This week’s National Review has a cover of Obama as Captain America by Roman Genn. Sadly, a larger image isn’t available to us non-subscribers. It isn’t as funny as the KICK-ASS cover from last year, but it is funny.


  1. While I deeply respect the reporting here at The Beat, I have to take issue with you stating that Obama appears as “Captain America” on this cover. It is clear that he is portrayed as Captain U.N. – a poor homage at best and more likely a mockery in intent of Captain America. Just as the director of the upcoming Captain America movie stated – that the movie would not portray Steve Rogers as “all-American” – the intention of the artist here appears to be to portray Obama as something other than a leader who champions America, and instead as a caricature of a hero/advocate for a pseudo-world body that often does not have the best interests of the country Obama ostensibly leads at heart.

  2. Jerry,

    Hate to break it to you, but Obama isn’t championing America. He makes excuses for us, caters to other nations at our expense, and has driven us into the largest debt ever seen in American History.

  3. And apparently the cartoonist didn’t think ‘Captain UN’ was funny enough so he gave Obama monkey ears too.

    Pretty lame cover and joke.

  4. largest debt? um, no. when bush left office the debt was 1.5 trillion. bush came into office with a surplus (which everyone seems to forget) which was spent and then added to the debt with two wars ,a perscription senior drug program, and the wall street bailouts. none of it paid for. obama inherited this debt , then added 600 billion to it. most of it going to the surplus and even more bailouts. there’s enough blame to go around for both sides. as for excuses, every country on this planet has done dumb, stupid, evil things in the name of their country. us included. and to have every country on this planet sit there and either deny or spin what they did does nobody any good. us included. as for catering , obama doesn’t cater to any country any more or less than any other past president. guess everybody forgets how tight bush was with the saudis. i’ll never forget that footage of bush and the saudis prince holding hands walking down that garden path to some meeting. bottom line, while some are better than others, no president is perfect. even the guy you voted for will do things you disagree with. thanks for letting me rant.

  5. John – I think nWoJeffDW was trying to purposefully obfuscate the issue I brought up – that Obama does not champion America – by pretending to be a conservative loon, much like radicals of one party will show up at the events of the opposition party(ies) with signs and comments that make said opponents appear racist, insane or worse. I think he was doing a bad impersonation of a “double agent.”