Monkeybrain Comics continues its spot on releases with the upcoming AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD #3. As one of the launch titles for Monkeybrain, Amelia Cole is a young female magician, living between two worlds whilst being trapped in a third world. Written by Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride with art by Nick Brokenshire, AMELIA COLE is a fluid, fast-paced story that vibrantly captures and creates new worlds, again for the convenient and satisfying price of $1.99.

The first issue of AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD proved to be a great success in setting the stage for a fusing of two universes: one of magic and the other of technology. Nick Brokenshire was able to skillfully depict the differing realms in the short introductory; using shades of beiges, browns, and grey for each world, and almost instantaneously splattering brighter colors upon the emergence of magic. While it is definitely harder for a shorter web comic to make a splash right off the bat, AMELIA COLE’s first issue had a great start because of its ability to blend kinetic and fast art with a familiar yet unique story line.

AMELIA COLE has only proved to get better with each issue; the second installment featured a mature and altogether eye-popping cover, as well as showcasing the comic’s blended comedic and serious tones. Although the targeted age group is “12+,” AMELIA COLE has been able to appeal to both younger and more adult audiences. A lot of the art has undertones of older comic art, especially in the facial features of the characters, not to mention the banter is witty enough for both young and old alike to follow along with.

Boasting an impressive team of Eisner award winner Adam P. Knave and WOMANTHOLOGY letterer Rachel Deering, AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD #3 comes out today and is available through Comixology. With its price and all ages appeal, it’s indefinitely worth a peek.

To see for yourself, here’s a preview at what’s in store in issue 3!


  1. I hasten to point out that these preview images have been somehow over saturated and they lock kinda blobby. Please check out the cbr previews to see the correct images. Sorry, we managed to send the wrong images out!!!
    Nick Brokenshire (the artist of Amelia Cole)

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