A tour of Philadelphia comics shops

Congrats to Brian Heater of the Daily Cross Hatch on starting his new job as an editor at über-popular tech blog Engadget today. Just to show what adedicated blogger he is, in his week between jobs instead of lying around playing Red Dead Redemption, like we would, he took a few days off to go to Philadelphia and decided to visit a bunch of comics shops and write about them. Although there are a bunch of fine shops, the most intriguing — to us — is Locust Moon, which is based on the “New Model” of comics shop:

2011 Stumptown Award winners

The Stumptown Awards were given out at the like-named festival on Saturday night, and we haven’t checked twitter or Facebook for the evidence of hijinks but hopefully Beat reporter Jen Vaughn, who was on the scene, will have all the dish in her report. We do know the eremont was hosted by Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts and winner were chosen on a public ballot. Here is the very fine bunch of winners: