time at the panel. Space: 1999 – Aftershock and Awe is the first of a series of hardcover graphic novels based on the late 1970s science-fiction TV series starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Author Andrew E. C. Gaska (Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier) and artists David Hueso (GI. Joe: Storm Shadow), Gary Morrow, and Miki team up to reignite this classic property about the inhabitants stranded on a moonbase after a disaster sends the moon hurtling out of Earth’s orbit and into space.

Speakers: Andrew E. C. Gaska  F. J. DeSanto  Khang Le  Marcus To


Ladies of Womanthology

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A07

Some of the ladies involved in IDW’s groundbreaking Womanthology talk about their experiences of working on the book.

Speakers: Anya Martin  Ashley Lentini  Bonnie Burton  Ceili Conway  Jill Pantozzi  Ma’at Crook  Rachel Pandich  Tanja Wooten


The Sofubi Self-Production Process

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A08

Are you interested in making your own figure? This panel will enable the aspiring toy maker to understand exactly what goes into making their creations come to life in sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl). From concept drawing to finished product, Lulubell Toys/the Fort will take you through the process in full detail.

Speakers: Amy Del Castillo  Luke Rook


Israel Idonije of the Chicago Bears and Ron Marz Tackle the Graphic Novel World

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A14

Defensive superstar Israel Idonije of the Chicago Bears makes an appearance at NYCC to launch an exciting new graphic novel project! Combining the worlds of sports and superheroic adventure, the project will be brought to life by writer Ron Marz (Artifacts, Witchblade, Green Lantern) and artist Bart Sears (X-O Manowar, Justice League Europe). Join Idonije, Marz, David Uslan (Producer, Graphicly), Aaron Feuer (Producer) and surprise guests for the announcement of all the details, and hear how Idonije’s NFL career helped him to create the unique concept. Free promotional items to all who attend! Moderated by Michael Uslan (Executive Producer of the Batman franchise).

Speakers: Aaron Feuer  David Uslan  Israel Idonije  Ron Marz


Tiger & Bunny: Insider’s Panel

6:30PM – 7:30PM         1A23

Who better to bring you the scoop on TIGER & BUNNY than the folks who created the anime? Find out what it was like to make the anime, as well as get the latest news from Mr. Masakazu Katsura (Character Designer) and Mr. Yasuo Miyakawa (Producer, Sunrise). Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

Speakers: Kazuhiko Tamura  Masakazu Katsura


Costume Contest

6:30PM – 7:30PM         Variant Stage

Coming in costume to New York Comic Con? Why not strut your stuff for a chance to win an award? This is your opportunity to get up on stage, show off your skills and maybe even take home a prize or two. No pre-registration is necessary. Instead, simply come by the Variant Stage a half hour before the event to register. We’ll be signing up fans first come, first served, with the first 30 Fans taking the stage for each showcase.



Saga: Sex, Drugs & Rocketships

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1A10

Saga launched in March 2012 amid great anticipation, excitement, high hopes, and a little controversy and quickly became one of the top-selling independent comics of the year, second only to The Walking Dead. Creators Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples will talk about how they made an epic mash-up of science fiction, fantasy, and romance into the comic industry’s biggest sensation — and hint at what’s in store for Alana, Marko, and baby Hazel!

Speakers: Brian K. Vaughan  Eric Stephenson  Fiona Staples


Capcom Presents: Remember Me

6:45PM – 7:45PM         1A21

Be the first to find out everything there is to know about Capcom’s latest and greatest franchise, Remember Me – an exciting, science-fiction, action-adventure game set in the near future of Neo-Paris where memories are remixed and erased. Hear about the development of the game from the creative team and see the latest gameplay footage for this 2013 game release. Followed by a Q&A session.



Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free, But Kids Do

7:00PM – 7:45PM         Unbound Stage

Every single kid in America is a presumed copyright criminal. We spy on them in school, we raid their parents’ life savings, we censor their creative works. And oh, how we LIE to them: “It’s not creative if you’re copying something else.” “All great art starts with permission and ends with a lawyer.” “Giving more money to the record industry will make musicians richer.” Kids are in the streets over SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. They know that the locks we put on their information aren’t for their benefit — because we won’t give them the keys.

Speakers: Cory Doctorow


You Can’t Do That On Television

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A01

In 2012 YouTube funded three animation channels – Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media & Shut Up! Cartoons – through their original content partner program; of course, they’re expected to launch with exceptional success. They are also all edgy, adult-oriented channels doing animation in ways that has never occurred to traditional media. Why are they doing all this crazy stuff? Aaron Simpson of Mondo Media / Cold Hard Flash, Barry Blumberg of Shut Up! Cartoons & Fred Seibert of Cartoon Hangover by Frederator – are the leads behind these 3 channels. Come meet the producers behind some of the biggest cartoon hits on TV and online. Learn about what it takes to be a successful animator and how to pitch your own cartoons to the most powerful animation companies on the internet. Moderated by Tim Shey, Director of Channels & Programming at YouTube Next Lab.

Speakers: Aaron Simpson  Barry Blumberg  Fred Seibert  Timothy Shey


The World of Graphic Novels

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A06

Restaurants, outer space, fantastical worlds, high school — graphic novels today will take readers to all these places and more! How do graphic novelists combine words and pictures to create the worlds within their books? Authors Fred Chao, Zack Giallongo, Ben Hatke, Raina Telgemeier, Tyler Crook and Orpheus Collar discuss how world-building works in the world of comics. Moderated by Scott Robins.

Speakers: Ben Hatke  Fred Chao  Orpheus Collar  Raina Telgemeier  Scott Robins  Tyler Crook  Zack Giallongo


Bleeding Cool Panel with Rich Johnston

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A08

BleedingCool.com is the source for breaking news in the comic book industry! With the launch of Bleeding Cool Magazine at NYCC, super-sleuth RICH JOHNSTON is delivering even more comics news. Get ready to hear the secrets behind the biggest comics events of 2013 which no one has ever heard before!

Speakers: Rich Johnston


Night of the Living Dead: The Original Zombie Outbreak Returns!

7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A14

This Halloween, DAVID HINE and Avatar Press launch a brand-new ongoing horror series, Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath. Join David as he discusses his bold new contribution to George Romero’s epic! If you like your comics splattered with action and gore, you’ll want to attend this NOTLD: Aftermath panel!

Speakers: David Hine



7:45PM – 8:45PM         1A23

The next generation of manga heroes has gone digital with SJ Alpha, North America’s only near-simultaneous digital manga magazine, bringing fans the best manga like Naruto, One Piece and Bleach and showcasing up-and-coming series straight from Japan! TEAMJUMP (the editors of SJ Alpha) will have awesome announcements at the panel, show off the special print collectors SJ Alpha Yearbook 2013 (debuting at NYCC) and MORE! Plus, meet our special guest—legendary creator Masakazu Katsura (I”s, Video Girl Ai, and Zetman and character designer for the TIGER & BUNNY anime)! For real-time updates from the panel, follow us on Twitter @shonenjump.

Speakers: Alexis Kirsch  Eric Eberhardt  John Bae  Misaki Kido  Urian Brown


Cinefantastique Presents “Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?”

7:45PM – 8:45PM         Variant Stage

Cinefantastique, the most respected name in genre journalism since 1970, throws all that out the window for a look at surviving the eventual Zombie Apocalypse. Members of the NJ-based “Zombie Survival Course” (zombiesurvivalcourse.com) will show you what you need to know, right from their actual camp curriculum!

Speakers: Ed Donley  Joe Sena  Jonas Sherman  Mark Scelza  Suzanne Scelza


Tai Chi Zero (Variance Films)

7:45PM – 9:15PM         1A04

“Tai Chi Zero is the crazy, crazy baby of Kung Fu Hustle and Scott Pilgrim…It’s just too awesome.” – Ain’t It Cool News! The New York Asian Film Festival, Variance Films, and Well Go USA present a special sneak preview screening of Tai Chi Zero! See it before it hits theaters and then rub your friends’ faces in it. Plus, if you show up in your best steampunk or kung fu flick-inspired costume, you might win an awesome prize! The good folks of The New York Asian Film Festival will be on hand to dole out the goodies. From the creators of Ip Man and Detective Dee, and featuring action directed by the legendary Sammo Hung, Tai Chi Zero is a full on, steampunk-infused, video game influenced kung-fu throw down! In legendary Chen Village, everyone is a martial arts master, using their powerful Chen Style Tai Chi in all aspects of their lives. Lu Chan has arrived to train, but the villagers are forbidden to teach Chen Style to outsiders, and do their best to discourage him by challenging him to a series of fights. Everyone, from strong men to young children, defeats him using their Tai Chi moves. But when a man from the village’s past returns with a frightening steam-powered machine and plans to build a railroad through the village at any costs, the villagers realize they may have no choice but to put their faith in Lu Chan… who has a secret power of his own.



NYCC Charity Auction

8:00PM – 10:00PM         1A07

Please join us for the Second Annual NYCC Charity Art Auction to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering research and treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Included in that vision is that no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay. Your participation in this event will help support lifesaving research and treatment for the children of St. Jude. Come down and bid with other art enthusiasts for the chance to own a piece of original art from some of your favorite creators, all for a good cause! Over 60 creators attending NYCC 2012 will be generously donating original art for the auction including, Mike Mignola, Tony Daniel, Aaron Lopresti, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Tony Moore, Alex Maleev, Fiona Staples, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Terry Dodson, Francis Manapul, Ethan Van Sciver, Art Baltazar, Franco, Billy Tan, Carlo Pagulayan, David Mack, Eduardo Risso, Greg Horn, Jay Anacleto, Whilce Portacio and many more! Have Fun. Get Art. Save Lives.



Mass Effect The Movie: Paragon Lost

8:00PM – 10:00PM         1A21

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the animated prequel to Mass Effect 3 and follows the early career of Alliance Marine James Vega (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.). In Paragon Lost, Vega leads an elite Special Forces squad into battle against a mysterious alien threat known as The Collectors. Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his soldiers must protect the civilians from a ruthless invasion determined to capture the population for unknown purposes. See the full movie in this special advance screening!



IGN’s Free Sh*t and Podcast Beyond

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A01

Do you like getting games, movies and more just for being in a room breathing oxygen? What about listening to two of the definitive PlayStation voices in the video game industry talk shop? Well, IGN.com’s NYCC panel has you covered. Free Sh*t’s Chris Carle will be on hand to dole out… well…free geek stuff in the game show you win by not doing anything. Then, IGN Loudmouth Greg Miller and “He Only Does Everything” Colin Moriarty take the stage to record a live episode of Podcast Beyond — the No. 1 PlayStation podcast (the one time they checked iTunes to make sure they could say that). Drop what you’re doing, and come hang out, punkheads!

Speakers: Chris Carle  Colin Moriarty  Greg Miller


Lolita Beyond the Frills

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A08

Lolita is growing in Western culture still and many people into the fashion are seeking out one another. It’s become well more than just a fashion from Japan – it has developed its own culture and community with their own events. But what exactly makes a “lolita”? Former Sugar Bomb blogger Chris Liryo and company discuss the myths, facts and experiences of joining the frilly community.

Speakers: Amber Rutland  Chris M. Liryo  David Paritsky  Nancy Ramos


Zombies! Monsters! Your Dad!? Oh my.

9:00PM – 10:00PM         1A14

Long gone are the days of the average vampire story. These writers spare no expense to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with thrilling stories that will surprise you around every turn. Authors Daniel Kraus, Barry Lyga, Rachel Caine, Stefan Petrucha, Brom, Scott Spencer, John Hornor Jacobs, Will Hill, and Jonathan Maberry as they discuss their love of of all things horror and why they write the things they do.

Speakers: Barry Lyga  Brom  Chase Novak  Daniel Kraus  John Hornor Jacobs  Jonathan Maberry  Rachel Caine  Stefan Petrucha  Will Hill



9:00PM – 10:00PM         Variant Stage

The YouTube sensation (and creator of the “Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC” Mac/PC parody videos) is back at New York Comic Con! In previous years, RandomGuy has premiered new episodes of the parody series “Marvel/DC: Happy Hour” and “Marvel/DC: Zero Hour.” What new videos will he premiere this time? Come find out! Plus Q&A and more!

Speakers: Michael Agrusso



Sunday, October 14


Over 30 Years with Brian & Wendy Froud: Faeries, Goblins and Trolls

10:30AM – 11:00AM         Variant Stage

Brian and Wendy Froud met on development for Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. Since then, they’ve become the pre-eminent faerie artists in the world and the go-to authorities on faeries. Brian & Wendy will discuss their careers, family life and share stories of seeing Faeries, Goblins, Trolls and much more with longtime friend, author and national public radio host Ellen Kushner.

Speakers: Brian Froud  Ellen Kushner  Wendy Froud


The 501st Legion’s “Shoot-A-Trooper”

10:45AM – 1:00PM         Activity Zone

We know Star Wars fans have a Rebellious streak…are you ready to take out some of your frustrations on a servant of the Empire? Shoot-A-Trooper Blaster Range, arms participants with Nerf guns and puts them against hapless (perhaps masochistic) troopers. All funds go to charity so take pride in sticking it to the Empire for an optional small donation!



Marvel NOW!: Amazing Spider-Man & Beyond

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1E07

Marvel NOW! is on the horizon and Spidey & Co. are in the spotlight. Find out what to expect from the Spider-Man Office when Senior Editor Steve Wacker, Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man), Mark Waid (Daredevil), Joe Keatinge (Morbius), Kevin Shinick (Avenging Spider-Man), Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider), Declan Shalvey (Venom) and Arune Singh (Director of Communications) come to town! And Spider-Man won’t be the only topic of discussion here! Get the details on Daredevil, Punisher, and more!

Speakers: Arune Singh  Dan Slott  Declan Shalvey  Joe Keatinge  Kevin Shinick  Mark Waid  Ryan Stegman  Steve Wacker


Minimates Turn 10: Small Toys, Big Plans

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1A06

Some of the team behind the popular Minimates line are here to unveil new products and answer your questions about the 2-inch, fully articulated mini-figures!

Speakers: Chuck Terceira  Robert Yee  Uriel Caton  Zach Oat


Action-Packed Comics to Grow On

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1A08

Want to raise a comic book aficionado? Start here! With characters ranging from a neurotic rabbit to a crime-fighting lunch lady and formats from graphic novels to pop-ups, these authors are masters at penning favorites for the youngest age group. Look forward to a discussion about presenting the comic book genre to the littlest readers in an accessible and often downright hilarious way guaranteed to have them reading and creating works of their own. Featuring Patrick McDonnell, Scott Campbell, Peter Brown, Matthew Reinhart, Ben Hatke, Zack Giallongo and Orpheus Collar. Moderated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.

Speakers: Ben Hatke  Jarrett J. Krosoczka  Matthew Reinhart  Orpheus Collar  Patrick McDonnell  Peter Brown  Philip Amara  Scott Campbell  Zack Giallongo


Creating Comics with Two X-Chromosomes: Real Talk with Image’s Female Creators

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1A14

The subject of women in comics is often dominated by controversy, but what about conversation? Join some of comics’ top female writers and artists for some candid talk about working the comics industry. Does being a woman make a difference? What perspectives do female creators bring to a male-dominated industry? All that and more — with women who use their talent to get ahead!

Speakers: Alex de Campi  Amy Reeder  Blair Butler  Christine Larsen  Fiona Staples  Jennifer de Guzman  Jordie Bellaire  Ming Doyle


Lost Planet 3

10:45AM – 11:45AM         1A23

LOST PLANET 3 releases early next year with a gripping new storyline that provides fans with untold truths from previous Lost Planet games. Set in the frozen tundra of E.D.N. III, the game takes the franchise back to its roots, making gamers rethink everything they thought they knew about it. Come find out the latest information about this much-anticipated game from the Lost Planet 3 development team and “Go Beyond Survival!” Followed by a Q&A session.



Jeff Hirsch Spotlight

11:00AM – 11:45AM         Unbound Stage

Stop by The Unbound Stage to spend some time with author Jeff Hirsch as he discusses his latest works.

Speakers: Jeff Hirsch


666 Park Avenue Special Video Presentation and Q&A

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1E13

Get to know the residents of New York’s most mysterious address — The Drake — during this special video presentation of 666 Park Avenue, followed by a Q&A with executive producers Matthew Miller (Chuck, Human Target) and David Wilcox (Fringe), as well as series stars Terry O’Quinn (Lost), Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels), Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Mercedes Masöhn (The Finder), Helena Mattson (Iron Man 2), Samantha Logan (Law & Order: SVU) and Erik Palladino (ER). Seductive and inviting, The Drake maintains a dark hold over all of its residents, tempting them with their deepest desires and ambitions, in this drama that’s home to an epic struggle of good versus evil. The new series is executive produced by Matthew Miller (Chuck), David Wilcox (Fringe), Gina Girolamo (The Lying Game) and Leslie Morgenstein (The Vampire Diaries). From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television, 666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. Become a fan of the show on Facebook at www.facebook.com/666ParkAve and follow the show on Twitter @666ParkAve_ABC.

Speakers: Dave Annable  David Wilcox  Erik Palladino  Helena Mattson  Matthew Miller  Mercedes Masöhn  Rachael Taylor  Robert Buckley  Samantha Logan  Terry O’Quinn  Vanessa Williams


Little Orphan Annie: From 5th Avenue to Broadway

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A01

Celebrating Little Orphan ANNIE’s return to the Great White Way in October, WNET/Thirteen and Arielle Tepper Productions have teamed up to launch an interactive educational website to teach children about NYC in the 1930s and offer a behind the curtain look into the creation of a Broadway musical based on a classic comic strip.

Speakers: Corey Nascenzi  Lauren Schwarze


No. 6 (Anime Network)

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A04

No. 6 is an idyllic city if, like Shion, you happen to be a member of the privileged elite. But Shion’s perfect life comes crashing down when he helps a stranger. Now, on the run, the two young men must uncover the secrets that lie at the sinister heart of City Number 6 or be buried along with them!



The Art of Making Comics with Michael Golden

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A07

Long considered one of the best storytellers in the industry, with such milestone projects as “G.I. Joe Yearbook,” “The ‘Nam,” “Doctor Strange,” “Avengers,” “Bucky O’Hare” and much here, here is a unique opportunity to sit down with artist Michael Golden and discuss the ins and outs of putting together comic books with rules that apply to any type of storytelling. Having influenced some of the top names in the industry, as well as serving as an editor at DC Comics and Senior Art Director at Marvel Comics, don’t miss this chance to hear it, and embrace it, from the man himself.

Speakers: Michael Golden


Tom Felton Q&A

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A10

Join everyone’s favorite bad boy of the Wizarding World, Draco Malfoy, for a Q&A session especially for NYCC Fans!

Speakers: Tom Felton


DC Entertainment: Meet the Co-Publishers

11:00AM – 12:00PM         1A21

As Co-Publishers of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio are the driving forces behind DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, DC’s digital initiative, Before Watchmen and much more. This up-close-and-personal panel gives you a chance to step up and ask questions about your favorite comic book Publisher publishers! Say that five times fast!

Speakers: Bob Wayne  Dan DiDio  Jim Lee


Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A

11:00AM – 12:00PM         IGN Theater

Oliver Queen lives! The iconic DC Comics character is the subject of a hard-hitting new drama series on The CW this fall. Arrow makes its New York Comic Con debut with an exclusive Arrow video presentation, followed by a Q&A with series stars Stephen Amell (Private Practice), Katie Cassidy (Supernatural) and Willa Holland (Gossip Girl) and producers to be announced. After being marooned for five years on a remote island, former billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Amell) returns to his home of Starling City with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime. Arrow is executive produced by Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern), Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe). David Nutter (Smallville) directed and served as executive producer of the pilot. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Become a fan of Arrow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CWArrow and follow The CW on Twitter @CW_network.

Speakers: Katie Cassidy  Stephen Amell  Willa Holland


Reading with Pictures – Live Reading

11:15AM – 11:45AM         Variant Stage

Come learn about how getting comics in the classroom can be fun and educational. There will be live read-alongs of our favorite stories from the Harvey-Award nominated anthology, and the latest news about how you can help get comics into schools and libraries near you! Hosted by Reading with Pictures Marketing Director Trevor Mueller. Come join us for this engaging panel that’s fun for all ages!

Speakers: Trevor Mueller


The Following Pilot Screening and Q&A

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1E07

Don’t miss a special screening of the pilot episode of The Following, the terrifying new thriller from creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson (Scream). Then join executive producer Marcos Siega (The Vampire Diaries) and series stars Kevin Bacon (X-Men: First Class), James Purefoy (Rome), Annie Parisse (Person of Interest), Natalie Zea (Justified) and Shawn Ashmore (the X-Men films) for an on-stage Q&A after the screening. This fast-paced drama follows psychologically scarred ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon) as he’s drawn back into an ever-growing web of murder masterminded by serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy), who brought an end to Hardy’s career years before. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television, The Following premieres on Mondays at midseason on FOX. Become a fan of The Following on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheFollowing, and follow both the show and FOX on Twitter @TheFollowingFOX and @FOXBroadcasting.

Speakers: Annie Parisse  James Purefoy  Kevin Bacon  Kevin Williamson  Marcos Siega  Natalie Zea  Shawn Ashmore


MAN OF ACTION Charts the Course from Comic Books to International Animation Success!

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A06

In 2000, comic book kingpins Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle launched the creative think tank known as MAN OF ACTION. Join them in a panel that shows how MAN OF ACTION creates everything from their cutting edge comics to their global franchise BEN 10.

Speakers: Duncan Rouleau  Joe Casey  Joseph Kelly  Steven T. Seagle


FUNimation Channel – The Channel Panel

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A08

For the first time, get to listen and interact with FUNimation Channel’s Director of Programming, Amanda Nanawa. FUNimation Channel is the only anime channel in the United States airing anime programming 24/7 on TV.

Speakers: Amanda Nanawa


NAMCO BANDAI Games and CyberConnect2 on Creating Japanese Games for the Western World

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A14

Hideo Baba, producer of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Tales of series, and Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and CEO of CyberConnect2, creators of the hit NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM series discuss the challenges and triumphs of creating traditional Japanese video games with a dedicated and passionate overseas fan base.

Speakers: Hideo Baba  Hiroshi Matsuyama


Capcom presents DMC: The All-New Devil May Cry

12:00PM – 1:00PM         1A23

The Devil May Cry franchise is back with a complete reboot of the series. Detailing Dante’s early years and set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC Devil May Cry retains the stylish action, fluid combat and self-assured protagonist that have defined the iconic series. Come and witness Dante chain together combo after combo with panache as he dispatches the demonic spawn back to hell. See what the game has in store for you January 15, 2013. It’s time to “Face Your Demons” Followed by a Q&A session.



Sesame Street

12:00PM – 12:30PM         Variant Stage

Somebody come and play! Come sing along with Elmo and his good friend Gordon from Sesame Street. Featuring some of your favorite songs from the Emmy Award-winning series on PBS created by Sesame Workshop, Elmo and Gordon invite you to join in some musical fun to spark your imagination. Don’t miss this dynamic duo from Sesame Street in their first performance at New York Comic Con’s Kids Day! Music can be a playful and engaging way to help children learn about and explore their world as they strengthen their language and literacy skills, develop academic skills, enhance their social and emotional development, and foster artistic confidence and creativity. Check out the Sesame Street stage show at 12 p.m., and then online at www.sesamestreet.org to watch videos, play games, and explore more with music. Also, follow Sesame Street on Twitter! http://twitter.com/SesameStreet and become our Fan on Facebook! http://facebook.com/SesameStreet.




12:00PM – 12:45PM         Unbound Stage

GEEK REVOLUTION is a question based game-show featuring four science fiction and/or fantasy authors competing for the chance to be TOP GEEK. Led by Queen Geek Colleen Lindsay, authors will be asked a series of pop culture/geek questions. In addition, the audience will also be asked to ‘write-in’ questions in hopes of stumping the authors and winning a prize pack of books. Featuring authors: Anton Strout, Maureen Johnson, Morgan Rhodes, Rachel Caine.

Speakers: Anton Strout  Colleen Lindsay  Maureen Johnson  Morgan Rhodes  Rachel Caine


DC Comics: Batman – Death Comes to Gotham

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1E13

Gotham City’s Night of the Owls may be over – but the fallout will affect Batman’s hometown for years to come! And with the Joker’s return, things will never be the same! Find out what’s on the horizon for the Dark Knight and his crimefighting cohorts in this panel featuring Batman Group Editor Mike Marts, with David Finch (Batman: The Dark Knight), Kyle Higgins (Nightwing), Gregg Hurwitz (Batman: The Dark Knight), Grant Morrison (Batman, Incorporated), Scott Snyder (Batman), Marcus To (Batwing), Peter Tomasi (Batman & Robin), James Tynion IV (Talon) and more!

Speakers: David Finch  Grant Morrison  Gregg Hurwitz  James Tynion IV  John Cunningham  Kyle Higgins  Marcus To  Mike Marts  Peter Tomasi  Scott Snyder


Otherworldly Weenies, Time-Traveling Tweens, Unexpected Adventure and Other Things Kids Love

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A01

From creepy tales set in a spooky pet cemetery, to dreamy stories of time-traveling in style, to epic journeys featuring dynamic young heroes (with swords!), these middle grade authors know the secrets to entertaining the tween set. Join the group as they discuss superpowers, supervillians and super-hilarious storytelling. Featuring David Lubar, Annette & Gina Cascone, Lee Bacon, Bianca Turetsky, Gitty Daneshvari, John Kloepfer, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel and Tommy Greenwald. Moderated by Matthew Cody.

Speakers: Annette Cascone  Bianca Turetsky  David Lubar  Elizabeth Cody Kimmel  Gina Cascone  Gitty Daneshvari  John Kloepfer  Lee Bacon  Matthew Cody  Tommy Greenwald


Martian Successor Nadesico (Rightstuf)

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A04

The Earth, its moon and its Martian colonies are under alien attack, but the war against the “Jovian lizards” has, so far, been nothing short of a series of disasters. Disgusted by the incompetence of Earth’s military, the independent arms manufacturer Nergal builds its own space battleship. But due to a shortage of trained soldiers, they’ve assembled the most unorthodox crew to ever launch into orbit. With a pacifist cook-turned-unwilling mecha pilot and a ditsy admiral’s daughter in command, can this unprecedented gathering of geeks, misfits and anime fans prevail against the Jovian menace?



The Fight To Defend Manga

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A07

Meet the man who stood up to Canada Customs to prove manga is not a crime! Manga is changing the world, with a growing culture of fandom across the globe. While growing in popularity, the medium is also one of the most misunderstood, leading to criminal prosecutions in the United States, Canada and elsewhere. The CBLDF’s Charles Brownstein presents a short history of Manga Censorship in the USA and is joined by Ryan Matheson, who stood up to Canada Customs when they prosecuted him for manga on his computer. Learn first hand what Ryan went through and how you can protect your rights!

Speakers: Charles Brownstein  Ryan Matheson


Marvel: Women of Marvel

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A10

From Ms. Marvel to the X-Men, from Twitter to tumblr, women in comics has been one of the most talked-about topics in comics for the last year. With topics suggested by the fan community in the weeks leading up the con, we’ll tackle it all – including the on-going debate: do we even still need a women in comics panel? Join the conversation as women from every discipline in the creative process at Marvel discuss what it’s like working as a woman in comics today and what it means for the future of the industry. Guests include New York Times best-selling author Marjorie Liu (Astonishing X-Men), Eisner Award-winning artist Janet K. Lee (Emma), colorista Jordie Bellaire (Fantastic Four), editors Jeanine Schaefer, Lauren Sankovitch, Sana Amanat and some special guests!

Speakers: Janet K. Lee  Jeanine Schaefer  Jordie Bellaire  Lauren Sankovitch  Marjorie Liu  Sana Amanat


VIZ Media News

12:15PM – 1:15PM         1A21

Get the latest updates & exciting news from VIZ Media staff on all of your favorite manga and anime! We’ll cover print and digital manga, DVD releases, Neon Alley and so much more! You’ll also get the scoop on new acquisitions, upcoming releases and projects we’ve yet to announce.

Speakers: Amy Mar  Candice Uyloan  Eric Eberhardt  Urian Brown


Spider-Man’s IGN Theater Birthday Celebration

12:15PM – 2:00PM         IGN Theater

Celebrate Spider-Man’s Birthday in the IGN Theater from 12:15pm – 2:00pm! Join the cast of Broadway’s blockbuster show SPIDER-MAN TURN OFF THE DARK for an exciting interactive performance and a chance to learn how to move like Spider-Man! Then stick around for a special screening of an episode from the hit animated series ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, airing Sundays on DisneyXD. Show up dressed as Spider-Man and bring your friends – This is a CAN’T-MISS event for any young Spider-Fan!



Superman Family Adventures/Tiny Titans Drawing Competition and Hullabaloo with Art & Franco

12:45PM – 1:15PM         Variant Stage

Comic creators Art Baltazar and Franco take the stage for an old fashioned showdown! Learn from the pros as they sketch your favorite DC Comics characters in a contest against the audience and each other! Who will win this challenge of the super friends? Come on down to find out!

Speakers: Art Baltazar  Franco


The Three Secrets of Comics

1:00PM – 1:45PM         Unbound Stage

Why are comics awesome? Well – they have great stories, wonderful art, and are fun to read! But there are three secret ways comics act on our brains that we may not even realize. Author Ben Hatke (Zita the Spacegirl) takes you behind the scenes to the nuts and bolts of how comics work, discussing gesture, the way our minds link images into a narrative, and drawing from life.

Speakers: Ben Hatke


Marvel: Ultimate Comics

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1E07

United We Stand! Find out what’s happening in the Ultimate Comics Universe when Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, Brian Wood (Ultimate Comics X-Men), Sam Humphries (Ultimate Comics Ultimates), Carlo Barberi (Ultimate Comics X-Men) and James Viscardi (Sales & Communications Coordinator) unveil the future of the Ultimates, the Ultimate X-Men, and Miles Morales himself!

Speakers: Brian Wood  Carlo Barberi  James Viscardi  Mark Paniccia  Sam Humphries


Discover CBeebies Line

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A06

Discover CBeebies, the BBC Worldwide Americas destination for preschoolers. CBeebies programs focus on learning and cognitive development by capturing the attention of young children through color and song, and we’re pleased to screen 2 CBeebies programs: WAYBULOO and ZINGZILLAS. Waybuloo is a hit CBeebies television program that takes a highly innovative approach to pre-school programming by focusing on children’s emotions. Waybuloo is a philosophy for a happy life and transports children to Nara, a live-action world inhabited by adorable animated characters called Piplings who embody a range of emotions such as Love, Wisdom, Happiness and Harmony. Join the loveable Piplings, Nok Tok, De Li, Lau Lau and Yojojo, for new and surprising adventures as they explore the beautiful land of Nara. ZingZillas, another hit CBeebies program, is sure to get toddlers and tots grooving by introducing new sounds, instruments and musical ideas! At home on their tropical island paradise, ZingZillas is a band of primate friends that love to play music. Gorilla and lead singer, Zak, provides vocals while lead guitarist, Tang the orangutan, creates the toe-tapping, finger-clicking compositions. The band is styled by chimpanzee bass guitarist and keyboard player, Panzee, and monkey percussionist Drum always lays down a great beat. Under the guidance of their mentor, music guru DJ Loose, they create their unique ZingZilla sound in time for their daily performance, The Big Zing. The tropical island is visited by a different musical guest and ranging from a full concert orchestra to a lone saxophonist or a bottleneck guitarist, ZingZillas embraces and celebrates musical genres from around the world. Waybuloo, Zingzillas and more from CBeebies – Now Available on iTunes.

Speakers: Beth Rowe  Deborah Schonfeld


Archaia Presents: How to Tell a Better Story Through World-Building

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A08

Several master Archaia storytellers, including David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), and Sean Rubin (Redwall, the upcoming Bolivar), will offer their advice to aspiring comics creators on how to build a better story through world-building. From character development, to settings and environment, to deciding on the right era, this panel will impart valuable insight into what goes into crafting a better story. Panelists will showcase rarely seen sketch art, concept designs, and models to enhance their presentation.

Speakers: David Petersen  Jeremy Bastian  Sean Rubin


Comicpreneurs: Secrets of Successful Pop Culture Startups

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A14

Get a rare look behind the scenes as leading pop culture entrepreneurs share their secrets of building successful pop culture businesses! Join author and futurist Rob Salkowitz (Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture), CEO and co-founder David Steinberger of comiXology, Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics, Ted Adams of IDW Publishing and comic retailer Steve Olsen of Little Shop of Comics for a unique view of the business side of pop culture.

Speakers: David Steinberger  Mike Richardson  Rob Salkowitz  Steve Olsen  Ted Adams


Sleeping Dogs – From Cancellation To Comeback and New Content

1:15PM – 2:15PM         1A23

United Front Games and Square Enix London Studios personally invite you to join them for an exclusive look back at the creation, cancellation and resurrection of Sleeping Dogs, the community-championed hit videogame of the summer. The game’s creators will also give a world exclusive showing of Sleeping Dogs’ first major add-on pack, Nightmare in North Point. Come for the stage demo, this promises to be an unmissable insight into the hidden backroom drama that belies the videogames industry.



Wand Dueling Instruction for Kids!

1:15PM – 2:15PM         Activity Zone

The art of wand dueling is a centuries old practice that has unfortunately fallen on the wayside in today’s modern wizarding curriculum. Join The Group That Shall Not Be Named, Harry Potter NYC as their top wand dueling instructors demonstrate several of the offensive and defensive positions most frequently employed in duels. Many of these can be seen being used in the now famous Harry Potter Documentary films. Translation for Muggles: Dueling in the Harry Potter films was a carefully choreographed form of theatrical combat. HP-NYC will demonstrate and instruct participants in several of the dueling moves that the actors used. Bring your own wand if you prefer, if not, training wands will be provided. This session’s instruction will be altered for a younger audience.

Speakers: Cassandra Johnstone  Christine Evans  Clay Dockery  Jennifer Drucker


Central Park Zoo’s Wildlife Theater

1:30PM – 2:00PM         Variant Stage

Central Park Zoo’s Wildlife Theater performs an expert from their interactive program Cool Rainforest Connections. The audience will meet the zoo’s superhero Captain Cocoa and our monkey puppet Tammy the Tamarin. Children in the audience will be invited to become Captain Cocoa’s sidekicks on the mission to save the Rainforest! This program uses games, humor and superheroes to entertain and teach about the Rainforest and how we can all make a difference. After the program visit our table for more fun activities and arts and crafts about the Rainforest.




1:30PM – 2:30PM         1E13

Robert Kirkman, creator of the global sensations THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE and THIEF OF THIEVES, opens the floor to all his fans in this lively and engaging Q&A session.

Speakers: Robert Kirkman


NIS America, Inc. Anime Panel

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A01

Join us for an anime panel where key staff will discuss our anime business along with all our new titles! And stick around for giveaways, a Q&A and a new title announcement!

Speakers: Eugene Chen  Mitsu Hiraoka  Ryan Phillips


Majikoi – Oh! Samurai Girls (Anime Network)

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A04

In Kawakami City, having a samurai ancestor and enormous fighting spirit is a huge part of how you rank on the social totem pole. Fortunately, that’s something the local kids like Yamato Naoe have learned to deal with by forming into small bands (that’s the samurai type, NOT music). Strength in numbers, after all. However, while the delicate balance of Yamato’s group seemed fine when there were three girls and four boys, the sudden addition of two more girls starts to send everything spinning out of control.



Kids/YA Publisher Spotlight

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A07

Come hear the advance buzz about what’s coming up from Disney-Hyperion, First Second, Macmillan Kids, HarperCollins, Little, Brown, Random House, Penguin Young Readers, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, and Tor! Editors and marketing staff come together to recommend their favorite upcoming books by exciting new authors and illustrators — accompanied with giveaways, trivia, and most of all, FUN!

Speakers: Casey Lloyd  Christina Colangelo  Liesa Abrams  Rachel Feld  Susan Chang


Josh Gates Q&A

1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A10

Sit down with world adventurer Josh Gates from Syfy’s hit show Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters Live. From a quest for the Yeti in the high Himalayas, to a night alone in King Tut’s tomb, to the abandoned research stations of Antarctica – Josh has traveled to nearly 100 countries investigating the world’s strangest mysteries. He’ll discuss some of his most harrowing exploits so if you’re thirsty for adventure join Josh Gates for a globe-spanning and hilarious Q & A.

Speakers: Josh Gates



1:30PM – 2:30PM         1A21

Like Hetalia? Fullmetal Alchemist? Deadman Wonderland? Hellsing Ultimate? Dragon Ball Z? Then, methinks, you like FUNimation. Hear from one of America’s anime leaders about what’s next for them on Blu-ray and DVD, streaming, and television screens across the country.



PROMISED: Ending the Birthmarked Trilogy

2:00PM – 2:45PM         Unbound Stage

Join Caragh O’Brien, author of the bestselling Birthmarked trilogy, as she discusses PROMISED, the third and final book in story of Gaia, a sixteen year old midwife who chooses to challenge the brual rules that require her to deliver a quota of three infants a month to the powers that be.

Speakers: Caragh O’Brien


Kids Costume Contest

2:15PM – 2:45PM         Variant Stage

Come join us for a kids-only costume showdown! Open to attendees 12 and under, NYCC will be hosting this special contest to give the next generation of cosplayers time to shine! No pre-registration is necessary. Instead, simply come by the Variant Stage a half hour before the event to register. The first 30 costumed kids will be accepted and all will receive a certificate of participation.



Drawing DC: Kids Edition

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A06

What does it take to remake a universe? Immensely talented artists! Join the Eisner Award winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco (Superman Family Adventures), the sensational Christopher Jones (Young Justice) and the ever dynamic Dustin Nguyen (Batman Beyond) as they showcase their artistic talents!

Speakers: Art Baltazar  Christopher Jones  Dustin Nugyen  Franco  Larry Ganem


Archie Action Hour: Sonic, Mega Man and Red Circle Comics

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A08

Plug in, suit up and prepare for adventure! First, two video game icons collide in the I-can’t-believe-it’s-actually-happening Sonic/Mega Man comic book crossover event. You’d be crazier than Doctors Eggman and Wily combined to miss this follow up discussion where we dive right into it. The editorial mastermind behind both books, Paul Kaminski, is joined by Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito with more info about the biggest comic book event of the year as well as what’s on tap for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man. See exclusive artwork, learn about upcoming story lines and get your questions answered by the team behind the two most popular video game comic series. Then, get all the details on the future of superhero comics—The New Crusaders! The digital-first series has made its way to print, and the Red Circle team are pumped to give you the rundown on where the series is headed, along with info about the upcoming Lost Crusade mini-series, in this action-packed panel. Those in attendance will receive a FREE SONIC/MEGA MAN/RED CIRCLE GIFT BAG, so don’t even think about missing it!

Speakers: Mike Pellerito  Paul Kaminski


Crypton Future Media Presents: Hatsune Miku

2:30PM – 3:30PM         1A23

At NYCC 2010 Crypton Future Media promised to release Hatsune Miku English software if Miku’s facebook page reached over 39,390 fans. Now, two years later, it reaches over 600 thousand fans. It is time for Miku to break onto the international scene! Join Kanae Muraki, director of global development for Crypton Future Media and Tara Knight, the director of “Mikumentary,” an upcoming series of short documentaries focusing on the phenomenon, for a behind the scenes discussion of the virtual idol. There will be special announcements and a Q&A session.

Speakers: Kanae Muraki  Tara Knight


Resolution – Tribeca Film

2:30PM – 4:00PM         1A14

Two friends. One a junkie forced to go cold turkey in an isolated cabin. Mysterious forces. Personal demons. Dark humor. Genre-bending horror filmmaking that’ll make your head explode. RESOLUTION. “A smart and subversive take on some of the most recognizable themes and ideas found in horror cinema,” (FEARnet) RESOLUTION won’t be out until January 2013 in theaters and On Demand from Tribeca Film, so don’t miss this special sneak preview!



Kidditch – Quidditch Training for Kids

2:30PM – 4:45PM         Activity Zone

Join the International Quidditch Association and play “Kidditch” (Kids Quidditch)! We’ll be introducing this sport to kids of all ages by explaining the rules and teaching them how to play. Kids will be able to run around with brooms, toss around the Quaffle, throw bludgers or chase the snitch in a designated “training” area. They can also participate in mini games to give Quidditch a try. Most importantly, we want everyone to have fun! Brooms up!



Ian McDiarmid Spotlight

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1E13

Give in to the Dark Side of The Force! At least for an hour. Ian McDiarmid will be discussing his prolific career and his role as the most ambitious villain ever to grace a galaxy far, far away.

Speakers: Ian McDiarmid


GeekMoms: Raising Young Padawans

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A01

Raising kids is a tough job, but raising geek kids can be even more of a challenge. How do you know when they’re ready to see Anakin become Vader? Should you name your son Peter if your last name is Parker? And what if those summer robot camps teach them to build Skynet?! Join the writers from Wired’s GeekMom Blog as they share the ups, downs and sideways of raising good little Padawans.

Speakers: Amy Kraft  Corrina Lawson  Jill Pantozzi  Kristen Rutherford  Nicole Wakelin  Rebecca Angel


Deadman Wonderland (FUNimation)

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A04

Death is the main attraction in Deadman Wonderland, from the studio that brought you Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy. Ganta is the only survivor after a mysterious man in red slaughters a classroom full of teenagers. He s framed for the carnage, sentenced to die, and locked away in the most twisted prison ever built: Deadman Wonderland. And then it gets worse. At Deadman Wonderland, convicts are forced into brutal deathmatches for the amusement of the masses. Ganta’s determined to see justice served — but first he’ll have to fight for his life in a prison that holds a million ways to die.



Nancy Drew, Comics Detective!

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A07

For over 80 years, the world-famous teen super sleuth has foiled the bad guys in books, movies, video games and TV shows. But what about comics? Get the scoop straight from the experts at this mysterious panel moderated by Jenn Fisher of Nancy Drew Sleuths, and learn about this Fall’s premiere of the PRE-teen super sleuth’s new graphic novel from Papercutz!

Speakers: Jenn Fisher  Jim Salicrup  Sarah Kinney  Scott Robins  Stan Goldberg  Stefan Petrucha  Todd Latoski


Dynamite Entertainment

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A10

Join Dynamite Entertainment as they unveil their BIGGEST projects from the BEST creators. Featuring an amazing cast of top talent and announcements from Rick (Marvel Now! Uncanny Avengers/Uncanny X-Force) Remender, Fred (Hulk/Archer and Armstrong) Van Lente, Brian (The Flash) Buccellato and more – all of whom will have NEW projects at Dynamite in 2013. Plus special announcement regarding Garth Ennis, Matt Wagner and more new Dynamite project! Each fan attending the panel will also receive a limited edition comic!

Speakers: Brian Buccellato  Fred Van Lente  Rick Remender


VOLTRON: Form Blazing Fun!

2:45PM – 3:45PM         1A21

The Defender of the Universe returns to New York Comic Con with “Head Geek” Jeremy Corray hosting an always active panel featuring creators, fans and producers of the influential animated series that helped introduce the world to anime! Writer Brian “Smitty” Smith (The Stuff of Legend) joins artist Jacob Chabot (X-Babies, Mighty Skullboy Army) on stage to talk about the creation of their excellent Voltron Force comics from VIZ Media based on the hit Nicktoons animated TV show. Plus a preview of new issues of the Voltron comic lines based on the classic series from writer Brandon Thomas and artists N. Steven Harris, and Russ Manning nominated artist Craig Cermak! Mattel’s Scott Neitlich (MattyCollector.com) arrives to raffle off a giant Voltron Classics Black Lion that YOU could win! Plus updates on the live action movie produced by Atlas Entertainment (The Dark Knight Rises), Relativity (Cowboys and Aliens, Immortals) and Kickstart Productions (Wanted) it’s time to “Form the Head” with Voltron at NYCC!

Speakers: Bob Koplar  Brian Smith  Jacob Chabot  Jeremy Corray  Scott Neitlich  Traci Todd


Animate It! hosted by Misako Rocks and Veronica Taylor

3:00PM – 3:30PM         Variant Stage

Learn how to draw characters and create voices for them in this fun packed half hour workshop!

Speakers: Misako Rocks  Veronica Taylor


From Leia to Buffy: Creating Strong Female Characters in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

3:00PM – 3:45PM         Unbound Stage

MOTHERSHIP co-authors Martin Leicht and Isla Neal discuss the inspiration and genesis of their novel’s feisty heroine, wise-cracking and ass-kicking 16-year-old mother-to-be, Elvie Nara. Join them for a heated debate about the best fictional female protagonists in history, trivia and more.

Speakers: Isla Neal  Martin Leicht


U Cre-8 Comics Presents: Character Crafters

3:45PM – 4:15PM         Variant Stage

Are you the next GREAT comic creator?! Take the Raconteur’s challenge and design your own character from start to finish! Establish powers, design costume ideas, create an origin story and more with U Cre-8 Comics — the PERFECT jumpstart to YOUR comic universe!

Speakers: Victor Dandridge


The Kubert School: Basic Drawing 101

3:45PM – 4:45PM         1A08

An awesome event for aspiring artists and fans! Join Kubert School alum and current instructor Fernando Ruiz (Archie Comics) as he teaches you the basics of what it takes to be a great comic book artist!

Speakers: Fernando Ruiz


Kids Read!

4:00PM – 4:45PM         Unbound Stage

Listen to graphic novelists read LIVE from their latest works! And be sure to get your best character voices ready, you may get a chance to read alongside some of your favorite creators.

Speakers: Ben Hatke  George O’Connor  Jimmy Gownley  Jorge Aguirre  Scott Robins  Zack Giallongo


Getting Graphic with Girls: Empowering Girls and Addressing Issues through Paneled Pictures

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A01

Join some of graphic novel’s best and brightest female writers/illustrators for a frank and lively discussion about creating comics for a young female reading audience and addressing the real life issues that matter to them.

Speakers: Cecil Castellucci  Colleen Venable  Laura Lee Gulledge  Lucy Knisley  Sheila Keenan



4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A04

We hope you had the best time at NYCC and that your experience was epic. The NYCC Team will be sitting down with Fans to hear what you thought of the show, what you’d like to see more of and let you help build NYCC 2013!



The Brave New World of E-Book Publishing

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A07

Self-publishing, marketing/publicity services, print on demand, not to mention traditional publishing… what’s an author to do when faced with the multitude of alternatives that spring from the new publishing technologies? Editors, authors and others toiling in the digital publishing vineyards join to provide a look at the pros and cons of each choice.

Speakers: Andrea J. Buchanan  Betsy Mitchell  Colleen Lindsay  Michael J. Sullivan  Robin Sullivan


Disney XD – New Animated Series Screening

4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A21

Join us as we screen two of our new animated series! Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja – Randy discovers he’s been chosen to protect Norrisville High School from a diabolical evil sorcerer! Followed by Slugterra – a new sci-fi adventure premiering next week on Disney XD. See the 1st episode before it airs!



Guardians of the City

4:30PM – 5:00PM         Variant Stage

Our project is realized through Guardians of the City workshops that aim to establish a creative platform for social research on what kids consider heroic qualities and places needing protection. The children will see that they can create art about issues that they care about, while integrating their imagination with the physical environment.

Speakers: Haley Shibble  Joesef Ayala  Lea Faminiano  Liz Belfer  Viraj Mehta  Waranetta Kai English


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